Elite Mages’ Academy - Chapter 604 - Genetic Test

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Chapter 604: Genetic Test

When Xiao Lin was about to get frustrated, Song Junlang’s joking face suddenly disappeared, replaced with a stern expression as his tone turned serious. “Due to the sudden nature of how we met last time, I didn’t have the time to tell you... The last time I returned to Earth, I actually met Gu Xiaoyue’s sister, Gu Chengyun.”

Xiao Lin’s complaints suddenly disappeared, and he seemed to stand up with some frustration as he asked, “Wouldn’t that expose something? What did you say to her? That girl is very innocent, so don’t trick some clueless girl! If Gu Xiaoyue knew, how would I talk to her? She prioritizes her sister!”

“Are you done?”

“Ah, let me think...”

“What is there to think about!” Song Junlang snapped. “Who do you think I am? If I can’t verify it myself, how could I find anything out? The blood samples I managed to collect last time were not enough at all. However, don’t worry, I believe that Gu Chengyun won’t be suspicious, and won’t tell her sister. I’m quite experienced in tricking little girls.”

“Tricking little girls?” Xiao Lin had a strange expression on his face.

“Ahem, I am talking about disguising myself. It’s a compulsory course you’ll go through!”

Song Junlang handed over a report that was already on the table, motioning for Xiao Lin to look at it. Xiao Lin curiously opened the report, and Song Junlang’s notes were quite nice to look at.

However, the contents inside were just chemical formulas that he did not understand. Xiao Lin had not touched anything like that since he graduated from high school, but since it had something to do with Gu Xiaoyue and her sister, Xiao Lin forced himself to look at it, even if he did not understand.

After a few minutes, Song Junlang suddenly said, “Oh, I almost forgot that you wouldn’t understand. We’re old friends, you don’t have to put up a front. Just flip to the last page.”

Xiao Lin almost wanted to slam the book on Song Junlang’s face. He flipped to the last page, and there were no more formulas, only a few lines as a conclusion.

DNA analysis: 40% Elf, 40% Human, 20% unknown.

Xiao Lin paused for a moment before raising his head. “That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

Xiao Lin did not know what to say; it had just been a DNA test in the end. With Song Junlang’s skills, that was nothing difficult, and he could definitely have used the blood samples he obtained from Gu Xiaoyue to do it. He did not need to look for Gu Chengyun, but in truth Song Junlang only handed the report to Xiao Lin a long time after that.

“It’s not much different from the initial analysis. She really does have elvish blood. That’s not strange, but what is the 20% that remains?” Xiao Lin pointed at the last words as he suspiciously said, “Did you deliberately hide it?”

Song Junlang sighed. “Because even I couldn’t find out. Fine, I admit that I had this report a long time ago, but it’s been delayed for so long because of that last 20%.”

“Then what’s the result?”

Song Junlang shook his head. “There’s no way for me to give you an accurate answer. If we want to continue investigating it deeper, then we need a more detailed analysis of each pair of chromosomes in Gu Xiaoyue and her sister’s DNA. It’s not something I can do, and would need even more resources. It would definitely alert even more people. Are you sure you want me to do that?”

Xiao Lin sat back down. He quietly asked Song Junlang to investigate it himself because Xiao Lin did not want anyone else to know. However, he actually never cared about what race Gu Xiaoyue was. Xiao Lin just wanted to verify the problem with Gu Xiaoyue’s lifespan.

Song Junlang guessed his next question and said, “Her problem isn’t the same as yours. Your soul was injured, while she has a genetic problem. Even though it’s also troublesome for you to recover, it’s not something that is overly difficult. However, Gu Xiaoyue’s lifespan will be very hard. Unless we rewrite her genes, I can’t really think of a good way, but...”

Xiao Lin did not care that Song Junlang mentioned that his lifespan could be recovered, but he quickly latched on to the ‘but’.

Song Junlang was not stalling, but merely thinking, “But there might be a way to slow down her rapidly aging genes.”

“Rapidly aging?”

“It’s an old problem. When colonization started, the problem with race mixing got more and more severe. I told you last time, the biggest problem with hybrids is that their genes will rapidly deteriorate, but in exchange, a portion of them will usually have even higher gifts academically. You can say that all of them burn brightly before dying in a few short years. It’s respectable and pitiful.”

Xiao Lin was silent. Too many of the men who went to the colonist territories went there in hopes of collecting wives of many races. That was not a problem he could afford to care about; he could only do his best to slow down the loss of Gu Xiaoyue’s life.

“As for how to slow down the aging, she would need to rely on potions, but regretfully, I can’t help there.” Song Junlang opened his arms expressing his helplessness.

“You actually don’t know?” Xiao Lin widened his eyes in shock.

“Please. What do you think I am?”

“Some multipurpose robot.”

Song Junlang’s mouth twitched before he said, “However, the academies had already started the research on it a long time ago. After all, the hybrids involve way too many people. Even if some of them refuse to acknowledge their offspring, there will still be others who would never give up on their children. After all, who wants to see their children die before them?

“I’m not a part of that research, so I can’t help you, but I can recommend that you participate in it. If I’m not mistaken, the one in charge of this research in Dawn Academy is Professor Qin. He specializes in genetic and potion research. He’s an old friend of the old dean. If you’re free you can look into it. Getting into his research room will be good for you.”

Xiao Lin noted down that person, and would investigate him after going back.

Song Junlang’s expression got friendlier as he smiled. “Alright, after Gu Xiaoyue’s matters, let’s go to the main topic. Let’s talk about you. You really are a troublesome brat. How did you manage to stir up so much trouble from just a regular monthly examination? I even heard people talking about you in Dawn City’s research center. You’re really becoming famous.”

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