Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 1643 - Welcome, Master

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Chapter 1643 Welcome, Master

The Palace Guardian grit his teeth and channeled his Essence Spirit. Waving the Human Emperor’s Brush, he drew another line in the void, leaving another blood scar! The scar crossed with the first scar like two long sabers with a chilling killing intent!

After the Palace Guardian released the two streaks of blood scars, his expression was evidently much paler. There was sweat on his forehead, as though he had expended a lot of energy. However, the two blood scars did not cause much of an impact to the supreme divine power of the Heavenly God Emperor. The Heavenly God Emperor held the God’s Kingdom in his palm and charged towards the Palace Guardian!

The Palace Guardian took a deep breath of air and waved the Human Emperor’s Brush once more. He drew two lines beneath the two blood scars and wrote a cross!

The two blood scars charged towards the Heavenly God Emperor!

The Heavenly God Emperor had a fearless expression and sneered. He raised the God’s Kingdom and blocked the two blood scars!

This time round, the Heavenly God Emperor paused as well!

However, the situation of the Palace Guardian was even worse! After the two blood scars were drawn, the Palace Guardian’s body even shuddered and he became extremely weak.

“The Palace Guardian seems to be writing something,”

Frowning slightly, Su Zimo murmure


The Chen Dragon Emperor nodded. “This is an extremely powerful supreme divine power with a terrifying killing power. Back when the Eternal Human Emperor released this supreme divine power, countless Emperors were buried!”

“This supreme divine power is called the Killing Word Art!”

“Killing Word Art?”

A look of realization flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes. “The Palace Guardian wants to write the word ‘kill’!”


The Chen Dragon Emperor nodded before shaking his head. “However, he can’t use this supreme divine power yet. He’s already at his limits by just writing four strokes.”

“What should we do?”

The Dragon Phoenix True Body frowned. “Are we just going to watch the Palace Guardian get killed by the Heavenly God Emperor just like that?”

The Chen Dragon Emperor was silent.

The Hell Witch Emperor, Golden Crow Fire Emperor and the others glared at him.

If he attacked, a massive battle between the Emperors would definitely break out. At that time, the situation would get out of hand and even the Taboo Dragon Phoenix might die here!

That was a loss that the Dragon race could not accept!

The Chen Dragon Emperor could only choose to protect the Dragon Phoenix True Body.

“I believe that he will definitely come!”

Right then, the storyteller not far away looked up at the firmaments and murmured softly with a pious expression.

Almost everyone was watching the battle in midair and nobody heard the storyteller’s words.

However, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he could not help but ask, “Who?”.

The storyteller merely gazed at the firmaments in silence.

Suddenly, an extremely bold thought crossed Su Zimo’s mind and he jumped in shock!

However, he quickly denied that thought.


Su Zimo shook his head. “Absolutely impossible!”

On the battlefield.

The Palace Guardian glared at the Heavenly God Emperor without shifting his gaze. Gripping the Human Emperor’s Brush with both hands, he trembled and drew a fifth blood scar!

That bloodied ‘kill’ character was almost complete and he was only missing the final stroke!

The fifth scar struck the God’s Kingdom and it shook violently with a creaking sound, as though it was on the brink of collapse!

Even if they were not Emperors, everyone could tell that as long as the Palace Guardian wrote the sixth stroke and completed the ‘kill’ character, he would definitely be able to destroy the God’s Kingdom of the Heavenly God Emperor!

However, the Palace Guardian could not finish the final stroke no matter what.

The fifth stroke was his limit!

The Palace Guardian gripped the Human Emperor’s Brush and his vision was blurringhe could no longer hold on.


The Heavenly God Emperor reared his head in laughter. “Palace Guardian, give up! This generation is not the ancient era!”

“Notwithstanding the fact that you’re just a dog of the Human Emperor, even if the Eternal Human Emperor descends in this generation, I’ll be able to suppress him!”

The Heavenly God Emperor had that confidence.

Even though the Eternal Human Emperor was so powerful, he merely comprehended six supreme divine powers in the past.

Right now, his combat strength was equivalent to an Emperor of the human race who had comprehended six supreme divine powers!


The moment the Heavenly God Emperor said that, a thunderbolt sounded from the skies and exploded. The living beings of the ten thousand races felt their ears buzz and their minds went blank, stunned. Even the Emperors present frowned slightly, let alone them.

The impact on the Heavenly God Emperor was even greater and his body swayed. His ears hurt in an unbearable manner and he had a pained expression!

It was as though the Heavenly God Emperor was punished by the heavens for challenging the Eternal Human Emperor!

All the living beings of the ten thousand races raised their heads.

A gigantic crack appeared in the firmaments and blinding white lights burst forth from within, emanating an extremely terrifying pressure!

That pressure did not seem like it came from Tianhuang Mainland, but another dimension!

It was as though a hole had been torn through the skies of Tianhuang Mainland!

When Mahayana Patriarchs tear through the voids, it is within the same world. But now, a terrifying external power had descended and penetrated this part of Tianhuang Mainland!

The storyteller looked at the blazing lights in the firmaments and knelt on the ground excitedly!

The Palace Guardian caught his breath and sobered up. When he saw the storyteller’s actions, he seemed to have realized something and exclaimed, “You exhausted your lifespan so that you can use that secret skill?!” “Yes!”

The storyteller replied loudly.

The Palace Guardian had a conflicted expression as he looked at the blazing light in the firmaments and knelt on the ground as well, shouting, “Welcome, master!”

“Welcome, master?”

All the living beings present were slightly stunned and could not react for a moment.

But soon, their expressions changed!

Wasn’t the master of the Palace Guardian…

“Eternal Human Emperor!”

The Emperors exclaimed!

“Impossible!” The Hell Witch Emperor shouted, “The Eternal Human Emperor has already ascended to the upper world and there are extremely terrifying Great Dao laws between the upper and lower worlds. How can the Eternal Human Emperor return to Tianhuang Mainland?!”

Su Zimo did not say anything and merely stared at the firmaments fixedly.

A figure walked out from the blazing light. The man was extremely handsome and wore white robes. His black hair danced and his eyes were deep like the stars, as though they contained endless secrets and wisdom!

The world seemed to have frozen and everything went still!

The man looked down and his eyes revealed endless vicissitudes and emotions.

At that moment, Tianhuang Mainland went silent!

In the depths of the Thousand Year Blood Sea in Thousand Demon Valley, an extremely terrifying existence retracted its aura rapidly and returned to normal. In the Middle Continent, a squeaking sound could initially be heard from an ancient coffin beneath a cemetery, as though someone was using their fingernails to scratch the coffin.

However, all of a sudden, the sound vanished.

The ancient coffin returned to normal as well.

East Sea.

A small boat floated.

A fisherman with a bamboo hat was initially crossing his legs, lying leisurely on the small boat and basking in the sun.

Suddenly, the fisherman shuddered and flipped over, falling into the East Sea!

The moment he entered the sea, the fisherman vanished and turned into a gigantic fish that swam towards the depths of the sea!

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