Death… And Me - Chapter 1529 - Simple but Effective

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Chapter 1529 – Simple but Effective

Suddenly, everyone’s vision blurred before they all found themselves inside the blind maze. Rean’s group soon appeared in what seemed to be a big corridor, even though they knew it was mostly an illusion.

Rean and Roan tried to use their Divine Senses, but the formation completely nulled them. The other Nascent Soul Realm cultivators of the Tranquio Sect then looked at the twins, asking, “Sect Master Ormo told us to follow whatever you decide on doing. What do you want us to do?”

Rean shook his head in response as he told them, “To be honest, you can do whatever you want. Just select a path and start exploring the maze. Who knows, you might get out before everyone else.”

“This…” They were taken aback by Rean’s words.

Seeing that, Rean then said, “It’s not like that we don’t want to help, but instead, there isn’t much we can help you with. This isn’t a test of knowledge, side occupation, battle, or anything like that. It’s highly reliant on luck and memory. With that said, you guys might as well trust your own selves. Or could it be that you know some way Roan and I can help you in this kind of test?”

They all shook their heads after hearing that. Sure enough, if no one found a better method until today for this test, those guys wouldn’t be much better either. “Alright, everyone. Let’s split.”

Nevertheless, before departing, one of them asked Rean and Roan, “What about you two?” He was just curious to see if the twins would do the same thing.

Though, instead of responding outright, the twins each went to one side of the corridor and touched the wall. “Us? We will rely on speed.”

Naturally, that confused everyone. If speed was enough, everyone would have tried that already. Everyone knew it was a lot more about luck and memory than anything else.

However, the twins didn’t answer before Rean and Roan activated their skills.

‘Life Style, First Form, Enhancement!’

‘Death Style, First Movement Form, Shadow Steps!’


The Tranquio Sect members didn’t have the chance to ask anything else. Only the twins’ afterimage remained when they tried, which quickly disappeared as well. Rean moved straight to one side while Roan went to the other. The Enhancement skill had a much greater effect thanks to Rean and Roan’s Third Grade Star Body. That, combined with Shadow Steps, made the twins unbeatable. Thanks to it, their speed immediately surpassed any Nascent Soul Realm cultivator in this place at least several times.

Outside, some of the Soul Transformation and even Saint Realm cultivators wondered if any of them could be as fast as the twins. Indeed, they were just that fast.

“They had been hiding their real speed…”

That was the thought in everyone’s heads. It turned out that the speed Rean used in the battle against the Core and Soul Fusion Realm cultivators was far from his real abilities.

Zosviei narrowed his eyes, saying, “So what if they’re fast? They might cover a much greater distance, but it will also make it harder to memorize the paths. Other than memory, they’re completely relying on luck alone.”

Quite a few people nodded in agreement. If one didn’t make sense of the place one was in, chances were that one would keep returning to the same place time and time again. Just speed alone won’t help.

However, it was at this time that Himatikia laughed out loud, saying, “Hahaha! I see! I see! So that’s how it is! Hahaha!”

Naturally, everyone’s attention was caught by that, including the elders from the purging organization. “Himatikia, what is it? Do you know what the twins are trying to do?”

Himatikia nodded as she looked around. Although she noticed a few faces who seemed to have realized the twins’ trick, the majority looked completely lost. “Well, telling you what they’re doing won’t change the results of this test anyway. In fact, this is probably a trick that only people with much greater speed than their opponents can use. If your speed was similar or just slightly higher, it would be completely useless. However, the twins’ speed can compare to some Saint Realm cultivators, so it’s the perfect method for them. I can’t guarantee that they’ll be the first ones to find the exit since luck also plays a part in this test. However, their chances right now are very, very high.”

“Stop beating around the bush already,” one of the elders from the purging organization complained. “Just tell us already what they’re trying to do.”

Himatikia smiled before explaining, “They’re following the walls.”

Though, that statement only puzzled them even more. “Following the walls?”

Though, quite a few people realized what was happening because of it.

Himatikia then continued, “Yes, following the walls. Look closely. Both Rean and Roan are touching one of their hands against the wall on their side. It doesn’t matter how fast they are. Their hand never loses contact with the wall.”

Only then did the majority realize this part. “They’re planning to cover the entire maze with that method!”

Himatikia nodded in response. “Correct. There are quite a few tricks in this blind maze, even fake paths and disorientating traps. However, the twins aren’t even opening their eyes. They completely shut themselves from the outside world and are only following their touch. That way, no illusion or fake path will matter. Their hands will always be touching the wall.”


Suddenly, Zosviei fell to the ground, murmuring, “How can this be…”

He understood that as long as the twins followed the walls, they were guaranteed to leave the maze eventually. The walls would definitely be connected to the exit. It’s just that the twins weren’t choosing any path, so they were likely to pass through at least half of the entire maze before that happened. If it was anyone else, such a method would be pretty much useless. After all, the time necessary for it was just too high. Someone else would be bound to find the exit before that.

However, the twins were several times faster than the fastest Nascent Soul Realm cultivators in that maze. They could totally cover half of the entire maze before anyone could step out by relying on other methods. It was all about speed! Unless the cultivators of the Hura Clan were extremely lucky and selected the right paths one after another, they were bound to lose!

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