Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 1140 Amberal-Armored Armadillos

Chapter 1140 Amberal-Armored Armadillos

Davis became flabbergasted as he heard the armadillo magical beast's scream. It screamed like Dio, but it was a high pitched voice!

He recognized it as the Amberal-Armored Armadillo, a Sky Rank Species present on this island. The yellow-colored armored-shell they have on their back appeared to be like amber, making it similar to an ore called Amberal as it is used in forging armors and a few other items.

With their armor, it was possible to make armors that ranged from Earth Grade to King Grade depending on the armadillo it was harvested from. After all, magical beasts grow to maturity from infancy, and their armors, other parts of their body, grow along with them.

It instantly burrowed deep into the ground, disappearing from their sight. Since the Amberal-Armored Armadillo appeared to be just a juvenile, Davis possessed no hostility towards it. His targets were Seventh Stage Magical Beasts, particularly Peak-Level Lord Beast Stage Magical Beasts. Only these magical beasts could provide the soul essences he required.

Of course, if a few lower level and lower stage magical beasts tried to attack him, he didn't mind treating them as training materials.

Compared to real martial arts experts, Davis was aware that he could not compare with them with just his battle instincts. All this time, he just had the superiority in cultivation so he could send his opponents flying as he liked, but it wouldn't go the same way against people who have the same cultivation base and prowess as him. They would've participated in so many battles that they would instantly react to any attack before being able to easily land a counter on him.

He had less battle experience compared to them, but it was unlikely that he would die as he had many trump cards. Nevertheless, he liked to use his own power instead of relying on Fallen Heaven all the time. Not only would it make him exhilarated, but it also served to boost his own confidence.

Davis wryly smiled as he turned his head to look towards Nadia as the Peak-Level Spirit Beast Stage Magical Beast escaped.

"I apologize, Master. I was too distracted."

Nadia closed her eyes, and her King Beast Stage undulations were retracted while her magical beast aura receded to a bare minimum. Only if someone came near to her or used their sense intentionally on her would they be able to discover that she was not a human but a Low-Level King Beast Stage Magical Beast!

"It's alright."

"But, Master... Who is Dio?" Nadia tilted her head in confusion.

"Uhh..." Davis recalled that he shouted it out. He chuckled, "Just a fictional character from the place I came from..."

Nadia blinked in response. She had no concept of what a fictional character is, and Davis instantly recognized that she didn't comprehend.

"Just think of Dio as a mythical beast..."

"Oh! A mythical beast... That magical beast known as Dio must be powerful..." Nadia nodded her head in interest.

"Haha..." Davis awkwardly chuckled, "Yeah... rumors say that Dio is an undying mythical beast..."

Nadia's golden pupils shone, "Undying! I want to become one too..."

Davis smiled.

Undying... to be an Immortal. It was probably the wish of every living creature in the cultivation world.

"Then, you find someplace and start to absorb the Peak-Level Spirit Stones. Meanwhile, I'm going to kill their boss." Davis turned around and walked away.

Nadia squinted her attractive brows as the crescent mark on her forehead became conspicuous, "No. I have to protect Master until I am sure that there is no remaining threat on this island."

"Don't be restrictive. This Alstreim Thunder Island is the safest island out of the hundred and eight islands. There are only Peak-Level Lord Beast Stage Magical Beasts and lesser level magical beasts here, and they rarely fly to other islands as they have their own territory to guard. Just be rest assured and absorb energy. I'll come back as soon as I finish hunting their boss."

Davis flew away as he spoke, leaving Nadia hanging with her lips slightly parted.

The next moment, she bit her lips and sat down, instantly taking out a few thousand Peak-Level Spirit Stones to refine!

Unrefined yet pure heaven and earth energy brushed her figure as it spread to the surroundings. Nadia's adorable nose slightly twitched as she sniffed the unique fragrance coming from the thousands of Peak-Level Spirit Stones surrounding her.

It attracted numerous magical beasts as those armadillos hiding in the ground peeked out with crazy red eyes. Davis also saw them, but he didn't bother and continued walking away with a smile on his face, his lips moving.

"It is impossible to hide ones' undulations while cultivating..."

A dark mass of energy suddenly engulfed the Peak-Level Spirit Stones, starting to refine it. Simultaneously, Nadia's undulations that were hidden concurrently erupted, startling the magical beasts that peeked out of their burrows.

Their expressions were a sight to see as they had their mouths wide in fear before they fell back into their hold, never to appear again. After all, what they were facing was a King Beast Stage Magical Beast. Just a strand of Nadia's undulation was enough to make them stiff in fear, so what needs to be said when they were completely showered in it?

Nadia paid no heed to these weaklings as she closed her eyes and continued to refine the heaven and earth energy with her dark energy. It brought the refined energy to her body, absorbing it through her pores before they all traveled to her head through her meridian pathways.

