Farming Space Makes Me Rich - Chapter 492 - Jiang Tao Wants Power

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Chapter 492 Jiang Tao Wants Power

The marriage between the Qin and Jiang families was broken off less than two months after the announcement.

Jiang Tao did not give any face to the Qin family and directly announced to the public that due to the improper conduct of the daughter of the Qin family and the chaos in her private life, the Jiang family had to cancel the engagement.

At the same time, this meant that the Jiang and Qin Families were now enemies. The former in-laws were now enemies. No one expected this result.


Some in the capital felt that the Jiang Family had gone overboard by humiliating the Qin Family like this, even though the reason for the Jiang Family to break off the engagement was totally valid. However, these big families valued reputation above all else.

Unless it was totally necessary, they wouldn’t offend the other families. However, that was exactly what Jiang Tao did. People wondered if this was Jiang Tao or Old Master Jiang’s idea.

If it was Jiang Tao’s decision, then there was still hope of rebuilding the relationship between the two families. If it was Old Master Jiang’s decision, then the relationship was over.

Old Master Jiang almost had a heart attack when he received this news.

Therefore, once Jiang Tao returned to the Jiang family, he was taught a harsh lesson by Old Master Jiang.

After giving Jiang Tao a fierce slap, Old Master Jiang shouted at Jiang Tao with a livid face, “Jiang Tao, is this the result you think is best?”

Jiang Tao’s face was bright with a palm print. His attitude was calm and composed. He stared at grandfather Jiang with his deep eyes and said, “Grandfather, I think this is the best result!”

Old Master Jiang was made furious again.

He pointed angrily at Jiang Tao and shouted, “How is this the best result? Even if we can’t be in-laws with the Qin Family, there’s no need to turn them into enemies. Once you made this announcement, you have thoroughly offended the Qin Family. What about all my planning before this?”

Jiang Tao coldly and sharply asked in return, “So, grandfather, you mean you’d rather offend the Gong family to be on good terms with the Qin Family?” “…” Old Master Jiang frowned and asked in confusion, “What do you mean by that?”

Jiang Tao said, “Grandfather, the reason why you’re angry at Qin Yan is that she wants to use you to get rid of her love rival. In the end, the Qin family is safe and sound, while our Jiang family has lost two assassins. As you know, that is Gong Tianhao’s warning to our Jiang Family.”

Old Master Jiang frowned with a serious expression. He said coldly, “Isn’t Gong Tianhao your good friend?”.

Jiang Tao smiled coldly and asked back, “Grandfather, I have a friendly relationship with Gong Tianhao, but that is private. When our families have a conflict of interest, do you think our friendship can remain intact?”

Just like in ancient feudal times, as long as it involved power and interests, brothers could turn against each other, and father and son could kill each other.

It was the same between these families. As long as it involved power and interests between families, no matter how deep the friendship was, they could turn against each other.

Hearing this, Old Master Jiang frowned.

“Before this, Qin Yan hid her true thoughts and personality. She wanted to kill an innocent woman she had never met before simply because she liked Gong Tianhao.

“The woman is mentally unhinged. She is shrewd and scheming, and she is also jealous. From the few times I’ve seen her, I can tell that she is now a crazy woman whose heart has been gnawed by jealousy. She’ll only do something unsalvageable in the future.”

“Even so, that is a problem for the Qin Family. We shouldn’t break the relationship with the Qin Family over it,” Old Master Jiang said coldly.

“Yes, that’s right.” Jiang Tao sneered, “Grandpa, Qin Yan said that I am your dog. Do you think I should endure that humiliation?”

Old Master Jiang’s eyes burned with anger. He asked, “What did you say? Qin Yan called you a dog?”

Jiang Tao said mockingly and sarcastically, “Not only did Qin Yan call me a dog, but she also said that everyone in the capital knows that I am your dog.”

Old Master Jiang used his walking stick to hit the ground with great force.

A monstrous fury appeared in his eyes. He shouted loudly, “That girl is too insensible!”

A bright light flashed in Jiang Tao’s eyes, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. Then, his coldness returned.

Jiang Tao continued, “Grandfather, I’ve been to the Qin family twice and told them nicely that I wanted an annulment. However, they purposely made things difficult for me. They said they would only break off the engagement if you went to them in person. “Qin Yan’s reputation is ruined. She is not qualified to enter the Jiang Family. However, they insist on dragging out the engagement and want to marry Qin Yan to me. Qin Yan then called me a dog. Grandfather, do you think I should endure all that?”

As he said this, his gaze was sharp and serious as he looked at Old Master Jiang, “Or grandfather, in your heart, you have never treated me as a grandson or as the heir of the Jiang family. Do you only see me as a very obedient dog? Just like Blackie from back then?”

When Old Master Jiang heard this, his heart trembled, and his expression changed abruptly. He looked at Jiang Tao in disbelief.

