Death… And Me - Chapter 1530 - A New Challenge

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Chapter 1530 – A New Challenge

After everyone realized what the twins were doing, there was another uproar.

“Holy shit!”

“Can they really do that?!”

“Isn’t it unfair to the Hura Clan?”

“Unfair? They’re following all the rules. How come it’s unfair?”

“Hah! If it was your clan who had the twins, would you tell them not to do that?”

The opinions were divided, but Himatikia couldn’t care less. All that mattered was that she was sure all the rules were being followed. Besides, she found the twins’ display quite entertaining. As for whether it would really work or not, that answer would appear eventually.

Around two hours and twenty minutes later, someone finally stepped out of the maze in a flash of black and white light. That flash then disappeared, showing the appearance of a young man in his twenties. Surprisingly, that man was none other than Roan! Because he felt that the wall he was touching disappeared, he stopped moving to see what was happening, muttering to himself, “Am I out already? Well, that was faster than I thought.”

Behind Roan, the formation conjuring up the blind maze suddenly disappeared, revealing all the cultivators trapped in that illusion. Naturally, Rean was among them. “Hmm? Could it be I’m out?” However, he quickly noticed Roan in the distance while he was still within the field’s range. “Tch. You and your luck.”

Roan didn’t seem to care, though. “It was you who selected this method, so don’t complain about the results.”

Once again, the twins paid little attention to the surroundings and the result of their efforts.

However, Ormo and Zosviei were different. They were obviously very interested in the end result. It’s just that one of them didn’t want to hear it while the other couldn’t wait.

Unfortunately for the former, Himatikia didn’t waste time, saying, “The results are out. The Tranquio Sect has won this challenge issued by the Hura Clan. As per the rules, if the challenger loses, he will need to pay twice the amount he conceded for the challenge. The Hura Clan wanted three kilometers from the north side of the Tranquio Sect, from which they are connected. With that said, they will have to deliver six kilometers from their own territory on the south side of their clan.”

Himatikia continued, “Let it be known that the Tranquio Sect has the right to decline any challenges for the next twenty years unless they issue the challenge themselves.” That rule was created to prevent several powers from challenging the same opponents one after another. After all, that would be taking advantage of the previous contest. However, the same couldn’t be said from the Hura Clan. As the challenger themselves, they didn’t have the right to refuse a challenge. That was another risk the challenger had to take if they wanted more territory.

Suddenly, an old man’s voice echoed in the field, saying, “Hahaha! That was truly an eye-opener. To think the Tranquio Sect obtained such promising disciples.”

Immediately, Ormo and Zosviei recognized that voice. “Jan…”

Jan was the leader of the Crita Organization, which was also located close to their Sect and Clan. Obviously, they had challenged each other’s powers in the past for more territories.

Nevertheless, Ormo simply smiled at him, as he knew very well what Jan was planning to do. “Hey, Jan, you came right on time. I’m going to hold a banquet to commemorate my sect’s victory and my new six kilometers of territory. Wanna participate?”

Jan shook his head in response, telling him, “I do want to talk with these twins of yours. However, I have a more pressing matter at hand.” Jan then looked at Zosviei, who had a terrible expression on his face. “My Crita Organization challenges the Hura Clan for a territory contest. We will bet the same as the Hura Clan did, three kilometers of territory.”

Zosviei wanted nothing more than to beat Jan up right there and then. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do that as Jan didn’t break any rules. He was the one who challenged the Tranquio Sect, so he didn’t have the right to refuse other challenges after it was over. “Hmph! My Hura Clan accepts. If you think you’ll win against us that easily, you better think twice. We have more Core and Soul Fusion Realm cultivators to replace the ones who were beaten during the last fight.”

Jan laughed in response, saying, “Hahaha! Is that so? Well, that’s no problem since I still know that you sent your best ones before. Since we have a very good chance at winning the Core and Soul Fusion Realm contest, I can’t really let this opportunity pass up, right? It’s good that you accepted the challenge.”

Zosviei still tried to make Jan give up on that idea. “Aren’t you afraid that someone will challenge you straight away after we finish our contest?”

Sadly for him, Jan was prepared for that. “There’s no need to worry. I obviously reached an agreement with those who might come after us. We won’t flee from this challenge.”

Himatikia couldn’t help but sigh after hearing that. She thought she would have some time to talk with the twins now that this challenge was over. She wanted to know more about their cultivation abilities and, if possible, obtain some of their cultivation methods. However, as the one responsible for this area, she had to oversee this challenge as well. “Since both sides are ready, we might as well use this field. Crita Organization Leader, Jan Dui, you have obviously brought your own disciples already, right?”

Jan immediately nodded, responding, “But of course!” He then looked in the direction he came from, shouting, “All of you, are you ready?”

“Yes, Leader Jan!” Following that, several groups of cultivators appeared. At least ten members of each cultivation realm were within those people, and all of them were at the Peak Stage of their respective realms. “Elder Himatikia, we can start at any time.”

Himatikia nodded after that. “Very well.” She then looked at the Tranquio Sect, telling them, “You guys have already finished your business, so open space for the Crita Organization’s members.”

At the same time, she sent a Divine Sense Message to the twins, telling them, ‘I want to talk to you later.’

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