Yes, magical beasts have meridians as well, but they don't possess a dantian. Their energy comes from their flesh and body, so their cultivation can be considered as Body Tempering Cultivation when compared to the three cultivation systems of humans.

Her body absorbed the refined energy, but that was just the minimum. Most of the refined energy was guided by Nadia to enter the magical beast core that was situated in her head.

In the human form, the magical beast core, also known as the crystal core, was able to shrink to a bare minimum of just a few centimeters in the magical beast's head. It was present behind their forehead, right behind their soul sea, or vice versa in some other cases.

It was the same in their magical beast form, so ancient cultivators concluded this was why a magical beast's body and soul would simultaneously advance every time they broke through a level or a stage.

While Nadia continued to refine as three Peak-Level Spirit Stones lost their luster around every half a second, Davis headed deep into Amberal-Armored Armadillo's territory. As he walked, he saw that numerous Saint Beast Stage Amberal-Armored Armadillos were watching him with hostility.

The Amberal-Armored Armadillos were all angered as they barred their fangs and waved their long nails at him. They watched him pass them one by one. They tried to flex their armor muscles, scream at him to intimidate him, but the human seemed to pay no heed. However, they didn't dare to attack him.

It was because Davis didn't bother to hide his undulations and let out his Low-Level Martial Master Stage undulations that these sixth stage beasts were quite hesitant to attack. They understood that they possibly could not match his strength if they fought, possibly ending up dead, but they did not seem to be worried for some reason.

Abruptly, their expressions became plastered with a smile as they revealed their jagged teeth.

Davis stopped and looked at the Amberal-Armored Armadillos that suddenly burrowed out of the ground as they surrounded him. Each one of them was twenty meters tall as they stood on two legs.

"Nine Lord Beast Stage Amberal-Armored Armadillos, but none of you are at the Peak-Level." Davis surveyed with his eyes, "I suggest bringing your boss here as all of you would be only wasting your lives here..."

"Human!" An Amberal-Armored Armadillos who seemed to have a vicious expression on its face bellowed, "Judging by the color of your hair, you must be an Alstreim but looking at your sapphire-colored pupils, you must be a bastard, no?"

"Ahahaha!" That Amberal-Armored Armadillo burst out into a fit of laughter as it held its stomach.

A few other Amberal-Armored Armadillos also rolled on the ground as they curled up and broke into a wave of laughter.

Davis became taken aback. A magical beast was cursing him, trying to humiliate?

This was something he had never experienced before.

However, that vicious-looking Amberal-Armored Armadillo suddenly stopped laughing as its red eyes shone with resentment, "A mere seventh stage brat stepped into our territory!? Don't think just because you're an Alstreim that we'll allow you to roam unbridled!"

"I'm warning you, leave! Or else..."

The Amberal-Armored Armadillo reached out both of its hands and clenched. It appeared funny to Davis as it looked like a panda that learned martial arts, except for the long sharp nails it possessed.


A bolt of lightning struck right in front of them as a blinding light flashed. Even then, Davis and that vicious-looking Amberal-Armored Armadillo kept staring at each other without breaking eye contact. A second later, Davis groaned.

"You see, the lightning here is quite strong, able to kill a fifth stage existence instantly. I can't extend my soul sense because I will receive damage if it gets hit by the unending stream of lightning, so I can only search for your boss by walking around. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here but went straight to your boss's location..."

"Human! It seems like you don't understand my words!!!"


The vicious-looking Amberal-Armored Armadillo growled and jumped before curling into a ball, its entire outer surface becoming covered by the amberal armor. It dropped to the ground and rolled towards Davis with tremendous momentum.

Davis narrowed his eyes as he saw the spinning ball of armor that rushed at him. He steadied himself as he took a step back with his right leg and pulled back his right fist, ready to unleash a punch.

Like these magical beasts that were watching, anyone not in the know would think that he would be crushed if he stood still like that. It would be the same, even if he retaliated. After all, the vicious-looking Amberal-Armored Armadillo was a High-Level Lord Beast Stage Beast!


The Amberal-Armored Armadillo spun like a huge boulder that fell from the top of the mountain as it headed straight towards Davis! It stopped at nothing and was going to crash towards him when suddenly Davis's body moved and unleashed a blow that possessed a hint of a golden hue.

'Earth Dragon's Overbearing Fist...'

In that instant, his fist landed on its hard amberal armor before its armor sunk as if someone made it a pudding instead of a hard object. Cracks appeared on the entirety of the amberal-armor before the place where Davis's fist hit burst apart, revealing the head and a mouth that was full of broken teeth, spewing blood out of it like crazy!

The next moment, the Amberal-Armored Armadillo was sent flying by Davis's full swing of his arm before it erupted into a fountain of blood as its armor simultaneously cracked everywhere on its body!

The other eight Amberal-Armored Armadillos watched it be critically injured right in front of their eyes in utter disbelief and confusion!

The amberal-armor they were so proud of was broken in a single punch!?