Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 1355 1355. Workshop

Chapter 1355 1355. Workshop

The book retrieved in Great Builder's Pyramid was the first part of his inheritance. It described two topics. The first one involved the oval items that acted as centers of power. The second explained the workshop and its functioning.

For "workshop", Great Builder indicated the ability to create items with other items. Noah had seen an example of that skill. The fly-like puppets had built the feathered creature right in front of his eyes.

That technique allowed a cultivator to automate a process so that other spells, arts, or puppets could perform it. In Great Builder's case, the whole Pyramid was a workshop divided into multiple areas that could complete different tasks.

The workshop didn't initially interest Noah. He didn't intend to build a home and settle. He wanted to roam freely and explore the Immortal Lands, so a massive structure would only slow him down.

Great Builder wanted his heirs to use the ovals and the workshop together. Cultivators could mass-produce virtually anything if they could master those two creations. The first book only contained a few examples and descriptions of their weaker versions, but they were enough in the hands of an expert.

Noah didn't want to follow Great Builder's footsteps, but he couldn't discard that piece of inheritance. There was value in that knowledge, and he wanted to incorporate some of it into his battle style.

Great Builder had been a monster. Even after his death, his existence continued to affect the Pyramid and influenced its many functions. Not using his inheritance would be a proper waste.

The problem was that Noah's expertise lingered in a different field. He was a creator and specialized in beast-like puppets, but he didn't build disposable beings. His companions were all unique and had features that no other creature could replicate.

However, an idea formed in his mind as he reviewed the issue. He could create his version of the oval cores, and he could invent a stable structure for a living being in an instant. He only had to approach the creation differently.

Great Builder had the Pyramid and its fly-like puppets as part of the workshop. The many materials inside the structure allowed it to build creatures and oval cores in a few minutes.

Noah lacked those three aspects of the workshop, but he had a technique that could perform their functions. It could even add a personal touch that would make the inheritance suit him.

The dark world could imitate some of the Pyramid's functions if Noah programmed it beforehand. The dark matter in its fabric could theoretically replicate every material in the world, and it could also take care of the manpower needed for the creation.

'It might be possible,' Noah thought as the light of the Divine Deduction technique shone through his eyes. 'It won't be as sophisticated as the Pyramid, but it would allow me to bring the workshop with me. The dark world will also improve if I can master this technique.'

Countless ideas surged in Noah's mind after he completed his evaluation. The bare shape of a technique soon took form, and Noah didn't hesitate to test it.

According to the book, cultivators would generally need to create a structure first. They would then build a series of workers who could take care of the most minute detail of every puppet.

In the end, they needed to invent blueprints to fuse with the structure. The process would be automated at that point. They only needed to create a power source for their creations and connect it with them.

That was easier than done, mostly since Noah wanted to revisit the technique to make it suitable for his prowess. He could already imagine what the dark world could become with that power, and he itched to test its feasibility.

'Let's start with something simple,' Noah thought as some of the dark-brown water inside his sphere surged and created a spherical area that radiated detailed instructions.

Once the project in his mind ended, Noah summoned a small version of the dark world and began experimenting with its insides. It wasn't hard to control the dark matter, but programming it to perform a specific action resulted quite impossible.

It was a matter of mental prowess. Noah didn't know how intense his wills had to be to make the dark matter behave as he desired.

'I need more training in this,' Noah concluded after he called back his dark matter and exited the cave to resume his journey.

The thoughts about the workshop filled his mind, but he couldn't remain in the wilderness for too long. He had to reach Silkpost city to understand how he had to move in the Land of the Fallen. Also, he had to refill Fergie's body with dark matter at some point, so he needed to be there.

'The issue is that my programming doesn't work,' Noah thought as he flew through the white sky. 'My wills struggle to contain so many details, and the dark matter doesn't move well under their control.'

Noah had to improve in those two fields before he could create a proper workshop. His wills had the priority, but he already had ideas that could make him ignore his weakness.

He was an expert in wills, especially magical beasts that he had eventually turned into living slaves. The half-transparent figures that had entered his min could suffice for his needs after going through heavy modifications.

Instead of making wills every time, Noah began to consider the idea of creating resilient blueprints connected to disposable puppets. Those creatures would lack diversity, but Noah was fine as long as he made that technique work.

Since Noah had nothing to do, he could focus on the workshop while he flew toward the Land of the Fallen. Blueprints formed and shattered as he repeated the process countless times. He had yet to create a will or an ethereal figure that could last while continuing to affect the dark world.

That was the first hurdle, and Noah didn't complete it even after he reached Silkpost City. He had arrived at his destination. The Land of the Fallen was after that place, and the magical beasts' domain wasn't too far away either.

Noah contacted Fergie and began to alter the nature of the oval seized from the feathered puppet. His dark matter flowed inside it and created a fake core that could act as a center of power and fuel the Shadow Swords spell for a long time.

Creating something like that was necessary. Noah would eventually venture through the magical beasts' domain, so he had to make sure that he wouldn't lose his spy during the travel.

The oval didn't resist Noah's influence. It accepted the dark matter easily, and it quickly transformed it into a storage item that could fuel other techniques and creatures that fed on his higher energy.

He could do the same for his dark world. Building Beast Cores wasn't an issue in the Immortal Lands, so he could create them with eventual puppet once he completed building everything else.

Noah met with Fergie and forced him to swallow the oval item filled with dark matter. The cultivator was unwilling initially, but he couldn't oppose Noah even if he wanted to.