Elite Mages’ Academy - Chapter 670 - Incident On The Plane

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Chapter 670: Incident On The Plane

Xiao Lin exchanged a look with Gu Xiaoyue, both of them were a little surprised, especially Xiao Lin. He was different from the other monitors, who had never really left the protection of the academy. After experiencing so many things in the New World, he knew quite a bit about the governance structures in the colonist territories. He was also very clear on the importance the position of the head of the Intelligence Department was.

The fact that Li Cheng could so casually talk about everything he had done was no longer that surprising since that was his job in the first place.

After collecting his thoughts, Xiao Lin quickly relaxed. It seemed that Li Cheng was only coincidentally on the same flight, and did not come specifically for him.

Xiao Lin could not help but feel a bit guilty. He had hid a lot of the things he had done from the academy. The most recent one was his transactions with Dawn Academy’s artificial intelligence, Bell. It was definitely something that could not be leaked.

However, since Li Cheng had not come looking for him because of that matter, then there was nothing to worry about. Xiao Lin and Li Cheng were not familiar with each other, so there was not much to say after exchanging a few pleasantries. However, that did not stop the man from chatting with him.

It was obvious that Li Cheng liked Xiao Lin a lot, but Xiao Lin still found it strange because he could not shake the feeling that the man had an ulterior motive and was stringing him along.

The plane quickly took off, and Xiao Lin was naturally happy to have someone to talk with to pass the time. It was a pity that he could not continue talking to Gu Xiaoyue, but Xiao Lin could do nothing about it. The woman would only be closer to Xiao Lin when there was no one else around. When there were more people, she still maintained her usual cold and proud exterior.

The journey from Japan back to China did not take too long, and they would be landing in around three hours. As for things like passports and visas, Xiao Lin trusted that their Earth branch would not be troubled by small matters like that.

After chatting with Li Cheng for a while, Xiao Lin felt a little tired. His travels in Hokkaido had probably tired him even more. After yawning for a few times, Li Cheng could also tell he was tired, and stopped talking as he smiled. Gu Xiaoyue was someone who did not enjoy talking, as usual.

After Li Cheng stopped talking, the plane quickly fell into silence. Xiao Lin felt it strange that there did not seem to be any staff members at all ever since they took off, but that suspicion only lasted for a little while before Xiao Lin dozed off.

After an unknown amount of time, Xiao Lin was shocked when he woke up. It was pitch-black inside the plane, and the tables and chairs were scattered all over the place. There were dark clouds out the window, and the low rumbling of thunder could be heard. There would occasionally be flashes of lightning, but there was no rain at all.

“What happened? Gu Xiaoyue? Gu Xiaoyue!” Xiao Lin immediately felt like something was off, especially when he realized that he was the only one left on the plane. A sense of horror seized his whole body when he did not get any replies at all.

Xiao Lin immediately prepared to get up when a surge of intense pain gripped him. He immediately collapsed on the floor in pain. When he looked back, Xiao Lin was shocked to find that his limbs had all been tied up with ropes. Those ropes had a faint silver glow to them. Xiao Lin recognized them; they were a special fusion metal that could only be found in the New World. They were extremely hard, and Dawn Academy regularly used those metals to make restraining tools. Other than its innate hardness, they also had a suppressive ability. They could restrict the user from using any magical power or sword aura.

It was no easy feat to be able to obtain it and even bring it to Earth. Everyone who came out of the colonist territories would undergo strict checks. Putting aside these restricted objects, even regular materials were not easily taken out, but it was not completely impossible.

“Li Cheng!” Xiao Lin thought of that guy who had mysteriously appeared, and his temper roared. If it was the Head of the Intelligence Department, then he could easily avoid any checks.

There was still no response; it was as if he was the only one left on the plane. Xiao Lin clenched his teeth, and constantly increased the strength in his body. The restraints restricted him greatly, and after a few failed tries, all he could do was struggle as he headed toward the cockpit.

Xiao Lin broke out in a cold sweat when he realized that the cockpit was empty as well. The plane was in automatic flight mode, and not far away from the plane was a group of even darker clouds. In those clouds were countless mysterious objects. Xiao Lin did not know what they were, but he knew they were definitely nothing good.


Xiao Lin did not hesitate anymore, and unleashed his full power. Based on the rules of the academy, they were not allowed to use too much power on Earth because that would damage Earth’s already weakened laws. However, with Gu Xiaoyue’s situation unclear, Xiao Lin could not afford to dwell on it. The laws could just go ahead and die!

Those metallic restraints were naturally not unbeatable, and their suppressing abilities only worked to a certain level. After using Ruin, Xiao Lin’s power had already entered the Gold rank, so the restraints were broken in a flash. Xiao Lin ran around the whole plane, but still did not see a trace of anyone.

The plane was already getting closer and closer to those clouds, and Xiao Lin had a feeling of uneasiness in his heart. He did not know how to fly a plane, and he could not find Gu Xiaoyue. He was faced with problems from every direction. He finally clenched his teeth and chose to leave the plane before deciding on his next step. As the dark clouds got closer, the uneasy feeling intensified.

He used a flame ball to blow a hole in the side of the plane. Below the plane was the vast sea. Even though he was not sure where he was, he estimated that he was probably still on the route back to the country.

Xiao Lin stepped forward, and the strong winds forced his eyes shut. He now regretted not learning any flying spells, but that was fine; he still had more ways to do it. Even though he did not have a weapon, under Ruin, he could easily summon an intense sword auras.

Waves of sword aura fervently danced toward the surface of the sea. Xiao Lin did not hold back from venting his frustrations. The waves that it caused seemed to envelop the nearby sea, but the blowback from the sword aura was enough to slow Xiao Lin’s descent. When the speed of his descent reached a satisfactory level, Xiao Lin completely stopped and plunged into the sea.

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