Astral Pet Store - Chapter 783 - Entrance to the Alliance

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Chapter 783: Entrance to the Alliance

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“The Alliance of Stars?”

Su Ping shot him a confused look. “Is that the circle of the Star State you mentioned?”

“Yes, the leader of the alliance is a Star Lord; you mustn’t offend him. Its deputy is a Star Lord with a mysterious background… All in all, all the members are powerful and influential. I was the one at the bottom.”

Garland didn’t brag about his identity. He had already been defeated by the guy, and it was pointless for him to boast about himself.

Besides, he didn’t want Su Ping to act cocky when he made his appearance. If he offended the leader, not only would Su Ping die miserably, Garland could also be affected.

After all, Su Ping was able to enter thanks to him.

“Okay…” Su Ping nodded, not really impressed.

Star Lords were on par with the Major Gods in the Demigod Burial…

They were just workers under Joanna’s command.

He was still unable to raise Star State pets, and he wasn’t too interested in the circle. Even though he could persuade the Star State members of the circle to have their heirs visit his shop, he was already busy enough as it was; there was no need for any more customers at the moment.

The members of the circle could become his clients when he became capable of training Star State pets.

Seems like I have to increase my level soon, Su Ping thought.

Su Ping had only reached the peak of the Ocean State after having absorbed the thousand-year astral power that Nie Huofeng had saved. He had thought at first that the astral power was enough to boost him to the peak of the Fate State, but he didn’t even reach the Void State.

Unlike when he sensed the Heavenly Tribulation before, Su Ping had already detected the bottleneck to reach the Void State and could break through at any time.

However, he didn’t choose to make a breakthrough that easily.

Normal battle pet warriors had to grasp the mysteries of space and break the bottleneck with that power in order to advance into the Void State.

His understanding of space was already much deeper than that of Void State warriors, and even that of Fate State experts. He was already able to set up the bridge to the new level!

However, Su Ping didn’t want to go through that step that easily. He wanted to completely understand the truths of space before he broke the bottleneck and built the sturdiest bridge.

Such a bridge would be a hundred times harder than those developed by Void State warriors. It would also have the strength to endure his profound astral power and make his explosive force even more horrifying!

Seeing how unconcerned Su Ping was, Garland hesitated for a moment and then said with a bitter smile, “Do you have a minute? Give me your phone number. I’ll relay it to the senior so that he’ll send you the invitation to join the alliance.”


Su Ping didn’t consider it a big deal. He took out the green Lord Badge. His phone and all messages were being stored and managed through the Lord Badge at the moment.

In a way, the badge was his phone. It couldn’t be compromised either, not even by the most brilliant hackers; they wouldn’t have the courage to hack it either.

“A Lord Badge?”

Garland was quite shocked to see the badge.

Never did he expect that Su Ping would be a lord!

But soon, he realized that Su Ping was more than qualified to be one, not to mention that the badge was only representing a lowly tier-5 planet.


Su Ping gave his phone number to Garland.

The phone and its related phone number he had bought on the Blue Planet were already unusable. His identity had been registered in the badge when he was appointed Lord of the Blue Planet; a new and unique phone number in the Federation had been generated for him.

Of course, he was free to apply for other phone numbers, possibly to flirt with more girls.

However, he was still single and the thought didn’t cross his mind, unless he intended to flirt with himself.

Garland remembered the phone number and thought quickly.

Su Ping is a lord. Why did he come to Rhea?

Does he plan to swallow Rhea, too?

He didn’t think it made sense. If that were the case, he would have gone straight to the Laiyefa family, who ruled over Zeruprun.

He could have easily been appointed as the master of Rhea, as long as he satisfied the Laiyefa family.

Garland didn’t stop moving while he pondered, fearing that Su Ping would see what was on his mind. He quickly reached out to said senior in the Alliance of Stars.

Garland reported Su Ping’s number to him after some small talk was exchanged.


