Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs - Chapter 548 Fourth's wife, you have it?

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After her explanation, Lin Qing He understood. So she spoke: "Mother, about this matter, there's actually a background to it."

Mother Zhou immediately became delighted when she sensed her support. She turned that her daughter said: "Look at your fourth sister-in-law. See I told you it can work. You still keep pouring cold water."

"How am I pouring cold water? Isn't it because the gap is too big?" Zhou Xiao Mei responded. She also hoped for the best for her maternal niece. But the starting point wasn't right. The differences were so obvious that one can't turn a blind eye to it.

"Always talk about the huge difference. Er Ni and Wang Yuan's are even bigger. Look how wel they are doing now. Dragon and phoenix twins were born." Mother Zhou argued.

Zhou Xiao Mei couldn't refute that.

Lin Qing He smiled and continue the conversation, "Mother, what do you think of Guo Dong?"

"I think he's pretty good. Looks like a down-to-earth person. Not a lady man kind. I heard he got a public career?" Mother Zhou asked.

"En. He solved Xiao Mei and Da Lin's household registration issue." Lin Qing He nodded.

Mother Zhou was very happy to hear: "He got capability."

"He's not young anymore. Twenty-eight alright." Lin Qing He pointed out what should be mentioned.

"Twenty-eight, what matters? When Da Lin married Xiao Mei, wasn't he about the same age? Look how much Da Lin dotes Xiao Mei now?" Mother Zhou responded.

It wasn't out of impulse that she thought Weng Guo Dong was wonderful. She had considered it. First of all, Weng Guo Dong's family conditions were good. His parents must be good, otherwise they can't get along with old Fourth's family.

There were also Weng Guo Dong's own conditions. A monthly salary of more than 100 yuan and a respectable public career. Truly an iron rice bowl.

The kind that he don't have to worry about in the future.

Mother Zhou would definitely accept for her granddaughter. He was better than that grandson of old Madam Zhu from next door. A bratty, sharp-lip, monkey's cheeks youth that acted like he was superior.

Taking in the old lady's reaction, Lin Qing He understood and said: "Actually, Mei Jia's mother brought up this matter to me. She also likes Si Ni and said she wanted Si Ni to be her daughter-in-law."

Mother Zhou's eyes lit up when she heard this.

Zhou Xiao Mei was a little surprised. She glanced at Zhou Si Ni who was busy with dinner preparation with Zhou Xuan and Zhou Gui Lai in the kitchen. She hadn't notice the conversation revolving about her.

"Then why didn't you come and bring it up?" Mother Zhou asked: "This is a wonderful matter."

"Yesterday, I called Si Ni to go over. It was actually to let Guo Dong to see for himself. I planned to come over and talk about it. Judging by Guo Dong's intention, he should have a good impression of Si Ni and wants to go out with Si Ni. But in the end, whether it's successfully is another matter. I think he has very high demands for his marriage partner." Lin Qing He stated.

"Fourth Sister-in-law, are you worried that if he dates Si Ni and he won't be satisfied in the end?" Zhou Xiao Mei understood what she meant.

"Yes. Otherwise, would I stop this. He had so many blind dates. Frankly speaking, his personal qualifications are indeed faultless. There is nothing pick at on his looks, work or even family. It's just his demand is a bit high." Lin Qing He said.

"What's with so many requirements? Isn't choosing a wife through her virtue?" Mother Zhou grumbled.

"Ordinary people are like this. He's not. If not, do you think he can still remain unmarried?" Lin Qing He continued, "I'm just worried that if they dated, he's not satisfied with Si Ni and Si Ni is. Isn't this letting make Si Ni suffer?"

Zhou Xiao Mei nodded. If this were the case, it would be really difficult handle.

While Mother Zhou was quite confident: "If he isn't satisfied with a like of Si Ni, what do he want? It's better to not get married for a lifetime then."

How wonderful was her granddaughter? If she was to go back to the village, wouldn't those seeking marriage level the entrance of their home.

"Fourth's wife, you can give them a response. Just say, let them date. If they aren't satisfied, discuss it then. As for your eldest sister-in-law, I will go and tell her." Mother Zhou said.

Lin Qing He responded, "Mother, if you want to agree, you have to ask Si Ni first. After dinner, ask Si Ni."

"Must ask. Maybe it's Si Ni who doesn't agree yet." Mother Zhou harrumphed.

Just now, she extremely enthusiastic. When she heard that the man wasn't sure, this old lady acted arrogant. Wasn't that the case? Her granddaughter wasn't worthless. She is in her early twenties. The peak of a girl's life. At this age, she must be valuable.

"What's the situation?" Zhou Kai watched the whole thing go on and only now found a chance to speak now. He asked in a daze.

"What what's the situation?" Zhou Xiao Mei asked.

"Si Ni and Elder Brother." Zhou Kai sat upright and said.

"Exactly what you heard. However, it won't affect you and Mei Jia. Don't worry. You and Si Ni are cousin, separated by one branch." Lin Qing He assured.

If it was siblings, it will definitely not work. That would be exchanging relative. But if the cousins married into family, then there was no problem.

"No, I didn't mean that. I mean, why does Elder Brother want to date Si Ni?" Zhou Kai said.

"Your mother-in-law had set her eyes on Si Ni for a long time. When Si Ni just arrived, she wanted to talk about it. I didn't agree. But after bringing it up a good few times, I can't refuse her." Lin Qing He answered. She was quite sincere. So she came over to talk about it.

Zhou Kai spoke, "Then Elder Brother fancy Si Ni? How should I address Si Ni in the future?"

"Don't worry about it so much. The success isn't certain yet." Lin Qing He waved her hand. She didn't hold high hopes.

"If it succeeds, then call each other whatever want. Not a big deal." Zhou Xiao Mei was amused.

Zhou Kai sighed: "How long had I not been back now? Why is this change so great!"

"If you don't come back anymore, your sister will be born." Zhou Qing Bai threw out a bomb.

"Huh?" Zhou Kai almost jumped up. He looked directly at his mom's belly.

It wasn't just him, but also Father Zhou and old Wang, who were playing chess as they waited to eat, and Mother Zhou and Zhou Xiao Mei and Su Da Lin. Each and every one had their pumped up eyes on Lin Qing He's belly.

Lin Qing He, who suddenly became the focus of the audience: "..."

"What's up? Why is it suddenly quiet." Zhou Gui Lai peeked out of the kitchen and saw everyone staring at his mom.

"Your mom is pregnant. You are going to be elder brothers." Zhou Xiao Mei shouted.

Zhou Gui Lai's eyes widened. Then he told his second brother: "Second brother, our mom is pregnant. I'm going to be an elder brother too!"

Zhou Xuan was stunned and came out quickly. Zhou Si Ni closely followed behind.

Then the whole family looked at Lin Qing He.

"Fourth's wife, you... have it again?" Mother Zhou uttered while staring at Lin Qing He.

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