Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 715: Appearance of the zombie race!

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Chapter 715: Appearance of the zombie race!

The reason why Kang Lan told Fu Xuefeng to get ready to help Nangong Yi soon came to light.

The 20 feet tall creature whose body armor was as thick as the armor of a war tank looked like an unstoppable locomotive, the ground shook with every step it took and its red eyes were filled with anger as it thrust its head forward menacingly with its glowing ivory.

Nangong Yi with his Second Order Dragon Transformation skill active also looked like a beast, his body had narrowly surpassed 2 meters in height and the total size of his body was even comparable to Kong Jun, the Third Order weaver ant. The golden claws on his hands glittered under the constant glare of the lightning and the rays of light coming from the opaque sun in the sky, added to the scales that covered 70% of his figure it gave him a particularly scary appearance that demanded respect.

Soon, however, it was shown that the difference between the two was not only in size.

When both existences were only meters away from each other, a distance that would close in the blink of an eye, the mutant rhino nodded forward without pausing while Nangong Yi clenched both fists and punched ahead at the same time.


The earth rumbled and the mutant beasts behind the level 50 rhino were mostly sent flying backward after being hit by the shockwave resulting from the clash between Nangong Yi and the leading mutant beast.

The body of the level 50 rhino surprisingly lifted slightly off the ground when it met the fists of the relatively small Nangong Yi. However, it was not the rhino who fell at a disadvantage during that brief encounter.

“Ugh!” Nangong Yi’s expression changed as he felt his hands go numb. The mutant rhino’s strength went into his arms so violently that his posture broke and Nangong Yi’s arms were pushed backward, away from the creature’s ivory.

The mutant rhino’s charge was effectively halted, however, it did not last long. The beast roared furiously and taking advantage of the fact that its enemy was backing away leaving the mark of his feet all over the road it began to charge one more time.

Nangong Yi was a hot-blooded man too, and seeing the mutant rhino advancing towards him and trying to recover the lost momentum, his eyes were filled with murderous intent and without hesitation, he shouted aloud, “Barbarian Strength!”

Nangong Yi’s muscles swelled and his size immediately grew by approximately 50% more, becoming a small giant of 3 meters tall. With the activation of Second Order Barbarian Strength, Nangong Yi immediately received a boost of 350 Strength points!


The giant rhino’s body slammed into Nangong Yi’s still retreating body. However, instead of being sent flying, Nangong Yi clung tightly to the creature’s ivory and leaned his upper body forward as his legs kicked up clouds of dust, retreating slower and slower.

Finally, a second or two later, the rhino was a little surprised.

“Not so strong now eh, big guy?!”

Nangong Yi roared and now completely halting the rhino’s advance he used his new Strength to lift the beast’s body.

Nangong Yi’s current Strength stat was close to 600 points! There was no way a normal First Order creature could handle that!

Lifting the rhino’s body above his head, Nangong Yi roared again and with all his might slammed the creature to the ground.


Along with the rumbling of the earth and the terrifying explosion, the cry of pain, as well as anger of the rhino, echoed in the middle of the battlefield. All the mutant beasts within a range of 500 meters were turned into a pile of bloody pulp as they were hit by the shockwave and only those of First Order or Unclassified defense-based managed to survive.

Nangong Yi did not stop, and as if he had lost some of his sanity and turned into a real beast, he roared as he raised his arms above his head. He interlaced his fingers in such a way that his hands formed something similar to a ball and punched without holding back at all, directly at the beast’s head!


The mutant rhino’s head finally split open, and although it did not explode completely, the green letters that flashed in Nangong Yi’s eyes, as well as the Soul Power orb that flew into his body, were proof that the battle was over.

Nangong Yi was already at level 50 and therefore he could not obtain any benefits until he completed his breakthrough mission; the same was true for Fu Xuefeng and Kang Lan. However, he could feel that the Soul Power of the rhino was very pure; which was why it was so strong even though it was still a First Order existence.

The skill Barbarian Strength of Nangong Yi was powerful, but it only lasted for 30 minutes and had a cooldown time of 2 hours, unlike his Second Order Dragon Transformation skill that could stay active for as long as he wanted in exchange for 1 Stamina point every 5 minutes. Therefore, Nangong Yi did not stop after killing the mutant rhino and as if he had gone mad he jumped up and proceeded to slaughter all the mutant beasts in the area.

Flesh and blood flew everywhere, some pieces of mutant beast fell into the moat to later be eaten by mutant piranhas while other pieces fell into the only earth road in the area. The sight was really creepy and the smell was unpleasant for anyone.

On the wall, Fu Xuefeng watched as Nangong Yi pushed the mutant beasts’ horde back by himself and couldn’t help but observe, “Looks like he didn’t need help after all.”

However, Kang Lan was not happy. She didn’t say anything but the slight frown on her face said it all.

She had made a mistake, she should have told Nangong Yi not to use Barbarian Strength yet.

The skill Barbarian Strength was the only skill that Nangong Yi could use in his Dragon Transformation Second Order skill, therefore, Kang Lan planned to have him only activate it in times of real need. Although the problem of the rhino was serious, they had not reached the point of true doom.

If Nangong Yi canceled his transformation, he couldn’t use the skill again until half a day later, therefore, the use of other skills was now out of the question.

Kang Lan could not help but be mortified to realize that she was not a good leader. She realized that compared to people like Shangguan Bing Xue, Evangeline, and even Wu Yijun…. she was still lacking.

Time passed and thirty minutes later Nangong Yi returned to the wall after losing the effect of his skill Barbarian Strength. His whole body was covered in blood, but not even a drop belonged to him.

He looked at Kang Lan and now that he had finally calmed down he noticed that he had made a mistake: “Leader Kang, it seems I made a mistake…. I shouldn’t have activated Barbarian Strength yet.”

