Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 1496 1496. Fear

Chapter 1496 1496. Fear

Noah transformed into a black blade that released dark matter to shoot toward Heaven. He flew past Fergie to clash directly with the figure made of lightning bolts.

Heaven didn't seem to care about Noah. Its figure exploded into a storm of lightning bolts when his blades pierced its body. The creature then reformed next to Fergie, where it resumed its accumulation of sparks.

Noah performed a cross-shaped slash, launching an invisible attack toward Heaven. A straight singularity shot out of his blades and pierced the crackling figure, destroying even the ground under it.

Fergie was partially oblivious of his surroundings. His consciousness could only focus on his existence since he was still under the effects of Noah's ambition. The clash that had happened next to him only provided more energy to his transformation.

Noah kept track of the lightning bolts. He shot where they converged, and his blades stabbed Heaven before it could fully reform. The creature turned toward him at that point. It had finally noticed that foreign presence.

A second lightning bolt fell from the sky and created another crackling figure that pierced the storm of sharpness and threw a series of sparks toward Fergie.

Noah drew his swords, destroying the first Heaven in the process. A thick slash also came out of his blades and intercepted the attacks flying toward Fergie.

A third lightning bolt then fell on the ground, and another crackling figure joined that offensive. Heaven was sending an army of puppets in the upper tier, which forced Noah to rely on his ambition.

Noah's aura exploded, radiating the intense bloodlust contained in his mental walls. Waves of destruction flew out of his figure and obtained sharp features under the influence of his law.

The three puppets crumbled as Noah's cultivation level reached the solid stage. Shockwaves spread through the area as he placed his blades on his forehead and covered most of the safe zone with his sharpness.

The three Heaven reformed on different spots of the sky, but Noah's sharpness destroyed their bodies before they could even begin to prepare their attacks.

Their lightning bolts then flew higher in the sky, and Noah didn't hesitate to follow them. Those sparks fused and condensed to create a bigger version of the crackling figures, and a massive attack suddenly rained on Noah.

A thick, orange lightning bolt shot out of the giant Heaven. Noah could dodge it, but Fergie was right under him. Noah had to block that attack to preserve his companion's life.

Roots pierced the skin on Noah's right palm and expanded upward. The sky grew dark as the Demonic Form's influence filled the area, but the orange light carried by the lightning bolt soon clashed with that blackness.

The impact almost flung Noah away, but he endured the blow and continued to provide energy for the parasite. The roots expanded, and their destructive aura intensified as more power flowed into the Demonic Sword.

The massive lightning bolt slowly crumbled under the corrosive properties of the Demonic Form. Even the sky bent due to its influence. A tinge of surprise appeared on Heaven's emotionless expression. It seemed that even that creature didn't expect Noah to stop its attack.

A deafening sound came out of the crackling figure. Heaven had opened its mouth to give voice to a scream that forced Noah to cover his ears.

The noise spread through the area and reached Fergie, who spat blood but continued to destroy everything around him. Noah didn't overlook that event. Fergie had to be almost done since he had blood again.

'Let's take it out in one attack,' Noah thought, and his companions understood his intentions.

Night flew out of the separate space, and Snore condensed next to Noah. Black flames also accumulated in his mouth as he shot toward the giant crackling figure.

Snore launched a dark beam to cover his advance. Heaven wanted to launch another cry, but the violent dark matter reached its figure and forced it to throw lightning bolts to fend off that destructive power.

Night was usually faster than Noah, but he reached the opponent first at that time. He crossed his arms, making his blades touch his torso before launching a cross-shaped lunge that opened a hole in Heaven's figure.

His flames then covered the sky, burning all the sparks that surrounded Heaven. A wave of energy flowed back in Noah's body as roots spread from his palm.

The Demonic Form wrapped itself around Heaven and began to consume its lightning bolts. Night arrived at that point and fused with its fabric to sever its connection with the world.

Noah slashed again and dug two vertical lines on the figure's body. Its structure became unstable, and its sparks crumbled once Night reappeared on the outside world.

The plant finished consuming the lightning bolts, and the flames burned anything that had tried to fall on the ground. No sparks accumulated in the sky either. It seemed that Noah had managed to overcome that Tribulation.

Noah descended toward the ground without withdrawing his sharpness. His cultivation level fell, but his centers of power endured the arrival of the drawbacks. He felt tired, but he didn't accumulate enough stress to force himself to rest.

A large area in the region crumbled. The hole created by Fergie's absorption destroyed entire environments filled with different species of magical plants. His influence stopped enlarging only when his body had obtained enough energy to transform.

Fergie had lost most of his inhuman features. His skin had obtained a fair color, and his fabric had almost completely solidified. His eyes and hair had also returned to how they were before the torture. Only a few small flames still lingered on his figure.

Once the last flame vanished, the pulling force stopped affecting the environment. Fergie didn't destroy anything else with his influence. The procedure was over, so he didn't need more energy.

"How is it?" Noah asked as he landed in front of the expert.

Fergie breathed heavily and threw a punch toward Noah when he entered his range. Noah easily blocked that attack, but the ground under the duo broke due to the shockwave generated in the impact.

Noah analyzed Fergie's physical strength. It was on par with average hybrids in the middle tier, but the expert didn't fuse with any magical beast during the procedure.

Fergie had transformed without losing his human status. He was similar to Noah, but his power couldn't compare to him since he lacked the fourth center of power.

Fergie slowly began to understand how powerful he had actually become. His cultivation level was still in the liquid stage, but he couldn't hide his happiness in seeing his centers of power working perfectly.

The procedure had even fixed his eye. His existence had brought his previous appearance back, but the fabric that now made his tissues was far superior to those belonging to humans and simple magical beasts.

"I will follow you," Fergie said before kneeling politely.

"Dammit," Noah cursed loudly. "Why did you even kneel? Don't let the others see you, or they might also kneel."

Noah massaged his temples as he gestured to the expert to stand up. Annoyance filled his face, but Fergie couldn't understand what had triggered that feeling.

"Imagine if I had an entire army kneeling in front of me!" Noah continued to complain. "What am I even supposed to do while you are all on your knees? I have decided. I will forbid kneeling. This is the first rule of my organization."

"I don't care," Fergie replied as a broad smile appeared on his face. "I will still kneel whenever I want, even more now that I know how much you hate it."

"I can still improve your body if you want," Noah replied as coldness filled his expression.

Fergie quickly stood up and bowed before taking a few steps back and bowing again. A tinge of fear had appeared in his eyes. The expert didn't want to experience Noah's procedures ever again.