Dual Cultivation - Chapter 802 - Teleport Formation

Chapter 802 - Teleport Formation

"Why aren't you guys declaring my friend's victory yet when the results are as clear as day? Are you not satisfied with the results? Or are you guys simply unwilling to accept your defeat?" Xian Ni suddenly appeared on the stage and asked the nine Patriarchs.

"O-Of course, not, Ancestor Xian."

"We admit defeat."

"I'll go get the Root of Revival right now…"

While one of them left the place to retrieve the Root of Revival, the rest of the Patriarchs stayed behind and asked Su Yang, "Do you think you can sell even a single Immortal-grade cultivation technique to us?"

"You have twenty-seven of them, right? It wouldn't hurt to part with a few for some resources in return, now would it?"

Since they've lost their chance to obtain three Immortal-grade cultivation techniques for free, they'd opted to buy it from Su Yang instead!

"How does one hundred million spirit stones sound?" One of them offered.

"I will offer one hundred and fifty million!"

"Shit! I'll pay you two hundred million for one Immortal-grade technique!"

However, not all of the Patriarchs were thinking the same thing at this moment, and one of them suddenly said, "I don't care about the Immortal-grade cultivation techniques… I have this very beautiful daughter who is still single and pure… Would you like to meet her after this?"

The other Patriarchs looked at him with weird expressions.

A few moments later, Su Yang said, "Unfortunately, I do not need the money, so I won't be selling the Immortal-grade techniques."

The Patriarchs showed a dejected expression on their faces after hearing Su Yang's words, and they said, "If you ever change your mind, please let us know. Our offer will always be available and on the table for you."

Sometime later, the Patriarch that went to retrieve the Root of Revival returned with a small red box and handed it to Su Yang.

"Here's the Root of Revival. Double-check it if you want."

Su Yang nodded and took a sniff at the box.

"It's genuine."

"Are you sure?" Xian Ni asked him with raised eyebrows.

"Yes, I am sure," Su Yang confirmed.

"Then I have nothing else to say," Xian Ni said, and he continued, "What are you going to do now?"

"I'm going to spend a few more days here before returning to the Northern Continent," he responded.

"If you need a place to stay, my Huang Family will gladly welcome you!" One of the Patriarchs suddenly said to him.

"Screw the Huang Family! Come to my Kang Family! I have a few daughters that I'd like to introduce to you!"

However, Su Yang shook his head and said, "I already have a location in mind."

He then looked at Xian Ni and continued, "You know where to find me."

Xian Ni nodded, "I'll come to you once I deal with some things here."

A few moments later, under countless gazes of admiration, Su Yang flew away from the colosseum with Lian Li and Xiao Rong following from behind.

"That took longer than I'd expected," Lian Li said to him afterward.

Su Yang smiled and said, "I wanted to open their eyes a little bit."

"You sure achieved that flawlessly if that was your intention." Lian Li chuckled gracefully.

Sometime later, they returned to the pavilion by the small pond.

"I'm going to recover my spiritual energy for a bit, then we can look around this continent," Su Yang said to Lian Li before sitting by the pond and cultivating.

A couple of hours later, Xian Ni appeared before them.

"Heavens, I have never seen anything that chaotic before," Xian Ni said the moment he landed.

"Oh, he's cultivating…" Xian Ni noticed Su Yang sitting by the pond and turned around.

"It's fine. I have already restored my spiritual energy enough," Su Yang's voice suddenly resounded.

"What do you plan on doing now?" Xian Ni then asked him.

"I could sit around for a few days until I return to the Eastern Continent to collect my treasure, or I can use this time to create the teleportation formation in the Western Continent."

"R-Really? You're willing to do it now?" Xian Ni trembled slightly from excitement.

Su Yang nodded and said, "Just give me the location and I'll create the formation for you."

"Great! I already have a location in mind, and it's near the Jade Sea towards the southern part. There's already a city there as well." Xian Ni quickly said.

Su Yang nodded, "Then let's get going."

Sometime later, Su Yang used the flying treasure to travel to this location.

Once they arrived, Su Yang said, "I'll begin now. It should be finished in about two days."

"Two days?! That fast?!" Xian Ni looked at him with a dumbfounded face.

"Would you rather I spend an entire month doing it instead?" Su Yang asked with raised eyebrows.

"N-No…" Xian Ni quickly shook his head.

"Then I shall begin now."

After taking a deep breath, Su Yang began to draw symbols in the air, but compared to the symbols he'd created during the tournament, it lacked brilliance and power.

'If it only took him a couple of minutes to create a formation powerful enough to withstand the attacks of all nine Patriarchs, how profound is this formation that requires him two full days?' Lian Li pondered to herself as she watched Su Yang work with interest.

Two days later, a massive purple circle with complex symbols and designs appeared on the ground below Su Yang.

"This is the teleportation formation? How do we activate it?" Xian Ni asked him afterward.

Su Yang then said, "You only need to toss spirit stones into this formation until the circle activates and glows. However, the formation is still not yet complete because there needs to be a second one for it to actually work."

"I'll return here to let you know once I've received an answer from the other continents. Until then."

Xian Ni nodded before bowing to him, "Thank you, Su Yang. Let us talk again another time."

Sometime later, Su Yang left the Western Continent with the other two and returned to the Northern Continent.