Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs - Chapter 547 Excellent condition means high requirement

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"Not all medical staff are angels in white. Last time I took Ya Ya over, there was a nurse who was very irritable. She was already impatient within a few sentences." Zhou Xiao Mei commented.

Mother Zhou replied: "The one Da Wa fancy is definitely good."

"Yes. Otherwise Fourth Sister-in-law wouldn't approve. How far is your progress now? Still haven't brought her over to show your grandparents?" Zhou Xiao Mei fired out.

"And your godfather too." Mother Zhou added.

"Cough, my mom is going to stew pig's stomach and chicken on the third and told her to come over and eat it. I will bring her over and sit around that day." Zhou Kai saw how interested his grandparents and god-grandfather were and said.

Now that he and Weng Mei Jia had privately engaged, he should bring her over to see them. He also need to meet with the relatives on Mei Jia's side. That way, it'll prevent people from introducing someone to Mei Jia.

He knew about it. Weng Guo Liang told him. Even though Mother Weng had blocked it, he still had to show his attitude, right?

Zhou Xiao Mei merrily remarked, "This pig's stomach and chicken is Fourth Sister-in-law's specialty. You have to eat more. Fourth Sister-in-law didn't make it until you came back."

"She always worried that I'm hungry outside and thinks of ways to nourish for me." Zhou Kai grinned.

They were all chatting when not long later a sound came in from the outside. It was Xu Sheng Qiang's voice.

The formerly jolly scene froze.

Mother Zhou's expression turned black at once: "Why is he here? Wanting to dampen things, right?"

"I'll go out and have a look." Zhou Kai said.

He came out. Xu Sheng Qiang felt particularly small in front of Zhou Kai. He didn't talk nonsense when he saw him: "I know that grandma and grandpa don't want to see me, so I won't go in. This is the new gifts I prepared for them."

He really didn't want to come over. In fact, following Zhang Mei Lian to old Zhang's house was also forced by Zhang Mei Lian.

After all, it was next door. How can they not run in?

He didn't want to come here either. But his sister insisted that he come. Saying if he doesn't come around, what if the clothes supplies get halted occasionally?

In fact, Xu Sheng Qiang had went to find other sources, but the quality of the clothes from them was relatively average and the styles were not good. So he could only continue to get the goods from Wang Yuan.

The clothing store was very profitable. How long had it been since then? They already made more than two thousand yuans. Counting the previous savings, he and Zhang Mei Lian had more than three thousand yuan. Quite a large sum.

So even when he wasn't willing, he can only bring things over.

Zhou Kai accepted the things and said, "Then I will take them in for you."

Xu Sheng Qiang nodded and left. Zhou Kai brought things in and spoke, "Sheng Qiang brought it here."

"Who wants his things? Marrying such a nasty thing, he won't have a peaceful life in this life." Zhou Mother grumbled.

"It's New Year. Since he brought it over, then let him. Mother, don't say so much." Zhou Xiao Mei coaxed.

Mother Zhou said: "Don't talk about him. It will affect the mood. Da Wa, bring your match here. Got to have a meal here together."

"She doesn't know how to cook, so don't dislike her." Zhou Kai smiled.

"Don't know how to cook, then learn. Otherwise, what to do?" Mother Zhou was shocked and blurted out.

"That's not a problem. Da Wa can. What's more, she has a job and will be busy with work. How can she go to the streets to buy groceries and cook?" Zhou Xiao Mei said honestly.

When she was in the county city, she still had a job. Between her and Su Da Lin, it was Su Da Lin who cooked the food. She was so exhausted from work, she didn't want to do anything and just for food.

"But Da Wa is also busy." Mother Zhou pointed out.

"The food in our cafeteria is good. The dishes changes weekly. If we have time, we can make it by ourselves," Zhou Kai spoke.

Mother Zhou said: "How can you always eat in the cafeteria? You got open your own stove. Then you can eat whatever you want."

"There's no time, they got to work. Mother, what do you want her to do? Change person?" Zhou Xiao Mei dissuaded.

"What change? Her conditions seems great." Mother Zhou glared at her.

"Don't listen to your grandmother. Now she's old, she likes to nag. You just have to live your life well." Zhou Xiao Mei stated.

Mother Zhou shot her daggered eyes but didn't say anything. Instead, she talked about Si Ni.

"Si Ni girl wants to go back to the village to find a similar condition. Saying she wants to marry closer to home. I'm reluctant to let her go back." Mother Zhou muttered.

"Reluctant to let Si Ni go back? Isn't that easy to solve! Just see if there is a suitable person to marry here." Zhou Xiao Mei uttered.

"Suitable isn't easy to find." Mother Zhou said. It went without saying if the person was like old Zhu from next door, it would be better not to. They made it seem like her granddaughter received great blessings by dating their grandson. Off to one side then.

"Whose's family is the guy who sent Si Ni back yesterday?" Mother Zhou suddenly asked.

"Which guy?" Zhou Xiao Mei responded.

Mother Zhou said: "Yesterday a young man rode a bicycle to send Si Ni home. I happened to go out and come across it."

The young man didn't say anything. Just nodded to her before leaving.

Zhou Xiao Mei turned to Zhou Kai. Zhou Kai told, "That's Mei Jia's eldest brother. Don't think about it, Grandmother. Excellent conditions means high requirements."

Zhou Kai always felt that Weng Guo Dong set his eyes too high. It was why he was single even until now.

"Ah. Didn't Fourth Sister-in-law seek him for household registration transfer?" Zhou Xiao Mei remembered.

"Elder Brother works in there now." Zhou Kai nodded.

Mother Zhou's eyes lit up: "That's a public career. That's great."

The young man looked upright and tall. Give one a sense of security. Don't underestimate her glance from yesterday, she read out a lot of information.

The first impression was pretty good. Now hearing he works in public office, what was there to pick at? She was overfilled with satisfaction.

"Mother, did you not hear what Da Wa said? He got high requirements." Zhou Xiao Mei uttered helplessly.

"What's the matter? Si Ni's conditions aren't bad, okay? Such a nimble and neat girl. She will go back to work with her fourth aunt next year. She also earn salary every month. Where is she bad?" Mother Zhou retorted.

Today, Si Ni was absent. She went for a stroll with Zhou Xuan, Gang Zi, and Zhou Gui Lai. Zhou Gui Lai had taken the camera out.

"How old is he? How much can he earn?" Mother Zhou questioned.

"He's twenty-eight. Not clear about the salary, but it seems to be around one hundred." Zhou Kai answered.

"That's not bad. His age isn't too old. Older is better, know how to dote," Mother Zhou remarked.

Zhou Kai held his forehead. Zhou Xiao Mei didn't plan to speak anymore. Couldn't talk sense into her mother.

So when Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai came over to chat in the evening, Mother Zhou inquired about it before Lin Qing He could bring it up.

Lin Qing He raised her eyebrows: "Mother, how do you know Guo Dong?"

"Didn't he send Si Nni back yesterday? I just went out at that time and saw it." Mother Zhou explained.

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