Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 580 - No Need to Wear the Required God-Domain-Level Magic Ring!

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Chapter 580: No Need to Wear the Required God-Domain-Level Magic Ring!

“Congratulations to Mr. King of Spades for winning the auction with 20,000 snow crystals.”

Without any expression, he looked at the No. 4 VIP room, where Doldona was!

Obviously, this “prank”of Doldona, has already made Joelson have an aversion to Doldona.

If Doldona continued to be so domineering, Joelson didn’t mind paying an unbearable price to this arrogant playboy in the underground city.

And right now, he was in the VIP room.

Doldona lazily lay on the soft leather sofa.

Beside him were two bunny girls in revealing clothes.

This was a service exclusive to the VIP room. As long as Doldona needed it, the bunny girls would provide all the services he needed.

Joelson, who had the purple-gold bank card, also had this qualification. However, in order to find Elena’s location, he voluntarily gave up this service.

Of course, as long as Joelson wanted it, he could enter the VIP room at any time.

And it was Doldona, who was sitting on the sofa lazily, hugging the bunny girls on his left and right, who suddenly shivered.

He looked left and right, as if he was looking for something.

All of a sudden, it was as if he was being targeted by a ferocious beast. The fear that came from his soul made Doldona extremely uncomfortable.

However, in the VIP room, other than the two bunny girls with gigantic breasts, what else could threaten Doldona’s existence?

Doldona was not considered weak. In fact, he was even stronger than some middle-aged men. However, this still did not make him feel any sense of security at this moment.

He immediately said to the two bunny girls behind him.

“Leave my room, now!”

The two bunny girls were at a loss. Wasn’t Doldona just touching their tits and wantonly venting his lust? Why did his attitude suddenly change so drastically? It was as if he had become a completely different person.

However, they did not dare to disobey Doldona’s request at this moment. After all, it was not just the Kardas family’s request. Doldona’s identity also made them very apprehensive.

After bowing deeply to Doldona, the two bunny girls quickly left the VIP room.

“What’s going on?”

“I’m the only one in the room right now…”

“Why hasn’t this uneasy feeling disappeared?”

Doldona touched his heart and asked in puzzlement.

At this moment, the blood flow in his heart was accelerating, as if it was about to jump into his throat.

“Damn it…”

Doldona lay back on the sofa, his fists clenched, and a hint of struggle appeared on his face.

After an unknown amount of time, Doldona finally recovered.

At this moment, his entire body was drenched in sweat, and a sickly red flush appeared on his face.

Doldona looked at the one-way privacy glass in front of him. At this moment, Freya’s auction had already auctioned off a few more items.

Weapons, gemstones, medicinal herbs, pets…

There were all kinds of items and some of them were sold at high prices.

After that, Joelson and Elena did not bid again. Because the lilac flower had to be paid for backstage after the auction was over, it had not yet entered Joelson’s hands.

Even though they had bid 20,000 snow crystal coins, many people had ignored Joelson’s existence because they had not bid for a long time.

“Next, the real treasures of our Kardas family will be auctioned. Please prepare snow crystal coins so that you don’t run out of money.”

After Freya said that, the staff behind her carried a fist-sized small box to the center of the stage.

The light from Freya’s body gathered on the small box.

The entire box was crimson in color. Its skin was made of animal fur and it was furry.

The exquisite box slowly opened and a ring that was as bright as a gemstone appeared in front of everyone.

Only then did everyone understand why the light was focused on the ring.

Under the illumination of the light, the ring shone with a resplendent light. It did not lose out to any top-tier gemstones!

“It’s too beautiful…”

Beside Joelson, Elena could not help but exclaim.

That’s right. This ring was simply beautiful to the extreme.

Freya’s voice sounded just in time.

“This is a magic tool forged by a master dwarf craftsman using his entire life’s worth of knowledge.”

“There’s no need to explain its rank. The resplendent ring’s rank has also reached the god’s domain rank.”

“This ring can release a defensive barrier. Its defensive power is quite good. Most importantly, the ring’s defensive barrier can be set to a passive mode. When danger arrives that the ring can’t react to, the resplendent ring will automatically release a defensive barrier to help the host defend against the incoming attack.”

Freya said excitedly.

“Of course, none of this is important. The most shocking thing about this ring is that its assembly requirement is 0!”

“What does this mean? Even people who don’t know magic can use this protective barrier magic by wearing the ring!”

“Of course, the magic needed to activate the ring also needs to be recharged by people who have magic. However, the recharging period is as long as a week. If the host is in extreme danger within a week, the ring will automatically release the protective barrier.”

As soon as Freya finished speaking, all kinds of discussions immediately came from the audience. It seemed that the resplendent ring that Freya had introduced was indeed very moving to everyone present.

After all, even if there were no magic talents, they could still release powerful defensive magic just like other mages.

Out in the world, safety was the first priority.

If one were to accidentally lose their life, what use would it be even if one had a lot of snow crystal coins to squander?

Hence, many people in the auction hall were gearing up. It seemed that they were extremely tempted by the resplendent ring.

They all wanted to obtain this item, even if it meant paying a huge price!

When some people in the audience could no longer suppress the agitation in their hearts, Freya announced the starting bid for the resplendent ring.

“God’s domain-level magic equipment: resplendent ring. The starting bid is 50,000 snow crystal coins. Each increment must not be less than 1,000 snow crystal coins!”

Even though Freya’s bid was the highest so far, it still could not stop the enthusiasm of the various bidders.

Below the stage, Elena softly asked Joelson.

“Mr. Joelson, what kind of astronomical price do you think this resplendent ring will fetch?”

Joelson nodded slightly.

“A conservative estimate is 200,000 snow crystal coins or more…”

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