Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 1128 - What? Don’t Tell Me You’re Going to Start Trouble at the Ultimate Fighting Ground?

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Chapter 1128 What? Don’t Tell Me You’re Going to Start Trouble at the Ultimate Fighting Ground?

Gu Han silently looked through the information provided by Sky City.

All they had written for the name of their third participant was ‘Shadow’.

No one would be able to guess that this referred to the Invisible Demon.

Gu Han could not help but wonder about Sky City.

Are they secretly linked to a member of royalty?

It was possible for someone to enter the abyssal world through the Class 6 abyss dimensional rift and subjugate the Invisible Demon and bring it back to the main world.

However, the Class 6 abyss dimensional rift was still locked, and only the 13 members of royalty were allowed to move in and out freely.

This meant that the Class XI/Kalpa VIII Invisible Demon had to have been taken out of the abyssal world by one of the members of royalty.

Despite his guesses, Gu Han was too smart to voice them and thought, The Miao family sure is digging their own grave.

With two veteran thearch-class experts dead, Connected Beast Park would be weaker against other top factions, but it would also reduce the negative remark made about them lending the two thearch-class experts to the Zheng family.

However, the negative remarks would still affect the Miao family significantly.

Thankfully, Han Tianhe and Liu Yanshan were not Creation Masters, and their deaths would not affect Connected Beast Park’s Creation Master-related proceedings.

From the moment Han Tianhe and Liu Yanshan died, Lin Yuan had kept his eyes fixed on Miao He.

He smiled when he saw Miao He talking on the phone.

Although the blood pact ultimate fight was over, the conflict had not ended.

As he looked at the incredulous Zheng Kaiyuan, Lin Yuan led the group from Sky City toward him.

Every step that Lin Yuan took was a blow to Zheng Kaiyuan’s heart, and Zheng Kaiyuan could feel his death approaching with every passing step.

Lin Yuan was not walking quickly, and he thought, The Miao family’s residence is not far from the ultimate fighting ground, and thearch-class experts should have already reached the ultimate fighting ground.

Lin Yuan said to Endless Summer, “Endless Summer, gift a Shooting Spear of Summer to every living member of the Zheng family.”

He had no plans to show mercy to the rest of the Zheng family.

Endless Summer raised its hand, and 100 pink and purple flowers appeared in the air and descended.

The Shooting Spears of Summer fell amongst where the Zheng family was seated.

Since Miao Qi and Zheng Kaiyuan had lost their legs and needed to be held up, they were positioned at the leftmost side of where the Zheng family was.

While the rest of the Zheng family dropped like flies and the Shooting Spears of Summer were plunging down toward Zheng Kaiyuan and Miao Zhi, a voice roared, “Stop!”

A golden screen appeared before Miao Zhi and Zheng Kaiyuan.

Miao Zhenshan materialized with an elegant 30-year-old man next to him.

There was a scar on the elegant man’s head which split his eyebrow into two. The scar added a rugged flavor to the elegant man’s countenance.

An elderly woman stood behind the two men, and she was the one who had produced the screen.

Lin Yuan used True Data on the elderly woman and saw that she was not a fey but an S+ rank spirit qi professional.

Given the shield she produced was able to deflect Endless Summer’s Shooting Spears of Summer, it meant that she was a veteran thearch-class expert.

However, it was impossible to tell from one screen whether she was stronger or weaker than the dead Liu Yanshan and Han Tianhe.

As Miao Zhenshan gazed at the dead Han Tianhe and Liu Yanshan, tears of rage welled up in his eyes.

He was not the only one present who was overwhelmed with emotion.

After the elegant scarred man appeared, Ji Feng suddenly clenched his fist, and his lip started to tremble.

He bit his lip so hard that he drew blood. The fresh drops of blood oozed down the corners of his mouth and stained the Sky City uniform.

Ji Feng struggled to retract his aura for fear of being exposed.

Liu Jie, who was next to Ji Feng, sensed his change and grabbed Ji Feng’s hand.

Since they were friends, Liu Jie knew about Ji Feng’s background, as well as who the elegant scarred man was.

The elegant, scarred man was the Second Elder of Whale Ocean Commerce and one of the three heads of Whale Ocean Commerce’s main lineage.

Liu Jie had noticed Lin Yuan looking at Miao He and knew that Lin Yuan had done so to draw out the Miao family’s leader.

But why had Whale Ocean Commerce’s Second Elder accompanied Miao Zhenshan?

A solid aura pierced through the clouds before the three newcomers could bark out any orders.

This aura had come from Gu Han, and Lin Yuan could sense that it had immortal power.

Gu Han looked at Miao Zhenshan and the Second Elder of Whale Ocean Commerce.

The immortal aura trapped the elderly woman, and Gu Han murmured, “Is the Miao family trying to start trouble at the ultimate fighting ground? The ultimate fighting ground has always been buried under the blood of factions. Miao Zhenshan, as the head of Connected Beast Park, are you unaware of this?”

When Gu Han released his aura, 12 experts that held onto the stone pillars with totems appeared around the ultimate fighting ground.

They also started to release their pressurizing auras and encapsulated the ultimate fighting ground.

Murderous intent perforated the auras of the 13 experts.

After sensing the auras, Lin Yuan realized that they were all as strong as Liu Yanshan.

He had heard of the Ultimate Guards, who were responsible for maintaining the rules of the ultimate fighting ground. Their arms were engraved with the totems of the factions that had broken the ultimate fighting ground’s rules.

Miao Zhenshan felt cold sweat drip down his back as he sensed Gu Han and the 12 Ultimate Guards’ auras.

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