Farming Space Makes Me Rich - Chapter 467 - Find a Scapegoat

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Chapter 467 Find a Scapegoat

Madam Qin and Qin Yan were shocked when they heard that Qin Yan’s disgusting photos had been posted on the Internet.

“How could this be?” Madam Qin asked incredulously. Then, she flew into a rage and said, “Which bastard did this? Is it that Leng Bastard?” Madam Qin’s first suspect was that Detective Leng. After all, that person had used this matter to threaten Qin Yan.

Qin Junfeng was calmer than Madam Qin. He asked Qin Yan, “Sister, what kind of person is this Leng Feiyang?”.

Qin Yan shook her head and said, “Brother, I don’t know.”

Qin Junfeng asked again, “Then how did you contact him and trade with him in the first


In his eyes, his sister was such a pure and kind girl. He had never thought that one day, this sister would do something so outrageous and rebellious.

Moreover, she was so good at hiding it that even her closest family members didn’t know anything about it.

At this moment, his heart was a little complicated.

However, Qin Yan was his sister. No matter what, he had to protect this sister and not let anyone bully her.

When Qin Yan heard her brother’s question, her heart was so nervous that she clenched her fists tightly.

She said, “I was introduced by a friend I made when I was abroad.”

Qin Junfeng asked sharply again, “What friend?”

Qin Yan bit her lips and was unwilling to say anything. She couldn’t tell them that he was her one-night-stand, could she? She was afraid that her father would break her legs.

Madam Qin saw Qin Yan’s expression and thought of the things she saw in the pictures. Her head was dizzy. However, she did care about her daughter. Madam Qin stopped her son and said, “That’s enough, Feng ‘Er. What we need to do now is to figure out how to salvage Yan ‘Er’s reputation.”

If the Jiang Family used this to cancel the engagement, then Qin Yan’s reputation would be ruined.

“Also, have the things on the internet been removed?”

Madam Qin wanted Qin Yan to end the engagement, but they couldn’t let the Jiang Family take the initiative. Plus, her Yan ‘Er had to have her reputation intact when the engagement was dissolved. Otherwise, even if she became the mistress of the Gong family in the future, such a tainted reputation would probably accompany her for the rest of her


Therefore, the most important thing now was to save Yan ‘Er’s reputation. No one would have a daughter-in-law with a smear on her name.

Qin Junfeng’s expression was grim as he said, “Mom, Sister’s photos can’t be taken down! I’m also looking for the reason why. Also, I’ve found a hacker to see if we can forcibly take down the pictures.”

Madam Qin was shocked when she heard that.

As for Qin Yan, she was completely dumbfounded.

The pictures couldn’t be taken down? Then… it meant that her reputation was ruined. Would Gong Tianhao still marry her after he saw those photos?

Qin Yan was completely flustered.

She tightly gripped her mother’s sleeves. She looked at Qin Junfeng and revealed a terrified expression. “Brother, brother, you have to help me. I… I don’t want anyone to see me like that. I don’t want my reputation to be tarnished. Brother…”

Madam Qin comforted her. “Yan ‘Er, don’t be afraid. It’ll be fine. Nothing will happen to your reputation.”

Just like before, the incident of animal torture had been salvaged. How did the Qin Family do it? With money and power, of course! How could ordinary people fight with the Qin Family? If the Qin Family wanted, these people would disappear off the face of the Earth.

The posters were approached by the Qin Family people and they were threatened to take off their harmful posts against Qin Yan if they wanted to live. They were told to praise Qin Yan’s kindness too. Just like that, Qin Yan’s reputation slowly recovered.

However, before that incident was over, this one came.

This time, the case was even more serious. In just a few minutes, the internet was flooded with photos of Qin Yan.

Just as Qin Yan was crying in fear, Qin Junfeng’s phone rang again.

“Young master, the photos of Miss Qin can’t be taken down. Even the top hackers can’t do anything.” The voice on the phone said.

Madam Qin was furious. “What are you people doing? Why can’t you do something so simple?”

The person on the other side seemed to have recognized Madam Qin’s identity and said calmly, “Madam Qin, someone is stopping us from doing anything. We’ve used all our connections, but there’s nothing we can do. Moreover, when the hackers broke in, they encountered a top-tier defense system. There’s no way to break in and find the original pictures.”

“How is this possible?” Madam Qin didn’t believe it at all and scolded loudly, “Is it because you didn’t try your best? Let me tell you. I’ve spent a lot of money to hire you. If you can’t even do something as simple as this, what’s the point of us feeding you?”

The person on the other end was displeased. But since he was paid, he had to endure this humiliation. He explained, “Madam, it’s not that we didn’t try our best. It’s that we have really encountered an obstruction.”

“In the entire capital, who would obstruct the Qin Family?” Madam Qin said angrily, “That’s enough. Stop finding excuses. I order you to take down those photos now!”

After saying that, Madam Qin hung up the phone.

Qin Junfeng, “…”

Qin Junfeng frowned and said in confusion, “Someone is blocking us. But who could this party be? Could it be that Leng person?” At this point, Qin Junfeng had another question.

He asked Qin Yan, “Sister, why did that person suddenly release your photos? Didn’t you give him money already?”

Qin Junfeng did hear that there was a person who specialized in investigating the privacy of the upper-class circle. His surname was also Leng. This man was very capable. He had the grasp on the dirt of many people in the capital, but he was still alive. It was clear that he had some abilities.

However, this man was principled in his ways. If you didn’t offend him, he would never attack you. He would never do anything too outrageous.

Qin Junfeng wondered if his sister was talking about this man. If she was, then the credibility of her story…

Qin Junfeng was somewhat silent.

Of course, compared to a stranger, he naturally trusted his sister more.

