Dual Cultivation - Chapter 800 - Are You Trying to Scare Us to Death?!

Chapter 800 - Are You Trying to Scare Us to Death?!

"Let me try! Raging Fists!"

Another participant there suddenly rushed at Su Yang before throwing a powerful punch at the formation.


The moment the fighter's fist touched the formation, almost as though he'd punched himself, he was sent flying into the audience.

Meanwhile, the spectators mumbled to each other in a dazed voice.

"Heavens… I have never seen someone create such a sturdy formation in just a few minutes…"

"Just who is this man? He can not only use Sword Intent but he can also create formations…"

"Although it may be pretty powerful, I highly doubt it would be able to withstand continuous attacks for the next 24 hours."

"Anybody else wants to try? You have 24 hours to crack this formation. Until then…" Su Yang suddenly sat down in the lotus position and closed his eyes, beginning to cultivate.

"T-This bastard! He's underestimating us!"

"I don't believe that we cannot break his formation!"

"Everybody! Get him!"

Very quickly, hundreds of participants began throwing their long-ranged techniques at the formation, as they learned from the previous two victims that the formation had some sort of rebounding property to it, making physical contact very dangerous.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Many explosions occurred as hundreds of techniques combined and attacked the formation, causing the stage to tremble slightly.

"That must've at least cracked the formation!"

"There's no way the formation is unharmed after all that!"

The spectators yelled in excitement, and the nine Patriarches tightly grasped their fists in anticipation.

A few moments later, once all of the smoke and dust disappeared, a perfectly intact and beautiful formation surrounded Su Yang without a single scratch on it.

"WHAT?! There's not even a scratch on that formation! How is that possible!"

The Patriarchs were bewildered by the results. Just how durable is this formation? And how did Su Yang create something this powerful in just a few minutes?

"A-Again! Let's do it again! We got all day!"

The fighters on the stage immediately launched another attack at Su Yang with even more people participating this time, but alas, the formation remained untouched.

However, these fighters were reluctant to give up and continued attacking Su Yang with their cultivation techniques.

As time passed, even more people joined the fray to attack the formation, mostly because they feared that Su Yang might suddenly attack them from inside the barrier at the beginning. Once they were convinced and confident that Su Yang would not suddenly attack them did they finally decide to join the fun.

However, the arena could only fit so many people, so the people formed groups and took turns attacking the formation while the other groups went to recover their spiritual energy.

Four hours later, the fighters stopped attacking for a brief moment to see the results of their hard work.

"T-This is f.u.c.k.i.n.g ridiculous! There's not even a scratch on that thing!"

"How is that even possible?!"

"Shit! We've been going at it for hours! I refuse to believe that it's really that sturdy! There must be some sort of secret behind his formation!"

"Let's stop attacking for a second and try to analyze it instead!" One of the fighters suddenly suggested.

However, there was a huge hole within that logic.

"Who's going to do it?" Another individual suddenly asked.

"Preferably someone who has some experience in formations. After all, it would make no sense to ask a swordmaster about bows."

"Who here knows a thing or two about formations?! Come up here!"

A few minutes later, a dozen people stood beside Su Yang's formation.

"He's not going to attack us while we analyze the formation, right?" One of them asked in a nervous voice.

"D-Don't say something like that!"

"Anyway, let's begin analyzing the formation."

Thus, these people began using their spiritual sense to analyze the formation.

When the audience noticed what they were trying to do, the entire place turned dead silent, as they wanted these participants to focus. After all, even though they were not participating in this tournament themselves, it still felt like they were a part of this tournament as someone from the Western Continent, and they were all going against Su Yang who was from the Eastern Continent.

However, many minutes later, once the place became comfortable with the silent atmosphere and the participants focusing on the formation were absorbed in their examination, Su Yang suddenly opened his eyes and released his tyrannical aura, even shouting out loud.


This sudden reaction from Su Yang immediately scared the crap out of every person there, causing their hearts to skip a beat and almost jump out of their chests, especially the participants that were absorbed in his formation that had literally pissed and shat their pants from shock and fear before collapsing on the stage with foam coming out of their mouth a second later.

"Motherf.u.c.ker! Are you trying to scare us to death?! What is the purpose of your actions just now?!" The Patriarchs stood up from their seats and began cursing at Su Yang because they had also been affected by Su Yang's little joke.

"Eh? I was on the verge of a breakthrough, but I guess it was my mistake. I'm sorry if it'd startled any of you," Su Yang said to them in a non-apologetic voice.

"Startled?! By startled do you mean a f.u.c.k.i.n.g heart attack?! Because I can still feel my heart beating crazily!"

Su Yang shook his head and said, "It wasn't intentional. However, if you're not satisfied with my apology, I'll let all nine of you join this tournament and attempt to break this formation. What do you think?"

"W-What did you just say? That you'll let us attack the formation?" The Patriarchs and everybody in the audience looked at Su Yang with disbelief in their eyes.

Su Yang nodded and confirmed, "That's right. The rules will even remain the same. If you can create even a single crack in this formation within the time limit, I'll consider it your win. If you can't, it'll be my win."