Elite Mages’ Academy - Chapter 589 - Fighting Poseidon Again (1)

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Chapter 589: Fighting Poseidon Again (1)

The dark clouds in the sky got thicker. The lightning that got more and more frequent seemed to signify the approach of a storm, but the source of the storm was deep in the crack. The sea god Poseidon had control over water, and summoning this kind of water was something simple, but Xiao Lin’s expression quickly turned strange.

Both him and Gu Xiaoyue had personally experienced how strong Poseidon was. Even with sacrificing Silverlight, all they got was sealing him. Without the sealing spell, the few of them would not be able to withstand even a hit from Poseidon.

However, the power that was flowing out in front of them was shocking and terrifying, but it was still very far away from Poesidon’s.

Was it not Poseidon?

No, it might be an incomplete Poseidon!

Xiao Lin quickly tried to think of a plan. After verifying the source of the power, he understood there was no way for them to run, and it was already too late for them to run anyway. Xiao Lin was also still half in disbelief; he did not believe that Poseidon had really appeared on Planet Norma. Poseidon’s power was at the Legend rank, so if he descended on Planet Norma, it would not be as simple as just destroying that forest.

As he thought, he suddenly heard a shocked gasp. Xiao Lin immediately raised his head and he noticed that Anna’s body was slowly floating into the air. On her face was a painful expression, as if some power was grasping her throat and pulling her up toward the air.

“Kill her! Xiao Lin, quickly kill her!” Gu Xiaoyue suddenly said with a low roar. “Even though I don’t know what spell it is, it’s definitely a sacrificial spell. Something behind the crack is trying to use her as a sacrifice to gain power!”

Xiao Lin did not hesitate at all, and the sword in his hand was sent toward Anna. The defenseless Anna was immediately stabbed through the heart. She sent an indescribable look at Xiao Lin before blood flowed out of her mouth and she closed her eyes.

Xiao Lin fell silent. He was not very familiar with Anna. Even that long sob story of hers was just met with him empathizing with her as a spectator. However, in the end, it was an examination, a simulated environment, and it was a simulation from hundreds of years ago, so he had not been fully moved.

However, Anna’s final expression had somewhat moved Xiao Lin, because he felt like he had more or less seen through what that gaze meant. Anna had never planned on living on after reopening that gateway. Death had just been a release for her. However, in the final moments of her life, Anna’s gaze to Xiao Lin had the happiness and relief of her successful revenge, but it was also filled with pain and regret, as well as anticipation and hope!

Anna’s supposed understanding of the demons was just empty talk. When she really experienced that power, her heart was suddenly moved; it was possible that Anna had finally felt how horrible that power that was descending into the world was.

Anticipating the destruction of Planet Norma for her revenge, she had also hoped that someone would be able to reclose the gateway and save the world. That conflicted gaze, at her last moments, was extremely vivid.


As Xiao Lin was deep in thought, Anna’s body that had been pierced by the sword suddenly turned into a mist of blood, dispersing and falling all over everyone.

The others frantically retreated to avoid the remnants of her organs, though only Xiao Lin and Gu Xiaoyue did not move. The moment Anna’s body exploded, they clearly felt something move with their perception. An uncountable volume of mistlike vapor started to seep out of the crack, and the next second, that mist started to solidify, turning into a humanoid shape.

It was an abnormally large and fierce shape of a woman. It was several times taller than a normal woman. The whole body was naked, and its solid muscles caused some of the women to blush. Yet, only Xiao Lin’s face was green. His guess finally had an answer, but he would rather his guess have been wrong.

It really was Poseidon. It looked exactly like the Poseidon he met back then, only the sea god did not have his trident in hand.

“He seems different,” Gu Xiaoyue said softly.

“Yes, I felt it. He seems weaker than before, but to us, it’s still something we can’t handle easily.” Xiao Lin bitterly smiled. The power that seeped out of the crack should just be a tiny portion. After all, the laws of space in this world were not as fractured as it was on Earth. Someone who would threaten the laws of this world like Poseidon would naturally not be allowed to enter easily. The gateway that Anna had opened gave the man a chance, allowing Poseidon to force through a portion of his power.

“He should be at least Silver-ranked.” Gu Xiaoyue’s expression was not great, but she quickly calmed down. It was not her style to dwell on mistakes, and she quickly analyzed the situation in front of her.

“The academy would definitely not give us a task that we have no chance of succeeding. That horrifying energy was actually just from his power in the wormhole, but as long as the laws in this world don’t break, Poseidon can’t possibly send all his power over. If it’s just Silver-ranked, it’s not like we can’t...”

As Xiao Lin muttered, he suddenly heard a thunderous roar in the sky as the naked Poseidon had suddenly shouted angrily, glaring at a certain figure on the ground.

Xiao Lin had clearly felt himself being locked onto. He jumped in fright, rubbing his nose as he continued to smile bitterly. “Surely not? Isn’t this just a simulated examination? And tens of thousands of years have passed. Does he really remember me?!”

It was once again a question that involved the theory of time, and they had no way of answering. However, it was obvious that Poseidon remembered Xiao Lin, and with that crazy roar, that man’s body seemed to emit a red glow, and his body suddenly started to grow, the muscles bulging to a horrifying degree.

“He seemed to be forcibly increasing his own strength.” Gu Xiaoyue calmly judged.

“I know.”

“It’s probably some power similar to Berserk. I think it definitely will have a very large side effect, but the bad news is, what we’re facing now might be a Gold-ranked Poseidon.”

“Thanks for your reminder,” Xiao Lin said helplessly.

If he was just at Silver rank, Xiao Lin might not be able to handle it, but the entire class was no longer inexperienced rookies. Most of them had already entered Black-iron rank, and those core members, like the monitors, would not be far away from Bronze rank if they were not already there. Facing Poseidon who had most of his power sealed, and was comparable to Silver, as long as they commanded things well and used the right strategies, they would be able to win.

However, Xiao Lin’s side encountered a bit of a problem. What they had to face was at Gold rank!

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