Emperor’s Domination - Side Story 6

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Side Story 6: Daily Life Of Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng

Chef Bao was the most famous cook in the nine worlds. His cooking skills were considered the finest so even Godkings cordially called him “Old Bao”.

For Chef Bao, the thing that he was most proud of was not his peerless cooking skills. Even though his steamed phoenix liver, broiled dragon claw, and seasoned tiger eyes were his specialties and renowned in the nine worlds, they were still not his greatest pride. His proudest achievement was to cook for Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng.

This emperor shocked the entire nine worlds. He was unbeaten throughout his life before becoming emperor, completely unparalleled in all the ages.

Chef Bao was ready for old age. When he would tell his glorious tales to his grandchildren, of course cooking for the emperor wouldn’t be left out.

He woke up very early today and prepared the emperor’s favorite soup. It consisted of Nine Saints Spring, White Mist and Snow Dew, and Seven Stars Immortal Prawn.

He himself was a Godking so it was no problem for him to reach the highest peak or dive deep into the ocean. Before the emperor has woken up, he has already traveled through the world in order to prepare this morning soup for him.

When the sun rose, the broth was ready. He looked at the steaming soup with great satisfaction and could already imagine the emperor happily eating his favorite soup.

As he was lost in his fantasy, an imperial aura surged. Even a Godking like him would immediately kneel.

“Your Majesty.” Chef Bao respectfully greeted on the ground. There was no need for him to see who he was. In this world, only Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng had this aura.

A man came forward with the sun and moon circling around him along with the myriad laws. He had a natural temperament and complete freedom. A single gesture of his could cause all the existences in this world to sway; all existed to worship him.

Even though his divine and imperial aura were hidden, everyone would be willing to submit to him without exception.

Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, completely unmatched in this world. In the countless eras, he alone was unbeatable!

“Old Bao, let’s have a small breakfast today.” The emperor casually handed Chef Bao a box with a beaming and unrestrained smile.

Chef Bao opened the box and saw an immortal liver within. An immortal aura emerged with the hymns of the phoenix right away.

“Shining Bird’s immortal liver!” Old Bao was startled to see this ingredient.

“I wanted to enlighten it but unfortunately, the feathery animal didn’t want to listen so I had no choice but to make it into a snack.” The emperor smiled.

“The Fiendgod, Shining Bird…” Chef Bao was still in a daze.

Godfiend Shining Bird was known as the strongest devil king in the nine worlds. He had half the bloodline of a phoenix. This was an existence who withstood a heavenly tribulation for three years then came back to life with the phoenix rebirth.

It swept through the nine worlds without facing resistance but now, Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng killed it and took its liver to be his wine snack.

The emperor stepped into the palace and took out his old scroll then began reading its sacred text.

The sun shined brightly outside of the window. However, with a single glance of the emperor’s pupils, the sun hanging high became very gentle with its rays falling on his body. It was the utmost comfort and leisure period; everything in this world was in tune with his personal rhythm.

A moment later, Chef Bao brought up the boiled liver and matched it with the right kind of broth. This was the emperor’s breakfast.

The emperor tried them and nodded with a smile: “Old Bao, your broth is simmered to the point of perfection, I must taste it every day.”

Old Bao retired from the hall happily after hearing the praise. He would only cook in this life for the emperor. Even if other gods in this world wanted a taste, they would have to ask other chefs instead!

As the emperor was reading, he would laugh at the interesting parts. When he smiled, the world became splendid with the sky clearing up. An immortal aura would engulf the nine worlds.

“Young noble.” An old servant stepped forward during the emperor’s reading hours.

This old servant has always followed the emperor with absolute loyalty. He was responsible for the emperor’s daily life and diet.

“What is it, Uncle Zhong?” The only person addressed with this honorific and warm attitude from the emperor was this old servant alone in this world.

“Young noble, Fairy Ye wishes to see you and enjoy the apricots on the Nine Immortals Peak together.” The old servant explained.

Fairy Ye was the number one beauty of the nine worlds. Her origin was exceptional; her features were impeccable. Her talents were peerless with exceedingly high cultivation. It was hard to find someone comparable to her. She once competed against the emperor for the Heaven’s Will. After losing to him, what she gained was love.

“Tell the fairy to go back, I wish to comprehend the dao today.” The emperor was still smiling freely and answered with a casual response.

“Young noble, you do that every day.” The old servant angrily said: “You are already invincible in this world, it is time to rest now. Since you are in charge of the nine worlds now, it is time to pick an imperial queen.”

Only this old man would dare to speak to the emperor in this manner. He was worried about his young noble’s marriage.

The emperor answered with a smile: “A man’s ambition runs far to the four seas, no need to be in a hurry.”

“Young noble, fine if you don’t want to pick a queen just yet but you should think about passing on your bloodline to extend your lineage forever.” The old servant sincerely advised.

“In this world, so many goddesses and fairies want to earn your favor but none of them can enter your eyes. In the present, only a supreme character like Fairy Ye can have a nice conversation with you, so I hope that you will marry her soon and leave behind an heir for their clan.”

“Children and descendants are mostly unfilial, why should I, Jiao Heng, need them to prolong my legacy? For generations after, my name will still echo across the nine worlds like before!” The emperor smiled: “Go, tell the fairy that I’ll view the apricots with her later.”

After hearing this, the old man couldn’t do anything else and had to take his leave.

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