Cultivation Online - Chapter 558 - Senior Hong

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After spending an hour trying to clear her head, Meixiu finally managed to calm down, and she went to practice the bow to take her mind off everything else.

At the end of the day, the instructor approached Meixiu and said to her, "Senior Hong said to give him a visit whenever you're ready for the bow. Oh, and he also wants you to bring along Player Yuan if he's not busy."

"I will ask him later." Meixiu nodded.

Sometime later, Meixiu returned to the first floor, where Yuan and Wang Ming had just finished their training for the day.

"Yuan, Senior Hong said that he'd like to see us." Meixiu approached them.

"Is this about your bow?" Yuan asked.



"Alright. Let's give him a visit after we tidy up our appearances."

"See you tomorrow." Wang Ming said to Yuan before they left the training building and returned to the immortal caves to take a quick shower.

Once they were prepared, Meixiu and Yuan went to the Hong Family's living quarters with Chu Liuxiang and Sebastian following them.

However, they had to ask for directions since they have never been to the place before.

After asking a few people, they finally arrived at the Hong Family's main living quarters, and there appeared to be smoke coming from the back of the massive building.

"Welcome to the Hong Family, esteemed guests. Master Hong is currently in the crafting hall. Allow me to bring you there." The guard there greeted them.

They then followed the guard to the back of the area, where the smoke was coming from.

Once they arrived and entered the building, they could see a half-naked old man with the upper part of his body that was very jacked and refined completely naked and soaked in sweat.

It was Senior Hong, and he was hammering away at the anvil.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Every time he struck the hot iron on the anvil, the others would feel their hearts pop out of their chest a little.

"Oh, welcome." Senior Hong stopped whatever he was doing when he noticed Yuan and the others.

"It's okay, we can wait until you're finished," Yuan said to him.

Senior Hong laughed and said, "Don't worry, I was just exercising. It's not like I was actually making anything."

"Exercising?" Yuan raised his eyebrows.

"Anyways, give me a few minutes. As you can see, I am covered in sweat."

Senior Hong then walked outside the building and into this small building that was literally a few steps away from the crafting building.

After Senior Hong disappeared inside this small building, they could hear water splashing a couple of times before stopping.

A few minutes later, Senior Hong left the small building with a fresh appearance.

"Follow me." Senior Hong then led them to another building that was about a minute away from the crafting area.

"This is the storage area. It's where I keep all of our equipment." Senior Hong said as he opened the locked doors before bringing them inside.

"Wow…" Yuan muttered in a low voice shortly after stepping foot inside this building.

Inside the building was a spacious room that was just like the gymnasium, but there were weapons everywhere.

There were weapons stacked on shelves, weapons laying on the ground, and there were even weapons hanging on the walls.

"Our Hong Family handles all of the faction's equipment since crafting is our expertise, and we get to hone our skills while we support the faction, so it's a win-win for us."

"Follow me."

Senior Hong then led them to a secluded section in the building, and he said to Meixiu, "There are over 100 different types of bows here. Get a feel for each of them and let me know which one you like the best, and I will craft you a brand new one with your strength in mind."

"And judging by your skills at the competition, I would say that you're the type to wield a short bow that specializes in rapid-fire, but you should still check out all of the bows before making a conclusion."

"Okay. Thank you." Meixiu said to him before she went to look at the bows.

"Fellow Daoist Yuan, since you're here as well, why don't you also pick a weapon? You're mostly a sword user, right? We have plenty of them."

"Really?" Yuan was delighted to hear this since he has been thinking about getting a sword but didn't know where.

"Yes. If you want, I can even craft you a custom sword."

However, Yuan shook his head and said, "Just an ordinary sword is good enough. Thank you."

"Alright. The swords are in Section A by the entrance. Let me lead you there."

Thus, Yuan followed Senior Hong to the area holding the swords.


Yuan was amazed by how many swords there were in this place. In fact, this is his first time seeing so many swords at once.

"Young lady, if you like, you can also pick a sword." Senior Hong didn't want her to feel left out and said.

"Thank you, but I don't use swords— or any weapons for that matter."

Senior Hong nodded and didn't say anything else.

Yuan proceeded to pick up every sword to feel them in his grasp.

Once he found the perfect sword that felt the best in his grasp, he showed it to Senior Hong.

"I want this sword."

Senior Hong nodded without any hesitation, "It may be an ordinary sword, but it's still a good sword nevertheless."

Now that Yuan had a sword, they returned to Meixiu's side.

"Take your time," Yuan said to her.

Meixiu nodded.

Half an hour later, Meixiu said to Senior Hong, "I like the way this bow feels in my hand, but it's a little too light. Can you make me something heavier?"

In fact, due to her increased strength, every single bow that she has used up to this point was simply too light, and that isn't good in archery. In other words, Meixiu has been at a disadvantage this entire time due to this setback and hasn't shown her real potential.

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