Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 4383: Jian Qingzhu’s Power

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Chapter 4383: Jian Qingzhu’s Power

Bear King was another top cultivator from Phoenix Ground but he wasn’t from the Jian Clan.

A while ago, Li Qiye killed his disciple, Sky Eagle. He tried to avenge him but Goldbird Monarch stopped him. Now, this was an opportunity he couldn’t miss.

“Bear King, do you wish to capture me?” She calmly asked the incoming demon.

In reality, she was only worried about the monkey king, not him.

“Brat, return with me and we’ll let bygones be bygones. However, I’m not here for you anyway.” The bear always had a loud voice.

“Then why are you here?” She still asked despite already knowing the answer.

“I am here today to take his dog life! I’ll offer his head to my fallen disciple!” He pointed his thick finger at Li Qiye.

“I’m afraid you will be disappointed.” She shook her head: “Young Noble Li is our clan’s guest. We naturally won’t let you trouble him.”

She mentioned the clan instead of Phoenix Ground since she could represent the former but not the latter.

“Brat, don’t ruin your own future over one boy, this is not only your father who is involved but you will be too, perhaps your entire clan. Hmph, Dragon will have no place for you if you don’t stop now.” Bear King glared at her, only wanting to deal with Li Qiye.

Ultimately, she was still a member of Phoenix Ground and also a junior. They watched her grow older and didn’t wish to make it hard on her.

“Thank you for your advice.” She shook her head: “I will also sincerely ask you to stop thinking about avenging Senior Brother Sky Eagle because it is suicidal.”

She implied that Li Qiye was above his level but he interpreted it differently.

“I see, I see, the Jian has chosen to abandon old friends for this boy. Come, let’s see your cultivation!” Bear King became livid and gestured: “Make your move, you won’t be able to protect him.”

Meanwhile, Li Qiye only watched silently without reacting as if this had nothing to do with him.

She didn’t relent and also stepped forward: “You leave me no choice, Bear King. Excuse me then.”

“So be it!” Bear King roared and became gigantic. His bestial aura rushed forward like waves and pushed many weaker spectators back. He was considered a great demon for a reason.

“Boom!” He raised one foot and stomped down; the sky above them suddenly turned dark.

The foot increased in size unceasingly. It became the sky vault falling down and prompted disciples to get far away.

“Bring it.” Jian Qingzhu shouted. She leaped in the air and used celestial steps in order to strike at the bear’s weak point.

“Bam!” The massive giant lost its balance and fell to the ground.

In this split second, she grabbed his foot and sent him flying. He smashed into a distant peak and crushed it in the process.

He was furious and got up again, causing debris to fly chaotically. Despite the flashiness of the attack, he didn’t suffer serious damage.

“Screech!” A phoenix cry could be heard while he was trying to stabilize. She crossed through the sky and left behind after-images due to her incredible speed.

She appeared above and raised both hands. Her finger spread and released images of ten blades. They combined into one for a vertical slash.

“Slash of the Luan!” An expert recognized the move.

“Activate!” Bear King’s expression soured as he hurriedly placed his hands together to form a frontal barrier.

Alas, the barrier was not enough and crumbled before the slash. The remnant power pushed the bear back down to the ground and made him vomit blood. Numerous cracks appeared beneath.

Spectators couldn’t believe their eyes. Their shock was warranted since a senior had lost two consecutive exchanges.

“Third Brother, you’ve lost because you underestimated her.” A great demon standing behind the monkey king shook his head.

“He would have lost even if he didn’t underestimate her, she is simply stronger. Goldbird has a capable successor.” The monkey king disagreed.

“Senior Sister Zhu is too strong.” One disciple was left breathless.

Bear King wasn’t a top expert in Phoenix Ground. Nonetheless, he was still strong in the eyes of the juniors. Jian Qingzhu has just shown that she was at the apex of the young generation.

“She’s still the strongest genius from our area and can compete with Celestial Tiger and Crystal Dragon.” Another said.

“I think she’s stronger than the young lord.” An older disciple added.

“Senior Sister is the jewel of our sect, the current saintess, and as beautiful as can be. Why is she protecting that sect master?” Someone else didn’t understand.

Many misunderstood the situation, thinking that she likes Li Qiye and that this was the reason for her father and clan’s current predicament.

If her father didn’t welcome Li Qiye, he wouldn’t be under house arrest right now and the Jian wouldn’t be under pressure by the other two branches.

“Right, so many members of our sect have a crush on her, what makes him special compared to them?” A younger one found this frustrating.

“Not just our sect, numerous geniuses in Sky Border were enamored with her from first sight.” A senior brother said softly.

They simply didn’t understand. She was at the top for everything - talent, power, beauty. Alas, she picked this sect master over all the geniuses. This was absolutely not a good match.

Not to mention her, any regular female disciple in Phoenix Ground wouldn’t give him the time of day. Now, she risked everything to protect him including potentially becoming the sinner of the clan.

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