Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 611 - Severely Bullied

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Chapter 611: Severely Bullied

Liu Jie’s words made Lin Yuan’s hand that was holding the Star Web Card freeze.

A person relied on their spiritual energy to function, and the five senses were the tools that a person used to experience the world around them.

Without one’s five senses, they were robbed of their ability to hear, see, smell, taste, and touch.

A person without their five senses would be thrown into a world of darkness despite having their spiritual energy and soul intact.

.Zhang Xiaobai stared at Liu Jie n shock. He nodded gratefully at Liu Jie.

Zhang Xiaobai and Liu Jie were very similar. Just like how Zhang Xiaobai had protected Millstone Town, Liu Jie had singlehandedly taken on the insect tide at Cold Frost City.

Zhang Xiaobai did not like many of the Radiance Hundred Sequence members.

However, Zhang Xiaobai respected Liu Jie.

His idol had saved him and was standing next to him. If this was any other time, Zhang Xiaobai would be jumping for joy.

Normally, he would be a rambling mess.

However, at that moment, Zhang Xiaobai’s heart was heavy, and he felt helpless.

Zhang Xiaobai had not planned on involving Lin Yuan. The Savage Snake Guild Club was a B-level veteran guild club that did not have any Radiance Hundred Sequence members. Their powers were nothing to scoff at.

However, when Liu Jie mentioned Meng Xu and the Sense-Stealing King Venom, Zhang Xiaobai started to tell his tale.

The words flowed out of his mouth.

“Four days ago, White Devil Lordress terminated her contract with the Extreme Guild Club. Thus, the main team was only left with three members, and they couldn’t participate in the top 16 match. The four of us were supposed to be subbed in. However, that damn Wei Chong made Lu Pingru shield him when he was accumulating abilities. Lu Pingru is a support-type spirit qi professional. Wei Chong is a jerk.”

Zhang Xiaobai was a talkative person and was rarely quiet.

After keeping everything to himself for four days, the words were now exploding out of him.

Lin Yuan’s frown grew even deeper.

He had always known that there was something wrong with the Savage Snake Guild club. However, he never expected the problem to be so huge.

During fights, the team’s captain was always the general, and the captain’s demeanor greatly influenced the team’s fighting style.

The captain’s word was as good as law.

Zhang Xiaobai, Tan Ran, Lu Pinru, and Xin Ying fighting in the match in the stead of the main team members would have resulted in an inevitable loss.

Since the team captain, Wei Chong, used Lu Pinru as a shield during such a match, it meant that he had zero concern for her safety.

A real fight was different from a Celestial Stairway one. In a Celestial Stairway fight, a few feys could afford to use suicidal attacks to secure victory.

But in a real fight, every move could have dire consequences.

Every time the fight resulted in serious injuries, they would need to seek out a Creation Master for healing.

The situation could even escalate to the point where spirit qi professionals and feys died during an important competition.

Lin Yuan now had a general understanding of why Zhang Xiaobai had chosen to leave the Extreme Guild Club.

“When Lu Pinru shielded Wei Chong from the attack, she wasn’t wearing silk clothes. Lu Pinru made one silk suit for me and gave the rest to Wei Chong. What’s the point of Wei Chong wearing so many silk clothes when he’s a spirit qi professional that uses long-distance explosive attacks?”

Lin Yuan cut in and said, “How could Wei Chong make Lu Pingru shield him when he’s wearing all the silk clothes?”

Lin Yuan had worn the Firm Armor Silk Clothing that Lu Pinru’s Glowing Silkworm Weaver had made.

He had experienced the defensive abilities of the silk clothing for himself.

Just one layer of the Firm Armor Silk Clothing would be able to sustain as much damage as a support-type spirit qi professional like Lu Pinru could handle.

When Zhang Xiaobai heard Lin Yuan’s question, a deeply worried expression appeared on his face.

“The fey that attacked Wei Chong was the Soul-Shattering Hedgehog that belongs to the Savage Snake Guild Club captain. Its attack Grinding Soul Needles is slow, and even I can evade it. Wei Chong could have easily avoided them, but he chose not to. In a match where we were sure to lose, Wei Chong insisted on using his ability so that he could eliminate one of the Savage Guild Club members and increase his points. After the competition ended, Meng Xu’s Sense-Stealing King Venom stole Lu Pingru, Xin Ying, and Tan Ran’s five senses. However, Meng Xu will eventually release Xin Ying and Tan Ran’s five senses during a fight because he wants to clear slots in the Sense-Stealing King Venom. Lu Pingru is seriously injured. How can she lose her five senses on top of that?”

Lin Yuan clenched his fists tightly.

There were very few feys that could damage souls.

Feys that could damage souls were always highly feared.

A damaged soul was a lethal blow to a spirit qi professional.

Besides experiencing intense soul pain, a spirit qi professional with a damaged soul would not be able to promote their class before their soul recovered.

If a Creation Master’s soul was injured, they would not be able to advance past Class 3 until they recovered, regardless of how talented they were.

It was because Class 4 Creation Masters gained the ability to utilize the strength of their souls.

The excruciating soul pain was overwhelming for even the strongest person.

The five senses which complimented spiritual energy could help bear the burden of the excruciating soul pain.

Since Lu Pinru’s five senses were stolen, she could only remain trapped in darkness as she struggled with the agonizing soul pain.

As time went on, her spirit and mind would collapse under the torturous soul pain—that moment would spell the end of Lu Pinru.

Lin Yuan felt someone tug on his sleeve. He turned and saw Chu Ci looking at him.

He could see anger and worry in Chu Ci’s eyes.

Lin Yuan patted her hand and said to Zhang Xiaobai in a low voice, “Is the 300,000 Radiance dollars the price for Meng Xu to release their five senses?”

Zhang Xiaobai gnashed his teeth and replied, “Meng Xu knows that Lu Pingru is in excruciating pain while he has her five senses. The 300,000 Radiance dollars is the price for him to release her five senses.”

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