Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 581 - The Appearance of the Inner City Clan. The Competition for the Resplendent Ring!

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Chapter 581: The Appearance of the Inner City Clan. The Competition for the Resplendent Ring!

“Mr. Joelson, what kind of sky-high price do you think this resplendent ring will fetch?”

Joelson nodded slightly.

“Conservative estimate, it should be above 200,000 snow crystal coins…”

It was at this moment that the auction round began!

“51,000 Snow Crystal Coins!”

“55,000 snow crystal coins!”

“60,000 snow crystal coins!”

“I bid 66,000 snow crystal coins!”

“All of you, move back a little. 80,000 snow crystal coins!”

For a moment, the voices of the bidders rose and fell one after another.

The depths of everyone’s eyes were filled with fanaticism.

Elena looked at the bustling scene. If it wasn’t for the fact that her wallet was shy, she would probably have also tried to bid at this moment.

It was not because of how powerful the resplendent ring was or the impenetrable iron wall. It was simply because the beautiful ring attracted Elena.

Elena had never seen such a beauty before.

Joelson looked at the craziness around him. His expression did not change and he remained unmoved.

At this moment, the numbers on the big screen behind Foya were changing crazily.

In the blink of an eye, the numbers had already broken through the five-digit threshold and entered the six-digit domain!

And all of this had only taken half a minute!

Seeing all the bidders below the stage being so enthusiastic, Freya was also very surprised.

She had expected that this resplendent ring would be very popular, but she had not expected it to attract such a fanatical reaction.

Just as Freya was slightly lost in thought, the number behind her once again shot up 20,000 snow crystal coins!

This speed made Freya, who had already thought that money was just a number, click her tongue.

The attraction of the resplendent ring was far beyond Freya’s imagination!

The number behind the resplendent ring that represented the snow crystal coins finally slowed down when the auction price reached 200,000 snow crystal coins.

However, the slowing down was only relative to before. If one looked at it alone, the increase was still very exaggerated!

“211,000 snow crystal coins!”

“223,000 snow crystal coins!”

“229,000 snow crystal coins!”

“230,000 snow crystal coins!”

The numbers on the big screen kept jumping, tugging at the heartstrings of the people below the stage.

Most of the bidders had spent thousands of snow crystal coins in order to fail without raising the bid, or even to advance the bid.

Although the bid was successful, it caused the growth rate to grow faster and faster!

Finally, when ten minutes had passed, the bidding price of this resplendent ring had already reached 250,000 snow crystal coins!

Only at this moment did the auction speed visibly slow down.

On stage, Freya was extremely surprised when she saw that the price had actually risen to such a high level.

After all, the originally planned price for the thunder-attributed battle ax, which was also at god’s domain rank, was around 100,000 snow crystal coins.

Currently, the resplendent ring did not possess any attack power. Moreover, its defense was much weaker than ordinary defensive magic equipment that required equipment.

Although the appraiser in the family didn’t give Freya any reference price, Freya felt that this resplendent ring could only be auctioned off for 180,000 snow crystal coins at most.

But right now, the auction price had already reached 250,000 snow crystal coins, and it still didn’t stop!

Even at this rate, it wasn’t impossible for this resplendent ring to be auctioned off for 300,000 snow crystal coins!

“The highest price for this ring is 254,000 snow crystal coins from Mr. Jack of Hearts. Is there anyone higher than that?”

Freya said excitedly.

At this moment, many people were much calmer.

250,000 snow crystal coins was already too much for many people to bear.

Moreover, the auction hadn’t reached the final stage, and the real treasure hadn’t been taken out yet. It was probably not the wisest choice to empty their wallets now.

At this moment, a voice that had never appeared before suddenly spread throughout the entire auction hall.

The voice was transmitted from VIP Room 3.

This voice sounded extremely loud and clear. It gave one an inexplicable feeling that the owner of the voice was very reliable.

“I bid 270,000 snow crystal coins.”

The loud voice from the VIP room slowly said.

Joelson slowly raised his head and looked at VIP Room 3 beside VIP Room 4.

From the looks of it, the person who had come to the auction this time around was indeed not just Doldona from the Benolu family.

The auction had finally entered the most heated segment. Even the members of the large clans in the underground city could not help but act.

Joelson knew that the minimum requirement to enter the VIP room was to have a purple-gold card.

That was a guarantee of at least 500,000 snow crystal coins!

Not everyone was like Joelson, casually taking out a few dragon scales and being able to exchange them for hundreds of thousands of snow crystal coins. If that was the case, the entire underground world would be in chaos.

On the stage, Freya heard the voice coming from VIP Room No. 3 and her body trembled.

She subconsciously raised her head and looked in the direction of VIP Room 3.

She was very familiar with that voice.


That was a big family in the inner city. It was not an existence that the Kardas and Benolu families could compare to.

Although the underground city was divided into the inner city of the outer city, the inner city and the outer city were like two different worlds.

The outer city, which was dirty and chaotic, was more like a place that had been abandoned.

And where the true talents gathered and the elites were located, they were all in the inner city.

Any small family in the inner city could be compared to an existence like the Kardas in the outer city.

However, it must be known that people in the inner city rarely left the inner city. After all, in their opinion, leaving the clean and hygienic inner city and going to the dirty outer city was already extremely ridiculous.

Why would people leave their comfort zone?

Kardas and the Benolu family had applied to the inner city more than once to become an inner city family, but they were all rejected without exception.

Even though the two families had many talents and they were not weaker than the average families in the inner city.

Even so, the inner city did not let their guard down once.

In the end, it was because the people in the inner city were too arrogant and disdained to associate with Kardas and Benolu families.

However, such an arrogant inner city family actually appeared in this auction.

This really made Freya very surprised!

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