Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 1769 - 1769. Discussions

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Chapter 1769 - 1769. Discussions

The army gathered around Snore, which was protecting Noah with its massive body. Most of the magical beasts recruited during the flight salivated when they looked and the blue environment, but Snore promptly hissed to force them to behave.

Duanlong and Night also came out of Noah's body and started giving voice to cries to handle the new troops. They knew Noah well enough to understand how he would manage them.

Yet, it soon became clear that they didn't need to work so hard since a heavy aura fell on the region and suppressed all the new magical beasts. Alexander, the Foolery, and the other rank 8 existences that had remained behind appeared in the sky and inspected the mess on the black surface.

"What did you even do out there?" Alexander asked while descending toward his companions. "You have been away for mere decades. How did you even break the entire world?"

"Heaven and Earth have decided to reset the world," Wilfred explained. "I believed this is the only surviving landmass in the entire higher plane."

"Didn't you transform many regions on the other side too?" Alexander asked, but Wilfred pointed his fingers at the giants fighting right outside the black landmass.

"You can look for them if you want," Wilfred scoffed.

A tense atmosphere had fallen on the entire army. The experts had won the last battle for the higher plane, but Heaven and Earth had decided to sacrifice the world. Their victory had lost every meaning. The Legion and Noah's nameless organization didn't gain anything.

"Where are you going?" King Elbas asked when he saw Wilfred leaving the area.

"The idiot advanced to the solid stage," Wilfred snorted. "I can't fall behind. We can't help Defying Demon in this state anyway. It's better to grow stronger until he wakes up."

"Why do you have so much faith in him anyway?" Steven asked in an angry tone. "You have heard Heaven and Earth. The destruction of the world is his fault."

Steven's cells were in the Outer Lands when the apocalypse happened. There was a high chance that he had lost the entirety of his force during the crisis. He couldn't even contact his underlings at that distance, and trying to travel across the giants on his own was pure madness.

"I'd be careful of how you talk about my heir," Divine Demon threatened as his aura unfolded in the environment. "It's not his fault if Heaven and Earth are so powerful. Blaming him for their actions is even worse than serving them."

Steven wanted to complain, but he quickly understood that his anger was misplaced. Still, that feeling remained, and he didn't know how to get rid of it.

"When did the idiot become so smart?" The Foolery asked.

"This isn't the time to crack jokes," King Elbas lectured the pig. "The situation is serious. We should gather up and create a few plans."

"I actually agree with Steven" Elsie suddenly joined the conversation. "We were fine in the Outer Lands. We weren't safe, but we had a home and the power to defend it."

"It didn't seem so," June commented. "The Crystal City has stolen your troops right under your nose."

"You are lucky that you are Defying Demon's woman," Elsie snorted. "Why would gaseous stage cultivators even be so arrogant otherwise?"

"You-!" June was about to snap, but Dreaming Demon promptly placed a hand under her shoulder to calm her down.

More experts joined those complaints. They started to argue with each other, and their discussions mostly involved Noah's behavior.

None of them tried to disregard his achievements. Still, many believed that he had gone too far in his taunts toward Heaven and Earth. Those complaints mostly came from the cultivators belonging to the human organizations, but a few new magical beasts even added their roars to those voices.

"Can you all shut up?" Noah's weak roar suddenly came out from the center of Snore's coiled body. "You should say this stuff to my face. Don't say it at all otherwise."

The entire army fell silent. The complainers couldn't sense Noah's aura nor see his condition, but he was awake, and that was enough to make them fear for their life.

Everyone had seen how Noah had taken care of Isaac. His efforts were also the reason behind their safe location. No one dared to be so ungrateful out of fear of eventual repercussions.

"Good," Noah growled. "I expect never to hear this stuff again. I can't deal with traitors either, so throw yourselves outside my domain if you feel like betraying me in the future."

"I'll leave a few orders before going back to sleep," Noah continued after a few seconds of silence. "Sword Saint, take someone and fly past the previous Outer Lands. See if the windy regions still exist.

"Robert, see if you can gather some boulders from around the landmass and transform them. We need to save as much ground as we can. Also, try to deepen our domain. I've seen a few pieces of normal terrain underground on the way here.

"Alexander, handle the magical beasts. They will listen to you. Just eat those that don't comply.

"Pig, you must accelerate the creation of blue bushes. I don't care about the stench. Just create enough nutrients for the new troops.

"Divine Demon, don't create a mess.

"Elbas, learn as much as you can about this situation. I think that Heaven and Earth only want to make us starve, but try to discover if they have other plans in motion. Also, lay protections all around the landmass. I bet something will come once they realize that the last rebels are here.

"The others must focus on getting stronger. I want to see a few breakthroughs by the time I wake up, or I'll kick you out of the landmass myself. "

Everyone was speechless. The experts didn't know how to react to those sudden orders, but they all made sense, especially those concerning the windy regions. None of the experts had thought about the chaotic laws after witnessing the apocalypse.

"I'll sleep now," Noah continued. "Don't worry about the world. I'll rebuild it after I handle some matters."

The various experts exchanged awkward gazes. They had discussed only a few seconds ago, but now they had to work together under the same banner.

King Elbas, Wilfred, Jordan, Alexander, Dreaming Demon, and the experts who knew how to manage large organizations silently gathered to converse in private. The fate of the Legion had inevitably fallen on their shoulder, and they had to make sure that the newcomers didn't cause any problem.

Most of the other troops dispersed after the orders. Many wanted to explore the black landmass before choosing a place where to cultivate, while others were simply curious about Noah's domain.

Meanwhile, a lone figure neared Snore without causing any adverse reaction in the snake. Actually, the Blood Companion unraveled part of its body to let that cultivator inside.

"You really had to save everyone," June sighed when she saw Noah sleeping inside a layer of fiendish armor.

June sat on the ground, and Snore placed its body behind her to make her position more comfortable. She began to cultivate at that point, and no one dared to disturb her for decades.

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