A few minutes later, Su Ping received a notification that the Lord Badge had sent directly into his head via information waves.

‘Apollo invites you to join the Alliance of Stars.’


Su Ping was stunned for a moment, as the name was quite familiar.

Is it a nickname? It seems that some customs of the Blue Planet were passed down by the Federation. Su Ping felt somewhat comforted.

He accepted the invitation.

The information waves from the Lord Badge quickly created a virtual nebula in his head.

The nebula was cloudy and vague; shining stars could be seen far in the distance.

In the middle of the clouds was an enormous, round desk. Around the desk were chairs with high backs. Eight chairs were occupied at the moment, while the others were still waiting to be filled.

Su Ping was only able to see the contours of the people already seated. Their faces were shrouded by mist.

“A newcomer?”

“I think Apollo invited him. Welcome, newcomer.”

“I just saw Roland quit. Is this newcomer replacing him?”

Those people spoke; some coldly, some warmly and others casually.

“Is this the Alliance of Stars?” Su Ping observed them and saw two men surrounded by mist at the far end of the desk. Not just their faces; their whole bodies were concealed.

“Hello, I am Apollo,” at this moment, an old man coughed and said in an indifferent voice, “Roland gave up his place and transferred it to you. Newcomer, give yourself a name, so that we can easily address you. On the other hand, while the alliance leader and the deputy are present, they’ve only split some of their attention here; don’t disturb them unless it’s really important.”

Su Ping looked at the source of the sound, only to see an old man with a blurred face; he didn’t expect that the person behind such a moniker was an old man.

He asked, “How should I give myself a name?”

“Have you never joined any forces?” asked a woman in a weird tone.

Su Ping turned around and saw a woman with a blurred face, but she sounded very young; she was probably in her twenties.


“Just search with your Lord Badge,” said the old man who went by the name of Apollo.

Su Ping was surprised. He was going to ask why they knew he had a Lord Badge, but then realized that all the members in the Alliance of Stars were at the Star State.

Every Star State expert would normally rule over one planet, if not more.

After all, money could be made without moving a finger if they controlled a planet; there were also taxes and other benefits.

Without further ado, Su Ping quickly did a search with the Lord Badge, soon finding a large batch of information. He then quickly modified his name.

A dialog box appeared in front of his face.

“Newcomer, your nickname must be prefixed with the Alliance of Stars. There’s another thing: no one, except our leader and the deputy, can use ‘Great Emperor’ as a name. You can use names of gods and deities. That’s the style of this alliance.

“If you ever encounter Star State warriors with names of gods or deities, they probably belong to our circle.

“Of course, there are exceptions. Some people purposefully imitate the style of our names and impersonate us. Just teach them a good lesson if you meet any.”

The old man added with a casual smile, “For example, my name is Apollo.”

Su Ping was stunned. He wasn’t aware of such a rule.

By the way, why is the naming style so childish?

Shouldn’t all of them be Star State experts? Why does it feel so wrong?

“My name is Adam.”

“I am the Deity of Eternity.”

Two men smiled and offered examples to Su Ping.

Su Ping began to sweat hard, wondering what was all about.

Never mind.

It seemed that it was time for him to be juvenile, too. He thought for a moment and came up with a name. “Alliance of Stars – Heaven Destroying Celestial.”

“Celestial? That’s an interesting suffix.”

“Tsk, tsk. It sounds rather cool. How come I never thought of that?”

“Celestial sounds more awesome than deity.”

The others were amazed by Su Ping’s nickname.

Su Ping: “…”

Are these people so far gone already?

The old man named Apollo coughed and said, “It’s all settled, now that you’ve given yourself a name. Celestial… I don’t think it’s as good as ‘Great Emperor.’ Well, let’s see what the leader and the deputy have to say about it.”

Once he heard that, Su Ping looked at the huge chair at the far end of the desk, still unable to see a thing. He couldn’t even see the body figure of the two men who had spoken earlier.

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