Kang Lan sighed in her heart. She was just beginning to understand the headaches her leader was silently going through and this only made her admire him even more.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about something that’s already done.” Kang Lan waved her hand and said in a now calmer voice, “Besides, that half an hour helped everyone to rest so it’s not like you did something really bad. Nangong Yi, sit down for now and recover some Stamina to avoid your skill from deactivating.”

Nangong Yi felt a little better after hearing the words of Kang Lan, and seeing that everyone seemed more energetic compared to the past, he sighed in relief before sitting down amidst applause and shouts of cheers. He had just stopped an entire army by himself for half an hour after all!

Kang Lan hoped that no serious problems would appear for the next few hours, at least until the skill of Nangong Yi came out of its cooldown time as there were only three people present with the ability to threaten Second Order existences other than the war tanks; herself, Nangong Yi, and Fu Xuefeng. However, this depended on several factors, and luck was one of them.

Unfortunately, luck did not seem to be on the side of planet Earth and its living beings; at least not today.

After an hour of combat, the battlefield was a mess, to say the least. The corpses of the mutant beasts had begun to form mountains and 25% of the moat had filled up with enemy bodies to the point that there were now areas where terrestrial creatures could walk.

However, the most terrifying change came twenty minutes later.

“Zombies!” Luo Ning yelled out loud as she wielded her greatsword and turned the body of a First Order purple panther into a pile of meat paste.

Fu Xuefeng was standing next to the girl and when he heard her yell in surprise his eyes widened in shock. He quickly looked to the northeast and his expression turned ugly as he saw the black sea of infected creatures approaching.

The zombies of today were no longer the same slow zombies of 3 and a half months ago, they were now as fast as a normal person running before the apocalypse, and to top it all off, the unintelligent creatures retained their unlimited Stamina!

“Holy shit! Where the fuck did those rotten bastards come from?!” Xiao Ming shouted in shock as he slashed his sword without rest. His body had several wounds here and there but he was indifferent to pain at this point and simply fought to end the lives of his enemies as quickly as possible in order to help the rest.

The expression on Kang Lan’s face was ugly as she looked on as a portion of the group of zombies and mutant beasts broke away from the main army and began to kill each other.

Beasts against beasts, zombies against beasts, humans against beasts… and very soon it would be humans against zombies as well.

While the current Agility of the zombies was no problem for high-level soul evolvers, for humans they meant definite death at this stage unless they were lucky and got up the courage to fight at the risk of their lives.

Soon, the 4000 soul evolvers had to split up to fight zombies and mutant beasts at the same time as the zombies fought the mutant beasts and the mutant beasts fought among themselves.

Along with the activation of all kinds of skills, blood flew everywhere and small explosions joined together to form even more terrifying explosions.

The number of enemies was simply too high and the moat was slowly being filled with corpses. The mutant piranhas had practically stopped eating flesh and only occasionally took a few bites before sinking into the waters.

As the moat began to fill up, the human group was slowly beginning to be overwhelmed by the numbers of the enemy. Because the main soul evolvers of the Transcendent faction were facing existences above their levels or several existences of their own Order at the same time, the rest had no choice but to fend for themselves.

Kang Lan was facing a Second Order zombie by herself. The zombie had the appearance of a young man, probably around her age. However, this zombie was clearly smart enough to avoid approaching when it sensed the danger that Kang Lan’s poisonous skills posed to it.

Seizing the opportunity, Kang Lan took a quick glance at the surroundings, and seeing the increasingly pessimistic situation, she couldn’t help but start to grow anxious. Although she was enjoying a boost in her overall strength thanks to the effect of her Loyal Follower subclass, the zombie she was facing was on a different power scale, which separated them enough that she wouldn’t be able to finish the fight anytime soon.

In fact, Kang Lan was not confident that she could defeat this Second Order zombie and forget about supporting the others. The only way was to get the war tanks to fire but that would also put her in mortal danger.

Finally, and with no other choice, she pulled the communicator out of her bag and ordered in a cold voice: “Open fire at will.”

Her words had barely fallen when from the top of the giant wall, the heads of armed soldiers were revealed. Some of them carried rifles, snipers, light machine guns, heavy machine guns, some had even positioned themselves behind machine guns that had been dismounted from military vehicles to use as a defense in front of the main gate.

“Hah! From a high point, the advantage is ours!” a commander shouted before ordering, “Brothers, open fire!”

Immediately after, the sound of steady bangs echoed and reached the distance easily. From the distance, the golden glow of gun muzzles could be seen as a straight line as more than 10,000 armed soldiers fired at the same time.

The zombies and Unclassified mutant beasts began to fall like flies and the pressure on the 4,000 soul evolvers immediately eased greatly. There were even some First Order zombies and First Order mutant beasts with weaker bodies that fell in their own blood after taking several shots from a hundred heavy machine guns.

“Kill!” Lu Yan shouted and immediately led a team of soul evolvers to cause carnage in the midst of the zombie horde.




They all roared in unison and their eyes looked even more bestial than the beasts themselves.

The Second Order zombie who commanded this army of zombies was shocked at the human outburst and for a moment he even went into a panic. According to his knowledge after absorbing countless records, humans were fearful creatures, especially of his zombie race…. how had these humans suddenly become killing machines? What the Second Order zombie was seeing was nothing like what was in his records!

Seeing the Second Order zombie in shock, Kang Lan didn’t hesitate as she muttered under her breath while slyly pointing towards the ground:

“Illusory Mist.”

The Second Order zombie immediately became attentive when he noticed the fluctuation of mana around him. However, when he wanted to back away, his body was enveloped by a multicolored mist and the sparkle in his eyes dimmed a bit, slowing his movements in the process.

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