“If grandfather only treats me like a dog, then I have nothing to say. I will be Old Master Jiang’s obedient dog! Grandfather, what do you say?” Jiang Tao curled his lips and smiled very calmly.

When Old Master Jiang heard this, his body suddenly swayed, and his head felt a little dizzy.

Everyone in the capital saw Jiang Tao as his dog? Why would they have this impression?

Jiang Tao was his eldest grandson, and he had personally cultivated him. He poured all his effort and energy into Jiang Tao. He was basically telling everyone that Jiang Tao was his chosen heir.

But why would the capital come up with the rumor that Jiang Tao was his dog? When did the rumor start?

Grandfather Jiang looked at Jiang Tao in disbelief. He opened his mouth and asked with some difficulty, “When did such a rumor start?”

“Grandfather, haven’t you heard this rumor? It has been circulating for a long time already.” Jiang Tao shrugged. “I think it started probably ten years ago.” That was when Jiang Tao came of age.

“Ten years ago?” Old Master Jiang’s eyes widened in disbelief. “How is this possible?” How come he hadn’t heard of it before?

“Why is it impossible?” Jiang Tao asked faintly. “Ten years ago, I was 18 years old. That was the year grandfather announced me as your heir. It was when the rumor started.”

“Since you were my official heir, why would this rumor start?” Old Master Jiang suppressed his anger and asked.

Jiang Tao shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, “I don’t know.”

Jiang Tao looked indifferent, but Old Master Jiang knew that his grandson must have been scorned and despised by many people.

As the heir of the Jiang family, he was secretly ridiculed as a dog by the people in the capital circle. How big of humiliation was that? How did he get through all these years?

Thinking of this, Old Master Jiang couldn’t help but feel a little heartache.

After all, Jiang Tao was his own grandson, and he had personally raised him for so many years. He must have loved this grandson very much.

Jiang Tao continued to say, “The Qin Family has offended Gong Tianhao, so it’s only a matter of time until they have a fallout with the Gong Family. At that time, the few influential families in the capital will start to shift their loyalty again. If we continue to maintain a relationship with the Qin Family, then we’ll be targeted by the Gong Family.” Speaking up to this point, Jiang Tao paused for a moment, “Grandfather, is there a need for us to offend the Gong Family for the sake of the Qin Family? Plus, since the Qin Family has humiliated me so, why should I give them face anymore?”

At this moment, Old Master Jiang wasn’t listening to Jiang Tao at all. He was still caught in the comment that his biological grandson was his dog.

He knew that it had to be a member of the Jiang Family who spread this rumor. Because this rumor directly injured Jiang Tao’s position as the Jiang Family heir. The purpose of the rumors was to topple Jiang Tao. The rumors were to remove Jiang Tao as the Jiang Family heir.

These people were so cunning. The only people who would spread these rumors were either his sons or his other useless grandsons.

Old Master Jiang’s heart was filled with anger.

“Bastards!” Old Master Jiang suddenly cursed.

“Grandfather!” Jiang Tao obviously knew what his grandfather was angry about, but he acted innocent. He looked at Old Master Jiang with some confusion and asked, “Grandfather, are you still not satisfied with the result of my action?” Then, he added worriedly, “Grandpa, you don’t look well. Are you okay? Let me help you get back to your room.” Then, he shouted to the door, “Butler, call the Doctor. Grandpa is not feeling well.”

Seeing the sincere concern on Jiang Tao’s face, Old Master Jiang was slightly relieved.

He patted the back of Jiang Tao’s hand and said, “Tao ‘Er, don’t worry. Grandpa is fine. Just help Grandpa sit on the chair for a while.”

Jiang Tao asked suspiciously and worriedly, “Grandfather, are you really fine?”

Old Master Jiang shook his head and said, “Grandfather is fine.” He paused for a moment and said with a gratified and approving expression, “Tao ‘Er, you did a good job in breaking off the engagement. In the future, you can handle this matter in whatever way you want. Grandfather will not intervene again.”

When Jiang Tao heard that, his face revealed a shocked expression, and he called out in puzzlement, “Grandfather, this…”

Old Master Jiang sighed and said, “Grandfather knows what you want to say. It’s time for grandfather to let go of the power of the Jiang Family.”

Jiang Tao’s heart surged. He had been waiting for this moment.

However, he appeared shocked on the surface. He declined and said, “Grandfather, this won’t do. My three uncles and the few younger brothers will definitely have objections.”

Old Master Jiang snorted coldly and said in a very dignified manner, “What’s wrong with me handing the power of the family over to the heir? What kind of objections can they have? Do they dare to have objections? Even if they have objections, they’d only hold it in their hearts.”

Jiang Tao’s eyes moved, but he still said with some hesitation, “Grandfather, is this really a good idea? Why don’t we hold a family meeting and inform them?”

He wanted this to be official!

Since he was the legitimate Jiang family’s heir, then he definitely wanted to take power in a legitimate manner so that no one would have anything to say.

As his grandfather said, what kind of objections could these people have?

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