Dual Cultivation - Chapter 661 - Demon Slaying Sword

Chapter 661 - Demon Slaying Sword

"Silence!" Wu Jiang suddenly roared, causing the entire place to turn silent.

Once the entire place was silent, Wu Jiang turned to look at Su Yang with a narrowed gaze on his displeased expression.

"You… A Junior who is only at the sixth level Heavenly Spirit Realm dares to challenge Sovereign? A mere child who does not know the immensity between heaven and earth!" Wu Jiang growled.

However, Su Yang remained calm and spoke, "Are you really the Sect Master of a sword sect? Even beginner swordmasters should know that in a sword battle, one's cultivation is not as important as one's understanding with the sword."

"Hahahahaha!" Lian Heng suddenly burst out laughing, "I thought you were just being bold because he is Wu Jingjing's father, but to question a Sword Saint's understanding of the sword! You are just plain stupid!"

"Sword Saint? Ah, right. Wu Jingjing did mention that before. Anyway, I will show you what it takes to be called a Sword Saint later— after I beat this idiot." Su Yang turned to look at Lian Heng and continued, "Are you ready to fight yet?"

"You think you can really defeat me in a sword battle? I don't know how much experience you have with the sword but if you think you can beat me like previously when I have a sword in my hand, then you are gravely mistaken!"

Seeing this, Wu Jiang merely shook his head and spoke in a sighing voice before walking off the stage, "Since you are Wu Min's father, I won't let you die in front of her, but since you have decided to challenge the Lian Family, I won't be able to save you once you leave this place."

"Father! Are you seriously trying to separate Su Yang from us? You have no idea what you are doing!" Wu Jingjing yelled at him in a fierce voice after he approached her.

"I have no idea what I am doing? I can say the same words to you, Jingjing. Clearly, you have chosen the wrong man to make a child with. If your mother was here, what do you think she would say about this situation?"

"If mother was here, she would be scolding you for trying to separate Wu Min and her father!" Wu Jingjing answered without hesitation.

"Aiya… Where did I go wrong in teaching you? You are currently blinded by your feelings, Jingjing. However, I am confident that after this duel, your eyes will be able to see again, and then you will see just how pathetic of a man that person is."

"Hmph! I cannot wait to see you begging on your knees to Su Yang to stay with me once you witness his greatness!" Wu Jingjing coldly snorted before ignoring him and turning her focus onto the stage.

Once Su Yang and Lian Heng were standing about 50 meters apart from each other, Wu Jiang spoke, "I, Wu Jiang, Sect Master of the Holy Sword Academy will foresee this sword battle between His Highness, Lian Heng, and Su Yang."

"Although I cannot guarantee either of you that there will be no accidents, I can guarantee you that I will do my best to not let either of you die on the stage."

"Furthermore, since this is not a normal spar but a sword battle, you will only be allowed to sword techniques or techniques related to the sword, and you are only allowed to use swords of similar quality! This way, neither of you will have an unfair advantage over the other, and it will be your sword techniques that will make the difference!"

After Wu Jiang ended his sentence, Lian Heng brought out a glowing black sword from his storage ring and pointed it at Su Yang.

"I can already guess the answer, but do you have a sword of similar quality to my Black Demon Sword?"

The Black Demon Sword was a Heaven-grade treasure at the peak quality, and it emitted a tyrannical aura that caused the atmosphere to tremble in terror.

"Indeed, I don't have a sword that can rival the one in your hands," Su Yang nodded. "However, I don't need a powerful sword to deal with you."

"Hahaha! What kind of excuse is that?!" Lian Heng laughed out loud, and the disciples watching also laughed at him.

"Su Yang! Take this sword!" Wu Jingjing suddenly called out to him before tossing a beautiful sword with a red blade.

"Oh? This sword is…" Su Yang caught the sword and looked at it with a nostalgic smile on his face. It was the same sword Wu Jingjing had used at the Nine Spring Hall.

"That's the Demon Slaying Sword!"

The disciples there easily recognized this iconic sword that has multiple legends attached to its name.

"Jingjing! You actually gave him your Demon Slaying Sword!? That's our family heirloom!" Wu Jiang yelled at her after seeing this.

"So what if I did? I don't see anything wrong with giving the family heirloom to a family member, and he's already my husband," Wu Jingjing responded with a calm expression on her face.

"What husband!? When was the wedding?! The two of you aren't even married!" Wu Jiang retorted.

"A wedding is only a ceremony. Since that's the case, I am indeed married to him, as we already had a ceremony in our own way; it was very intense and passionate," Wu Jingjing said with a calm face.

Wu Jiang nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood after hearing her suggestive words.

"The Demon Slaying Sword slaying the Black Demon… It's quite fitting, don't you think?" Su Yang said to Lian Heng.

"Don't get full of yourself! The fight hasn't even started yet!" Lian Heng shouted at him.

Su Yang merely smiled at him.

"Are the two of you ready to fight?" Wu Jiang asked them a moment later.

"Yes!" Lian Heng shouted with enthusiasm.

However, Su Yang said, "Give me a moment."

He then drew a small circle around his feet with the Demon Slaying Sword before speaking in a calm voice, "Okay, we are ready to start."

"What the heck are you doing?" Lian Heng frowned upon seeing this with an ominous feeling in his heart.