Dungeon Maker

Chapter 146 - Homecoming (3)

Chapter 146: Homecoming (3)

[Catalog of 6-Star Dungeon Spirit]

[Most items can’t be bought here.]

[If you want to buy them, please consult with the person in charge.]

Until now, the dungeon spirits Yong-ho dealt with were those with three stars at most.

6-star dungeon spirit? He admired it unwittingly.

Without Scathach’s force of life, he would never have beaten the Bone Dragon.

‘I see.’

He now understood why it was so strong. At the same time, he had some doubts.

How did Embrio get the Bone Dragon?

The price of the Bone Dragon was astronomical. Since he developed a gold mine, Yong-ho could make a lot of money, but that wasn’t enough.

Of course, Embrio must have been richer than Yong-ho himself. Still, it seemed difficult for Embrio to buy the Bone Dragon, Yong-ho thought. First of all, its price was too expensive, but there was another essential problem here. In other words, the Bone Dragon wasn’t a dungeon spirit that he could get with money alone.

Yong-ho closed his eyes gently. There were a few things that came to his mind, but instead of jumping to conclusions, he decided to sleep on it for now. He needed some more information about Embrio.

‘Let me take care of what I can do now.’

After opening his eyes, Yong-ho looked for things he could do with the bones of the Bone Dragon.

Things he imagined were laid before his eyes—various weapons made from dragon bones.

A smile came to his lips naturally. He wasn’t sure if Burgrim could smelt the dragon’s bones, but if Burgrim could, it would be a jackpot for Yong-ho because he could have a whole dragon’s bones dozens of meters long.

Overly excited at the prospect, Yong-ho checked the price of weapons made from dragon bones. Once again, he smiled happily.

‘I think I will make a lot of money by trading the dragon bones.’

He seemed to know why Ophelia was so anxious. It was natural for her to get nervous when she saw such a trove of gold was being neglected on the street.

Yong-ho gulped and browsed the catalog again because something came to his mind suddenly.

‘Got it!’

[4-Star Dungeon Spirit]

[Dragon soldier]

[Skeleton born from dragon’s bones]

[Made with dragon bones as a material, it boasts of much stronger defensive power than an ordinary skeleton.]

[Depending on the type and age of the source dragon, its properties and strength are different.]

Yong-ho fidgeted with his fingers in a row. This time, he looked for the menu items on the scroll item, not dungeon spirits.

[Scroll of dragon soldier creation]

[* Dragon bones needed.]

[* It is recommended to purchase dragon bones together.]

Fortunately, it existed. Yong-ho breathed a breath of relief.

Although the House of Mammon had a good wizard like Tigrius, he was a novice in terms of necromancing.

So, Yong-ho thought of filling Skull’s unit with dragon soldiers. He thought of one more.

He felt really empowered, imagining that Skull would be reborn as a Bone Dragon.

He felt satisfied as if his belly was full without eating anything.

While fighting Embrio, he realized very clearly that the battle in the demon world was different from that in the human world. The combat power of each dungeon spirit was truly superhuman, so it was possible to overshadow numerical superiority by qualitative strength.

Initially, Yong-ho reluctantly chose the elite soldiers under the inevitable circumstances, but he had a vision. It was better for him to produce ten elite soldiers at the cost of producing one thousand troops with poor armament and combat power. It was a difficult task for ordinary masters of houses, but Yong-ho himself had the power of evolution. And he could make it.

After googling on the Bone Dragon and dragon soldiers, Yong-ho checked the dungeon spirits, feeling more relaxed. He didn’t check them out for purchase or window shopping. He examined the genealogy of high-class dragon soldiers one by one.

‘Let me buy them low and grow them for battle.’

What he paid special attention to was the top-level class. They were clearly different from the class of flames that he came across accidentally.

Ifrit, the crown of flames in the shape of a beautiful woman.

Wicantra, the crown of the land in the shape of a powerful giant.

And the top-level crown with the remaining five attributes.

‘Oh, Salami is also in their league.’

However, Salami was already too far from Ifrit. Perhaps, without repeatedly evolving itself until it became something like a dragon, it would hardly be close to a human shape.

Some time passed, and it was time for Yong-ho to pile up purchase items in his head.

While the letters of light were splitting in front of his eyes, a dazzling beauty appeared.

“Dear client, thank you for waiting.”

Sitri was there as always. After greeting Yong-ho who stood up happily for greetings, she created a chair across him.

“I had to attend a meeting because something urgent happened.”

She frowned slightly as if she was in trouble.

Yong-ho asked carefully, “Have you solved the problem?”

“No, not yet. It’s just the beginning. It looks like this kind of meeting will continue for some time.”

