Dungeon Maker

Chapter 148 - Homecoming (5)

Chapter 148: Homecoming (5)

Yong-ho put several pebbles on top of the entire map of the southern area. They pointed to Yong-ho himself, Embrio, the King of Gluttony, and the black demon, respectively.

“The mastermind of Embrio is the King of Gluttony. And the black demon is his minion that he placed to monitor or help Embrio.”

“Monitor him?”

“If they had a cooperative relationship, it’s illogical that Embrio killed the black demon. So, I think Embrio and the King of Gluttony maintained the type of relationship that helped them use each other, not a master-servant relationship.

Tigrius nodded and said, “Assuming that the King of Gluttony coveted the southern area, that makes sense. If Embrio tried to use the King of Gluttony as you said, he might have plotted to revolt deep down.”

It was also possible that the King of Gluttony tried to use a surrogate called Embrio instead of directly confronting Yong-ho.

“It’s not just because of the barren environment that the southern area had been abandoned. It’s because nobody wanted any of the six kings to take possession of the southern land, the birthplace of Mammon, the great King of Greed.”

According to his logic, the King of Gluttony used the surrogate to unify the southern area and ruled it behind the scenes.

“If so, what you have just said means that Embrio betrayed the King of Gluttony at the last minute. Not only did he save you by killing the watcher, but also, it warned you against the King of Gluttony,” said Tigrius.

Yong-ho nodded at Tigrius’ assumption.

Catalina, who was silent until now, narrowed her eyebrows and asked, “Did Embrio hate the King of Gluttony so much?”

Based on his explanation, Embrio took the last step of interfering with the King of Gluttony’s scheme instead of dealing a fatal blow to Yong-ho who killed him.

At first glance, Embrio’s action could not be understood.

“Maybe he projected himself onto you, master. Or he might have changed his mind just before dying.”

Yong-ho nodded at Ophelia’s analysis. Actually, he also thought of it, too.

He said, “There are too many assumptions here from the beginning. I don’t think it’s a good idea to jump to any conclusion before we gather more information about Embrio’s intention. I would like to pay more attention to the King of Gluttony.”

Ophelia said, “First of all, I think it’s better for you to keep hiding the power of greed, as Embrio said. The other kings will not stand still when they hear the seventh King of Greed has returned.”

Tigrius said this time, “I also agree with Ophelia. If you think about it carefully, the King of Gluttony seems to have the biggest headache. His territory borders the northeast of the southern area. Moreover, if he had been really behind Embrio, he would have amassed enormous intelligence, compared with other kings. In the extreme situation, they could mobilize their troops for the simple fact that you defeated Embrio and the Bone Dragon. They might move their troops directly because of their wariness of other kings, but it’s possible that they can send their minions to gather intelligence about us.”

“That’s why I’m thinking of choosing to build up our strength in the south rather than expanding into the west immediately. In that case, we can leave the north and the east as they are,” Yong-ho responded.

Actually, he didn’t need to hurry. What he needed now was not an external expansion.

The dungeon spirits of the House of Mammon who knew the truth of the Labyrinth of Greed understood his intention.

His priority was to attack the Labyrinth of Greed and complete his Godly Energy.

Eligos recalled the arena more than anything else. If Yong-ho controlled the arena and obtained all of the dungeon spirits there, including Gusion, he would not need to fear anything, even if his rival were the King of Gluttony. He could deal with the king easily.

When Catalina, Eligos, Skull, and Ophelia, who could be called his original dungeon spirits, exchanged meaningful glances with each other, Tigrius felt a strange sense of alienation, but he remained silent. As he did today, he believed that one day he would hear from Yong-ho about it directly.

When they almost wrapped up their conversation, Yong-ho brought out the last topic.

“Ophelia, collect intelligence about the northern part of the demon world.”

“Are you talking about the northern part of the demon world, the territory of the King of Pride?”

If the southern area was at the southern end of the demon world, the King of Pride’s territory was located at the northern end. Since both territories were at the opposite end, they were too far from each other.

But Yong-ho had a good reason to ask Ophelia for it.

“When I accessed the virtual space of the Dungeon Market yesterday, Sitri was attending an emergency meeting. And she said to me, ‘If you don’t do it now, you won’t have any time to visit home.'”

“No way…”

“She may have said it simply because of the southern area, but I don’t think that’s all. It is possible that the fight between the King of Pride and the King of Envy has escalated more than they expected.”

In fact, Yong-ho had never been outside the south, let alone the southern area itself. However, he could easily guess that the fight between two kings would have a great influence on the entire demon world. It was just like the fighting between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War era.

“If that’s true, it’s a grave situation,” Tigrius moaned.

If something went wrong, the whole demon world would be engulfed in the flames of war.

While everyone was in a serious mood, Catalina curled her lips again.

