Excuse Me, I Am The Real Female Lead - Chapter 485 - Was Taken as a Mistress

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Chapter 485 Was Taken as a Mistress

“I’m sorry, Miss, Sir. It was our fault for not bringing the cutlery earlier. This red wine is a treasured product of our hotel. As compensation, the manager said that he would like to gift it to you so that you may taste it.”

The waiter placed the red wine and cutlery on the table and apologized again. Then, he closed the door and left.

Fang Mo’er raised her eyebrows and looked at the red wine that the waiter had brought over. An inexplicable light flashed in her eyes.

Wang Zi picked up the wine bottle and was about to pour wine for both Fang Mo’er and Mu Ye when she saw that there was already wine in front of the two of them.

From an angle that others could not see, the corner of Wang Zi’s mouth curled up into a smile. She took another empty glass and poured the red wine. By the time she raised her head, the smile on her face had already disappeared.

She placed the red wine in front of Mu Ye and Fang Mo’er, intending on clinking glasses with them. “Miss Fang, Mr. Mu, I know that I’m not qualified to have a meal with the two of you.

“However, I would like to thank both of you for honoring me with your presence even though I’m only a small actress. I would like to propose a toast to both of you.”

After Wang Zi finished speaking, her gaze was fixed on Fang Mo’er, waiting for her reply. Mu Ye was not someone from the entertainment industry so she did not dare to force him. However, Fang Mo’er was different.

She knew that Fang Mo’er did not drink because her alcohol tolerance was very low. Bai Rong had said that Fang Mo’er had gotten drunk just after one glass in the past.

As expected, Fang Mo’er rejected her invitation. “I’m sorry, but I don’t drink alcohol.”

Hearing this, Wang Zi was about to ask her if it was because she looked down on her, but Fang Mo’er continued, “There’s no such thing as a big shot. Miss Wang and I have been friends for a long time. We don’t care about formalities between friends. Besides, you’ve already treated me to a meal. It would be embarrassing if I asked you to propose a toast again.”

Fang Mo’er retorted in a frank manner. Since this was what she said, Wang Zi could not continue to persuade her to drink. Thus, she could only swallow her glass of wine in one gulp.

After being rejected by Fang Mo’er from the start, she did not bring up the topic of drinking anymore. Instead, she enthusiastically introduced Fang Mo’er to the famous dishes that were most often ordered.

Fang Mo’er was not really bothered with her, so she only answered perfunctorily with a smile when asked about herself. The rest of the time, she spent it eating.

Not to mention, these were indeed the specialty dishes of this hotel and they tasted delicious.

Halfway through the meal, Wang Zi suddenly brought over a bowl of soup that she had not tasted yet and placed it in front of Fang Mo’er. With a fawning smile, she ladled out a bowl of soup for Fang Mo’er before handing it to her and said, “Miss Fang, please try this soup. This is the signature dish of this hotel. It looks light and watery, but it has a very rich taste.”

Fang Mo’er accepted the bowl of soup and placed it under her nose to take a whiff, finding it to be very fragrant.

She drank it all with a few mouthfuls without any hesitation. The taste was cold and refreshing. It was indeed delicious.

Wang Zi watched as she finished the soup before picking up many other dishes for her with her chopsticks. Her enthusiasm was comparable to that of a good friend for many years.

At first, everything seemed to be proceeding normally. However, after Fang Mo’er had eaten a few more mouthfuls her face began to flush red. At the same time, she began to feel


She knew very well that she had not drunk any wine, yet she was feeling tipsy. “Is there alcohol in this dish?” Fang Mo’er stood up. The dizziness intensified, causing her to lose her balance.

Wang Zi said innocently, “Ah, Miss Fang, are you not allowed to touch any alcohol? I’m sorry, I didn’t know. This restaurant’s signature dish is made with top-quality fruit wine.”

“It’s fine if Miss Fang is feeling drunk. I can take you to a bed so that you can rest for a while.”

Wang Zi’s tone was exaggerated and it was obvious that her acting skills were not very good.

Fang Mo’er shook her head and said, “It’s fine, I’ll just go outside to get some fresh air.”

Just as she took a step, her legs gave way and she started to collapse.

Mu Ye, who had been paying attention to her, immediately stood up and caught her.

Just as Mu Ye caught Fang Mo’er’s falling body, the door to the private room opened and Tang Yan walked in.

The moment she entered, she saw Mu Ye and Fang Mo’er sticking so closely to each other. Her face immediately lit up with anger.

“Fang Mo’er!” She took a few steps forward and raised her hand to slap Fang Mo’er. However, Mu Ye grabbed her hand the moment her hand was raised.

She shouted angrily, “Fang Mo’er, don’t forget that you have a boyfriend. Even with a boyfriend, you’re still trying to seduce Brother Mu Ye. It seems like the rumors online about you being a two-timing woman are true!”

Wang Zi had already retreated when she had seen Tang Yan enter the room. She had then secretly taken her phone out and taken a few photos.

Mu Ye frowned when he saw Tang Yan’s angry face.

Why had she suddenly come here?

“We’re not what you think we are,” Mu Ye said coldly.

However, Tang Yan refused to listen to him. She glared at Fang Mo’er and said, “Brother Mu Ye, of course you wouldn’t think that way, but there’s no guarantee that Fang Mo’er doesn’t think that way.”

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