Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want - Chapter 680 - Fourth Master Was very Mindful of His Shortcomings, Not to Be Addressed

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Chapter 680: Fourth Master Was very Mindful of His Shortcomings, Not to Be Addressed

Wasn’t his brother moving too fast?



Did he feel that the time was very close?

The Old Madam saw the expression of her grandson and said unhappily, “Why, aren’t you happy to be an uncle?”

Fu Tingyan did not dare to say that he was unhappy. In fact, he was just too surprised for a moment.

“Of course I’m happy. I’m both an uncle and an elder brother. I can’t react in time.”

The Old Madam sighed. “I didn’t expect to have a great-grandson so soon either. I still remember how you and your brother looked when you were young. It was so fun.”

Fu Tingyan didn’t want to mention his childhood at all. He could have been wearing dresses before he turned five.

Bo Ye always had a cold face no matter where he was, but Fu Tingyan’s grandmother was very friendly and treated her well.

Although they were in an unfamiliar place, it was still okay to have Fu Tingyan accompany them to go out or play games.

She glanced at Fu Tingyan and suddenly remembered something. She looked at the Old Madam and asked, “Grandmother, do you have pictures of Fu Tingyan when he was young?”

Fu Tingyan had a bad feeling when he heard this. He turned his head to look at Bo Ye and asked, “Why are you asking this?”

Bo Ye also turned to look at him and said, “I want to see it.”

The Old Madam had been carefully collecting photos of Fu Tingyu and Fu Tingyan when they were young.

Therefore, when someone asked, the Old Madam said as if she was presenting a treasure, “Of course I have it. I have photos from birth to now. If you want to see it, I’ll show it to you after dinner.”

Fu Tingyan couldn’t sit still anymore. He kept winking at his grandmother. “Grandma, what’s so good about these old photos? Don’t take them out.”

“It’s only the old photos that are worth remembering. What do you know? When I have nothing to do, I’ll even look at them to pass the time.”

The Old Madam continued to speak without noticing the hint in her grandson’s eyes.

Bo Ye said, “Thank you, Grandmother.”

Fu Tingyan felt that his grandmother was being biased?

Could he look at the photos of him wearing a dress when he was young? could he?

At this moment, Fu Tingyu walked into the restaurant with Qin Shu.

The Old Madam’s gaze landed on Qin Shu’s body and finally landed on her lower abdomen. When she thought about how she was about to have a great-grandson, she felt very happy.

She quickly said, “You must be hungry. Quickly sit down and eat.”

Qin Shu felt a little embarrassed when the Old Madam stared at her. She knew that she was happy to have a great-grandson. She felt like a mother was relying on her son.

“Thank you, Grandma.” She thanked her and followed the man to sit down at the dining table.

When Qin Shu sat down, the Old Madam swept the dishes on the table, she then said, “Look, these dishes are made according to your preferences and have been made by the chef. Xiao Yu said that you can’t smell the oily fishy smell, so when the chef prepared it, he put in some effort. Just eat as much as you want.”

“Well, thank you for your efforts, Grandma.” Qin Shu sat down and found that although there was fish and meat on the dining table, there was no oily or fishy smell.

Fu Tingyan looked at the two people opposite him and smiled. “Brother and sister-in-law, congratulations on having a son.”

Fu Tingyu nodded. “Yes, you can prepare two red packets.”

Fu Tingyan then remembered about the red packets. Two red packets. Didn’t that mean that he had to start saving money now?

Fu Tingyu limits Fu Tingyan’s monthly expenses.

Therefore, he had to start saving money.

Halfway through the meal, the Old Madam couldn’t help but look at Qin Shu again. “Do you feel uncomfortable now? If you feel uncomfortable, you have to tell me. It’s tough being pregnant.”

It was the first time the Old Madam was so concerned about her. Qin Shu was still a little uncomfortable. She smiled and replied, “I know, Grandma. Tingyu is very attentive.”

The Old Madam nodded and looked at Qin Shu. She realized that she was really thin and could not help but be a little worried. “That’s good. Eat more. If you’re too thin, the baby will be very light when it’s born.”

Qin Shu was a little embarrassed. Just as she was about to speak, Fu Tingyu, who was sitting next to her, said, “Grandma, her appetite is not very good now. If she eats too much, she will feel uncomfortable and will also cause nausea. As long as she is comfortable and the baby is light, she will be fine after taking more milk powder.”

The Old Madam choked for a moment.

Fu Tingyu continued, “Her nausea is still light now. It will be more serious in the next two months. Gu Yan also said that it’s not a problem now. Grandma doesn’t have to worry so much.”

The Old Madam nodded when she heard that. “Gu Yan is a doctor. Everything he said must be right. The early stages of pregnancy will be even harder.”

Fu Tingyan glanced at his brother as if he was used to it. He had seen his brother protect Qin Shu before. Even his brother had to stand aside.

Bo Ye glanced at Fu Tingyu and then at Qin Shu. An outsider could see that Fu Tingyu was very protective of his own shortcomings.

It made her think of Bo Yin. He was also very protective of his own shortcomings and never let others bully her.

However, he couldn’t go against the entire Bo family.

Yet, he still wanted to protect her.

He was indeed a little overbearing, but he was really good to her.

“What are you thinking about? Eat more. You look so skinny.” Fu Tingyan picked up some meat and put it into Bo Ye’s Bowl.

Bo Ye came back to her senses. She looked at the meat in the bowl in front of her and then at Fu Tingyan.

Only then did Fu Tingyan remember that he didn’t change his chopsticks when he picked up the food. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Don’t dislike it.”

“…” Fu Tingyan was also very overbearing.

Bo Ye retracted her gaze and stared at the meat in the bowl. The fat and lean meat were evenly distributed, and the color was very attractive. After hesitating for a moment, she picked up her chopsticks and picked up the piece of meat and put it into her mouth to eat.

Only then did Fu Tingyan withdraw his gaze in satisfaction.

Bo Ye also picked up a piece of meat for him with her chopsticks.

Looking at the extra piece of meat in the bowl, Fu Tingyan paused for a moment and turned his head to look at Bo Ye with a questioning look in his eyes.

“A return of courtesy.” Bo Ye’s voice was clear and cold. It was impossible to tell that she did it on purpose.

“…” Fu Tingyan stared at the meat in the bowl, picked it up, and directly put it into his mouth. He felt that it tasted pretty good.

Not long after dinner, Fu Tingyu brought his wife back to Sheng Yuan. He was mainly afraid that she would be tired because she slept very early every night.

Before she left, the Old Madam could not help but remind him, “Don’t overwork. Rest early tonight.”

What she meant was that they could not sleep together.

“Got it, Grandma.”

Fu Tingyu held the girl’s hand and turned around to walk out of the old house, returning to Sheng Yuan Garden.

The Old Madam watched her grandson leave. “I don’t know if Xiao Yu understands what I mean.”

Fu Tingyan said, “Grandma, what did you mean just now? I don’t know if my brother understands or not. I really don’t understand. Isn’t it just going to bed earlier?”

The Old Madam looked back at her grandson. “You don’t need to understand, as long as your brother understands.”

Then he looked at Bo Ye with an amiable smile. “Xiao Ye, don’t you want to see the pictures of Xiao Yan when he was a child? Come, I’ll show you now.”

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