Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 1895 - Cheapskate

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Chapter 1895: Cheapskate

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Jiang Yao giggled as she retracted her hand and rubbed the back of her hand. She said, “I’m going to wash my hands! Look, don’t let Moe eat any!”

Moe, who was walking out of the kitchen, heard Jiang Yao’s words. He rolled his eyes at Jiang Yao and said, “Cheapskate.”

After eating and sitting in the courtyard for a while, Jiang Yao hurriedly returned to the living room. She had nothing to do, so she went to the study room to get some books to read. When she entered, she discovered many new books in the study room. They were so new that they had not even been opened yet.

“Infant education? Pregnancy handbook? How to enlighten a pregnant woman’s mood during pregnancy?” Jiang Yao looked at the books. “Did you just buy them today?” she asked Lu Xingzhi, who had just walked into the room.


When he returned, he had gone to the bookstore and bought them.

Jiang Yao flipped through them and noticed that there was another gynecology and obstetrics book. Someone had flipped through it. It was a book about the birth process for pregnant women.

‘You’re reading this?”

Jiang Yao was shocked.

Lu Xingzhi gave her an affirmed answer. His expression did not change as he took the book from Jiang Yao’s hand. He quicldy changed the topic and asked,

“Do you want to know the follow-up development of the incident in Lanning?”

She would have asked about it when they were in Lanning if she wanted to know that. “The knowledge in this book is quite deep. Can you understand it?”

Lu Xingzhi frowned. He thought, ‘IVhy is it so difficult for her to fall for this trick?’ He had already changed the topic. How could she change it back?

“The Cheng family knows about your pregnancy,” Lu Xingzhi said.

Jiang Yao’s hand froze for a moment. After a few seconds, she put the book down. She said, “0h.”

Lu Xingzhi said, “The Cheng family has arranged people to protect you. They are doing it for your safety. They were afraid that you would be upset if you knew about it, so they wouldn’t appear unless it were a critical moment. ”

“1 know.”

Jiang Yao had always known about that, but she pretended not to know.

“Let it be then.”

Lu Xingzhi patted Jiang Yao’s head and comforted her. “Don’t think too much. Mom and Dad won’t object to you being in contact with the Cheng family.

‘We’ll see. After all, we haven’t been in contact with each other for 20 years.” In other words, her feelings toward Madam Cheng were no longer as conflicted as they had been. She had stayed in her hometown for two days, and her parents’ words enlightened her.

“There’s another piece of news,” Lu Xingzhi said. “Sun Xiaoshan passed away just a week ago.”


Jiang Yao was not surprised. She did not perform the surgery on Sun Xiaoshan. She did not have much time left as she could not find a suitable heart for the transplant operation.

Mrs. Sun was selfish and ruthless. However, Sun Xiaoshan, who grew up under Mr. Sun’s guidance, was a kind and optimistic girl. If Sun Xiaoshan were not Mrs. Sun’s daughter, Jiang Yao would have performed the surgery on her. However, Sun Xiaoshan was Mrs. Sun’s daughter.

Madam Cheng and Mrs. Sun had an irreconcilable feud. Mrs. Sun had once set her sights on Jiang Yao. She did so much to get Jiang Yao deserted by her family so that she could take her heart for Sun Xiaoshan. Therefore, Jiang Yao would never help Sun Xiaoshan..

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