Sitri smiled cheerfully. After seeing her smile, he was convinced that even though Sitri would give him some hints about the meeting, she wouldn’t tell him what happened at the meeting or why the meeting was held.

Sitri changed the topic.

“My dear client, what has brought you here?”

She looked so beautiful when she asked him, tilting her head a bit. But even before he answered, she clapped her hands and said with a bright smile, “Oh my God! I would like to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. The fact you are here right now means that my dear client has defeated Embrio, right?”

Her statement made it clear that the agenda of the meeting wasn’t Embrio’s defeat.

He nodded with a smile. Sitri suddenly narrowed her eyes and said, “By the way, I don’t think that’s the only thing I want to celebrate. Any other good news?”

He couldn’t manage his expression. Faced with his silly expression, she pulled her body slightly back.

“Well… I feel like my loyalty to my dear client has been weakened very slightly. Don’t make such an expression before other ladies. That’s my sincere advice.”

But Yong-ho couldn’t help but laugh. Recalling Catalina flapping her ears, he cleared his throat once again. Changing his expression this time, he said, “I would like to trade the bones of the Bone Dragon.”

His deal with Sitri was quick and cheerful, as always,

So, he sold the entire left leg bone of the Bone Dragon. In return, he purchased the delivery service by the Dungeon Market, a large number of recovery items, and a scroll to create dragon soldiers.

In his mind, the price of the Bone Dragon’s bones were sold a little lower, but he didn’t protest because he didn’t think Sitri wouldn’t force him to price down the bones.

As if she read his mind, she added lightly, “If you incur the wrath of the undead, the value of the dragon’s bones is supposed to go down because the energy of death resides in the dragon’s bones. Please keep this in mind if you are going to smelt the bones of the Bone Dragon.”

Yong-ho just laughed bitterly.

The deal was all over. He enjoyed his conversation with her, but he stood up because he wanted to take a break more than anything else now.

“Let me leave now. See you next time.”

“Can I give you a piece of advice before you leave?”

Sitri also stood up. Getting closer to him, who was puzzled, she whispered, “If you are going to visit the ‘house,’ you had better hurry up. If you delay, you might not have time to visit.”

He looked at her. Hiding her expression, he stepped back. It was just clear that her advice was related to an emergency meeting.

“I love you, client. See you next time.”

Bowing to him, she disappeared after winking at him. It seemed like she was asking him to find out more by himself if he was curious.

It was clear that something big had happened to the demon world. Given Sitri’s attitude, it didn’t seem like it would have a direct negative impact on him, but he had no choice but to be careful from now on.

He shook his head once. He pulled himself together and closed his eyes.

Then he logged out of the virtual space.


[Pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat]


[You can treat me as if I don’t exist. I can understand.]

Between breakfast and lunch the next day Yong-ho, who barely woke up from more than ten hours of sleep, listened to Lucia, half asleep. Had Catalina not woken him up, he would have slept for a few more hours.

“Sorry to wake you up…”

“No, you don’t have to. I asked you to wake me up by this time. Thanks.”

Smiling softly, he got up from his bed and stretched himself lightly.

He stroked Catalina’s head. He looked around in no time and kissed her lips lightly.

He felt good but shy at the same time. Catalina raised her tail with her ears blushing.

[Wow, oh my gosh!]

[Will you really treat me like someone who really doesn’t exist?]

[Don’t you know I’m watching you?]

Letting Lucia’s complaint in one ear and out the other, he pinched Catalina’s cheek.

He wanted to touch her more, but he didn’t want to be trapped by Lucia.



[Sob sob]

Seeing Lucia expressing onomatopoeia in a row, it seemed that Lucia was really sad or angry. Since Lucia was like his alter ego, it was natural that Lucia reacted like that.

He left the room after teasing Catalina and Lucia a little more in different ways.

After having a quick meal, he gathered the dungeon spirits and Rikum, the leader of defense of the House of Mammon in one place.

“You guys did a great job.”

He was serious. Indeed, all of them suffered so much that none were in good shape.

Yong-ho looked back at Rikum, who was bandaged almost all over her body.

“Rikum, all the dungeon spirits who participated in the battle will receive due rewards. Thank you for surviving.”

The dungeon spirits of the House of Mammon were not characters in games. They were real human beings with their own lives. So, he needed to give them due rewards, aside from his compliments. He could not get their loyalty for nothing.

Tigrius, perhaps the least injured among them, said, “The delivery service team of the Dungeon Market has started shipping the bones of the Bone Dragon. You don’t have to worry because they are quick and accurate.”

But Tigrius was also exhausted like others because he was tasked with cleaning up after the fight for the reason he was the least wounded.

Seeing him for a moment, Yong-ho turned his head to the side. He noticed something unusual in Tigrius’s eyes.

“Do you want to say something?”