Cultivation Online - Chapter 559 - Too Light

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"Too light, huh? That's not good. Although light bows are easier to handle, they won't be able to compare to heavier bows in terms of power and speed, just like how a sword shouldn't be too light, sacrificing power for control."

"I will need to conduct some tests to see how strong I should make the bow." Senior Hong said to Meixiu.


"Follow me to the workshop."

Yuan and the others followed him back to the crafting area, where Senior Hong retrieved a couple of dumbbells of different sizes.

"The lightest dumbbell is 100 kilos while the heaviest dumbbell is 500 kilos. Go ahead and try each of them."


Meixiu nodded and proceeded to pick up each of the dumbbells, starting with the lightest one.

A few minutes later, Meixiu placed the 500-kilo dumbbell down and said to Senior Hong, "I still think they're a bit too light."

"S-Still too light? The heaviest dumbbell weighs over a ton, you know? Even I have trouble picking it up, and you're only a Spirit Warrior! Just how much innate strength do you possess?" Senior Hong was speechless.

After a moment of silence, he asked her, "What is your limit?"

"I don't know, but I have picked up a car with relative ease before," she calmly responded.

"A car…? How big was the car?"

"Just an ordinary sedan-type car."

"Heavens… These types of cars are usually around 1,500 kilos… And that is still too easy for you? I'm afraid that I won't be able to craft a bow that could handle your monstrous strength…" Senior Hong shook his head in a defeated manner.

He could've never imagined that Meixiu would have such immense strength when her slim figure looked so fragile and weak.

"Anyways, even though I won't be able to make a bow that won't feel 'too light' in your hands, I will still try to craft you the heaviest bow that I can manage."

"It'll take at least a week. I will send someone to notify you when it's done."

"Thank you." Meixiu bowed to him.

Sometime later, Yuan and the others left the Hong Family's living quarters and returned to the immortal caves.

After resting for a little, they went to the Silver Restaurant for dinner.

Once dinner was finished, they took another quick shower before going to bed.

However, when Chu Liuxiang came out of the bathroom after her shower, her appearance made both Yuan and Meixiu speechless.

"What do you think of my pajamas, Brother Yuan?" Chu Liuxiang showed off her one-piece pajamas shaped like a dress, but it was see-through, meaning that they were able to see her skin and her undergarments very clearly underneath.

'What kind of pajamas is that? You might as well be naked!' Meixiu cried inwardly when she saw Chu Liuxiang's daring and shameless pajamas.

"They look… very unique…" Yuan responded after a moment of silence.

And he continued, "Do you always sleep in that kind of clothing? You're basically asking to catch a cold in that."

Chu Liuxiang giggled a little and said, "Don't worry, Brother Yuan. These pajamas are actually warmer than it looks, and most importantly, it feels very comfortable."

"If you say so…" Yuan said.

Yuan and the other two entered the bed a few moments later, and Chu Liuxiang attached herself to Yuan the moment they went under the blankets.

"Brother Yuan, can I ask you something?" Chu Liuxiang suddenly asked him.

"What is it?"

"Do you have anyone that you like?"

Meixiu's eyebrows twitched uncontrollably after hearing Chu Liuxiang's question.

And to their surprise, Yuan quickly responded in a calm voice, "Of course."

"I have a lot of people that I like, and you're one of them," he continued in an innocent tone.

"That's not what I mean, you silly. I am asking if you fancy any girls— to the point where you want to spend the rest of your life with them."

"Well, I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with you or Meixiu. Does that count?" Yuan asked.

Chu Liuxiang chuckled and said, "I guess that's good enough for now."

And she continued, "One last thing, Brother Yuan. Can you do 'that' to me like you used to before we slept?"

"That?" Yuan had to think for a moment before he realized what she was talking about.


Yuan then turned his body until he was facing Chu Liuxiang.

The next moment, he gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead.

"Are you happy now?"

"Very!" Chu Liuxiang said before also giving him a kiss on the forehead.


Meixiu looked at Yuan's back with her eyes wide open.

Since Yuan was facing the other way, Meixiu wasn't able to see what they were doing, but she definitely heard them kissing each other, and this made her heart feel like it was being squeezed.

Yuan and Chu Liuxiang went to sleep shortly after, but Meixiu remained unable to sleep.

Eventually, she gave up trying to sleep and spent the rest of the night cultivating inside the room since she didn't want to leave the two of them alone in the room for some reason.

However, she would quickly realize that it was impossible to focus when her heart was beating so nervously.

"Haaaa…" Meixiu released a deep sigh.

'Mother was right… And it didn't even take long…'

Meixiu stopped trying to cultivate and returned to the bed, and she would spend the next few minutes staring at Yuan's sleeping face.

'If I don't do anything…'

Meixiu closed her eyes and took a silent but deep breath.

When she opened her eyes, they were filled with determination.


She began moving her arms until they wrapped around Yuan's body under the blanket, essentially hugging him, and she would close her eyes again just in case Yuan suddenly wakes up so she could act like she was moving in her sleep.

And to her surprise, all of her nervousness disappeared very quickly after she hugged Yuan, allowing her to fall asleep very quickly.

The following morning, Yuan would wake up to find his body restricted again, but to his surprise, it wasn't Chu Liuxiang that was restricting him. Instead, it was Meixiu who was clinging to his body, and with her immense strength, it was pretty much impossible for Yuan to break free without doing so very forcefully, so he could only wait until Meixiu wakes up.

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