After hesitating for a moment, she asked carefully, “Master, aren’t you planning to visit the human world?”

“Well, very briefly. Aside from my homesickness, I have to.”

The door of space was already completed. Moreover, he felt this was the only opportunity to visit his hometown as Sitri said. If he dragged his feet a little longer, he would not be able to leave this place because of the King of Gluttony as well as his concern about the northern and the eastern parts.

Yong-ho turned to Eligos and said, “How often do I have to visit?”

“You have become so strong, compared with when you just came to the throne of the master of the House of Mammon. If you visit this time, you will have no problems for at least hundreds of years.”

Yong-ho was already a powerful existence that was half a human and half a demon. To describe him, he could be called a ‘hybrid demon’ like Catalina.

In the case of Burgrim or Asran, a hero of the alien world, who he had seen at the auction house of the Dungeon Market, they didn’t need to regularly visit their hometowns even though they were from the alien world. It was because, unlike Yong-ho, they were already familiar with mana before they came to the demon world.

“Okay, I think I have to visit my hometown quickly.”

He didn’t intend to stay long. Maybe for two to three days.

He wanted to say hi to his parents and reassure them about his safety then return quickly.

At that moment, he suddenly laughed playfully because of Catalina’s expression, who was standing behind his back.

“Why? Will you miss me even if I am absent for a few days?”

Only now could they confirm each other’s affection. Definitely, she would miss him.

However, she couldn’t even say yes immediately. When she blushed without answering, he took her hand and said, “You don’t have to be disappointed because I’m going with you.”

Astonished, she blinked, and Eligos and Opelia, who had already talked about it, exchanged meaningful glances. And Salami, waiting outside the door in the hallway, shook its head and clicked its tongue.


[Any dungeon spirit will do. How about Ophelia, Eligos, Tigrius, or Skull, except for Catalina?]

[In terms of camouflage, I think Tigrius is the best!]

Late at night, Lucia urgently made an offer to Yong-ho, who just returned from the House of Mammon quickly.

He needed to have one dungeon spirit accompanying him on his visit to his hometown.

The dungeon spirit was supposed to escort him but would also assist him by using the magic for his return to the demon world.

Yong-ho, a human being, was like a sign in the human world. Because of him, they could stably create the coordinate of the door of space leading to the human world.

That was why he needed its opposite. If someone in the demon world directly connected to Yong-ho closely accompanied him, it would be possible to obtain more stably the door of space leading to the demon world than he himself passed it alone.

So, Yong-ho chose Catalina. Besides, she was his escort knight. In all respects, she was the right candidate.

But Lucia didn’t seem to think so.



[You’re so mean! If you cross into the human world, I can’t watch, or protect you!]

How could Lucia watch or protect him?

So, he quickly ignored her suggestion this time. He picked up the communications gear and talked to Ophelia, who remained in the House of Randolt.

(I will restore the power of the House of Mammon as much as possible during your absence.)

(Don’t worry about the situation here. Have a safe and pleasant trip!)

Yong-ho also replied shortly because the device could only convey short messages.

“Okay, I hope I’m in your good hands.”

(I, Enderion’s daughter, Ophelia, will try to meet your expectations.)

His communication with Ophelia was cut off.

He looked back at the dungeon spirits who came out to see him off.

“Master, have a great trip.”

Yuria, already the cutie of the House of Mammon, said goodbye to him on behalf of them.

She was really cute when she slightly bowed to lift her skirt.

He stroked her head gently.

“Let me buy you a present. Have you heard about chicken?”


“Yes, trust me. It’s incredibly delicious. It is also a symbol of world peace. If I can, I’ll bring Coke, too.”

Yuria’s eyes twinkled at his grand explanation. Baduk, who was next to him, drooled at the name of the food. As a result of repeated evolution, Baduk turned into a reliable creature, but it was still a simple animal.

After exchanging his gaze with Salami lastly, he stood at the door of space.

Just like he did when he first met her, he gently grabbed Catalina’s hand, who was dressed in a suit.

[Please have a great trip!]

[Please say hello to your father!]

This time, Yong-ho didn’t ignore Lucia’s words.

After greeting her, he turned to Catalina.

“Shall we go?”

“I, Escort Knight Catalina, will risk my life to protect you, master!”

Although she said it gravely, her ears and tail flapped.

How would his father react when he saw this escort knight?

Lucia activated the door of space. Almost all of the mana produced daily by the House of Mammon was put into the door of space. As it was not sufficient, about half of the mana she accumulated for the past few days was exhausted.

Mana swirled inside the empty circular frame of the door of space, creating a plate of blue mana that moved like a wave.

There was a road that led to the human world over there.

Yong-ho didn’t leave for the human world for good. It would be his brief visit.

Nonetheless, his heart was pounding.

He stepped forward and threw himself into the door of space with Catalina.