However, as the next head of the Qin family, he had to have a clear and calm mind. Otherwise, one mistake and the Qin family would suffer a devastating blow.

Hearing her brother’s question, Qin Yan’s small face turned pale again. Her mouth opened and closed, looking quite aggrieved.

After making up a lie, she had to make up another lie to cover up this lie.

Qin Yan bit her lip. She seemed to be hurt by her brother’s distrust.

She said, “Brother, he has taken a fancy to me. He wants me… wants me to be his lover. I was not willing, so he wanted to take revenge on me. Brother, you have to help me.” She was certain that Leng Feiyang didn’t have any background or backing, so Leng Feiyang was the best scapegoat. Once Leng Feiyang was found, the Qin family would pin everything on him.

Qin Junfeng sighed softly and said helplessly, “Okay, I’ll go find Leng Feiyang now.” After saying that, he looked at Madam Qin and said, “Mom, I’ll go take care of things first.”

“Okay, go quickly!” Madam Qin urged. As soon as Qin Junfeng left, Qin Yan’s entire body softened.

She seemed to have thought of something and immediately reached for her phone. She opened the front page of the news. All she saw was gossip about her and those disgusting photos.

The comments under the articles were even more filthy.

“No!” Qin Yan threw her phone away. She fell to the side of the bed and wept.

Madam Qin picked up her daughter’s phone. She saw all the horrible news about her daughter. Her face turned from green to red to purple to black. In short, it was very amusing. The veins on her hand that were holding the phone were exposed. As she read the comments, her fury burst.

“This is too much. What kind of people are these?” Then, she turned her head and comforted her daughter, “Yan ‘Er, don’t worry. I will definitely clear your name and restore your reputation. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” In her eyes, her daughter was always a treasure, and no one could bully


“Mom!” Qin Yan hugged her mother and broke down and cried, “How can this be?”

Madam Qin caressed her hair and said, “Yan ‘Er, don’t be afraid. Everything will be fine.”

After Gong Tianhao and Xiao Lingyu received their marriage certificates, Gong Tianhao openly held his wife’s hand and walked around the village. He looked incredibly smug. It made people want to beat him up. ‘So what if you got married? Why are you so smug? It’s not like others haven’t gotten married before.’

Situ Xing, who had never been married before, could not stand the sight of this couple who kept throwing dog food at him.

“…” Situ Xing said unhappily, “I say, you two can show off all you want, but can you not do it in front of me?”

Gong Tianhao glanced at this unwitting third wheel and said, “If you don’t want to see it, then get lost. You don’t have to be an eyesore here!”

The eyesore, “…” He didn’t want to be there, but the old master had ordered him to follow them.

Situ Xing said pitifully, “Boss, how about you tell Old Master to get someone else to follow you? Xiao Wang and Xiao Zhang are both good candidates.” He was confused. “By the way, why does the old master want someone to follow you?”

Gong Tianhao, “…” Grandpa is too free.

Xiao Lingyu blushed slightly and lowered her head.

Gong Tianhao took a deep breath and said with disdain, “Why are you so obedient? Don’t you know how to skip your job?”

Situ Xing gritted his teeth and said, “I want to skip work too. But I’ll definitely run into the old master’s subordinates. Once they report to the old master, I won’t be able to go to sister-in-law’s maiden home for meals anymore.”

Gong Tianhao and Xiao Lingyu were married. Although Xiao Lingyu hadn’t moved to the Gong Family, the Xiao Family was indeed already her maiden home.

As for why Xiao Lingyu did not want to move, it was a matter of habit.

She was used to sleeping on the same bed. If she moved to another place, she probably would not be able to sleep. The pregnant woman was the most powerful, so the two families naturally acquiesced to Xiao Lingyu’s decision.

“Therefore, I have no choice but to stay,” Situ Xing said innocently.

Gong Tianhao glanced at him indifferently and continued to be lovely-dovey Xiao Lingyu. He didn’t want to bother with this pitiful person anymore.

The single man had to suffer the dog food. Situ Xing curled his lips and said in a low voice, “So what if you’re married? What’s so great about being married? Haven’t you heard that marriage is the tomb of love? You don’t even know that you’ve stepped into a tomb.”

Gong Tianhao’s ears were sharp, and his ears twitched. He turned his head and said with a sinister expression, “What did you say?”

Situ Xing quivered and said, “No, I didn’t say anything.” He looked around and said, “I won’t disturb you two anymore. I’ll go somewhere else to play.” If he ran into Xiao Wang and Xiao Zhang, he had already prepared a plan.

After Situ Xing left, Gong Tianhao said to Xiao Lingyu, “Yu ‘Er, I’m sorry because the wedding party will have to be simple this. When we return to the capital, I’ll definitely give you a grand wedding, and you’ll become the most beautiful and blissful bride in the world!”


Xiao Lingyu was pregnant, and a journey back to the capital might cause accidents. Therefore, they could only hold a simple wedding in Taoyuan Village. From the Gong Family, only Old Master Gong and Gong Tianhao would attend.

Because of safety considerations, Old Master Gong and Gong Tianhao did not invite their relatives and friends to attend the wedding.

However, in order to give face to the Xiao family, Gong Tianhao prepared 20 wedding cars to pick up the bride. The Gong family members who came to attend the wedding were all Gong Tianhao’s subordinates.

Of course, in order to dispel the Xiao family’s doubts, Gong Tianhao confessed honestly. The Gong family had great power and influence, but at the same time, their enemies were also powerful.

The Xiao family was reasonable. Gong Tianhao didn’t inform his relatives and friends for safety reasons.

Furthermore, after the child was born, they would return to the capital and hold another wedding. At that time, the Gong family would definitely announce this matter to everyone.

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