Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant - Chapter 1469 - Make Them Call You Father From The Bottom Of Their Hearts

Chapter 1469: Make Them Call You Father From The Bottom Of Their Hearts

“Really?” Gina looked at Mag with shock after hearing Irina. She didn’t know if she should believe that, so she had no idea what to say to Mag.

“Yes. Gina, you’re still young and too innocent as you grew up under the sea. Some people may look kind and gentle, but they’re in fact planning how to gobble you up,” Irina smilingly said as she swept her gaze at Mag with contemplation and warning.

Mag shrugged with a fearless expression, pretending that he, too, had no idea what Irina was hinting at.

However, Irina’s education made sense. Living in this complicated and flustered world, one needed to have the necessary vigilance and ability to see through people.

It was impossible for Mag to let Gina stay in the restaurant for the rest of her life. Even if she could stay in the restaurant for the rest of her life, she still had to interact with people outside it.

There were not many men who were as gentlemanly as him left in this world. Facing a mermaid who always threw herself at you, asking you to bathe with her and sleep with her… How many men were able to resist that?

“Big Sister Irina, are you talking about Ugly Duckling?” Gina’s gaze swiftly landed onto Ugly Duckling, which was lying on the counter lazily. “Although it always looks sleepy, I feel that it’s always staring at me as if it’s trying to find a chance to gobble me up.”

“Errr…” Irina was slightly misled by Gina’s turning point. After thinking for a moment, she nodded. “Yes. You’ve to be careful of men like Ugly Duckling.”

“Alright. I’ll take note of that.” Gina nodded smilingly before going into the kitchen. She tied her apron as she smilingly said to Mag with appreciation, “Let me help you, Mr. Mag. Thank you for telling me a bedtime story last night. I indeed had a good sleep, and I even dreamt of you…”

“She’s hopeless.” Irina frowned slightly, and took out a folding chair as she stared at Gina standing next to Mag. She took out the folding chair and put it away three times before she huffed softly and sat on the barstool behind the counter. She grabbed Ugly Duckling, and began to squeeze its fat cheeks to her heart’s content.

Hey? She indeed felt much better.

“???” Ugly Duckling.



“Master, will we be staying in Chaos City for a few days? And will we be going to Rodu next? Should we send reservations for a challenge to those famous chefs in Rodu?” Chapman respectfully asked his master who was combing his hair very seriously.

“Let it be, let it be,” the mister with only a small patch of hair left on the top of his head replied without even looking up.

“Then, what do we need to prepare for today’s duel with Mr. Mag?”

“There’s no need to. ‘Let it be’ is my style,” Harris replied again. After staring at the mirror seriously for a while, he reached out to Chapman. “Conditioner.”

Chapman took out a small bamboo container out from the bamboo box at the side, removed its cover, scooped out a small spoonful of white cream, smeared it onto Harris’ palm, and resignedly said, “Yes, Master.”


“Boss Mag, I heard that you are going to have a culinary duel with the Invincible God of Cookery, Harris, in the afternoon, so do you have any comments for this duel? What dishes have you prepared? Can you please share with us how the duel will be conducted?” A reporter from “Chaos Morning Post” rushed to Mag, and rapidly fired the questions away as soon as Mag opened the door in the morning.

The customers lining up also fell silent instantly, and began to look at Mag with concern. Many people were very interested in this duel.

Mag flicked a glance at the audiostone that resembled a microphone before shaking his head. “The duel is set at 10 am. The other party hasn’t set the rules and format with me yet, so there’s nothing for me to share right now.”

“Oh, I see.” That reporter looked rather disappointed. After all, he had come three hours early so he could be the first in the line. His eyeballs moved a little, and then he immediately continued to ask, “Then, what do you think about Master Harris? Apparently, he is the idol of many chefs in the culinary world, so what status does he have in your heart?”

Mag threw a glance at that reporter. This young man looked rather honest, but he had a lot of naughty ideas. He wanted to create a big news headline early in the morning.

“As a chef, I respect all my colleagues in the same trade and every chef who never ceases to innovate and improve.” Mag smiled as he gave an impeccable answer.

Obviously, this wasn’t the answer the reporter wanted. He wanted to continue asking questions after a moment of hesitation.

“Welcome to Mamy Restaurant.” Mag already smilingly stepped aside to indicate that the customers could go in for their meals.

Many customers still needed to go to work after having their breakfast, so they were not in the mood to listen to the reporter’s questions. They pushed the reporter into the restaurant as the line moved forward.

“We’re going to support you, Boss Mag. My sisters and I will definitely come to cheer you on for today’s duel,” a young woman said to Mag as she clenched her fists.

“If you will let us order an additional helping of tofu pudding, we will scream in whichever way you prefer,” her friend who followed her chimed in.

“My lolita’s voice is super nice.” A mister with a full beard pushed his head over and whined a few times.

All the hair stood up on Mag’s skin. He gravely warned him, “Mister, please remain silent later, or else I’m afraid the wok in my hand will slap your face uncontrollably.”

“Boss Mag, you’re too much, okay.” That mister pouted unhappily with his pinky pointed up.

Mag had to take a few deep breaths before he could digest this coquettish expression.

What made Mag feel touched was that apart from the customers showing great interest in the duel, they all expressed their support for him.

“Ding! New mission: could the host please win this culinary duel, and make the other party your apprentice!

“Mission reward: ‘Talented Teacher Point’ +1 and the ability ‘Midas Touch’.

“Punishment for failing the mission: become the other party’s apprentice, and follow him on his travels throughout the continent.”

Right then, the system’s voice appeared in Mag’s head.

“Huh?” Mag was taken aback. After digesting the information given by the system, he raised his eyebrow. “Isn’t it too much to make the other party my apprentice, System?

“The other party is the top chef in this culinary world called the Invincible God of Cookery. Both his status and experience have far exceeded mine. He would never ask me to be his master even if I won the culinary duel.”

The system despicably said, “A mission without any challenge wouldn’t be called a mission. Go for it, Host. You need to continuously best powerful opponents on your way to become the God of Cookery, and make them call you father from the bottom of their hearts… Sorry, it’s master!”