Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 612 - How Can You Say That?

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Chapter 612: How Can You Say That?

Zhang Xiaobai raised his fist and wanted to slam it on one of the nearby walls of the Radiance Palace. He could not stand the feeling of being bullied and taken advantage of.

When Zhang Xiaobai felt the frigid eyes of the Radiance Palace staff on him, he was so scared that he hurriedly retracted his fist.

“If I didn’t need to care for the three of them, I would have fought Meng Xu to the death.”

Lin Yuan had climbed his way up from the time he was in the Xia Region. He had spent more than a decade drifting around with only Chu Ci by his side, and they had experienced their share of bullying.

Hence, Lin Yuan could understand how Zhang Xiaobai was feeling.

“Xiaobai, did the Extreme Guild Club help you out after the incident?”

Zhang Xiaobai shrugged nonchalantly.

However, Lin Yuan noted that Zhang Xiaobai’s tone had shifted.

“They didn’t ignore it. But, the matter involved Wei Chong. Since White Devil Lordess left the Extreme Guild Club, the managers knew that the Extreme Guild Club would probably be unable to reach even the top 13 in next year’s competition. As such, they don’t have the guts to offend the Savage Snake Guild Club, which sits comfortably within the top 16. Moreover, Lu Pingru’s soul was injured. As compensation, they decided to treat me, Xin Ying, and Tan Ran better. However, they didn’t provide a way to cure Lu Pingru. They also arranged for a new support-type spirit qi professional. What’s the point of staying in a guild club like that?”

Zhang Xiaobai’s tone became increasingly dispirited, and tears started to well up in his eyes.

After he was done speaking, Zhang Xiaobai sighed heavily.

The sigh seemed to carry all the boundless, hard work and effort that he had experienced in the Extreme Guild Club.

“Besides being created by a small number of Radiance Hundred Sequence members, guild clubs place importance on results. Powerful factions also support many guild clubs, so they revolve around benefits.”

Liu Jie did not know whether his words were of any comfort to Zhang Xiaobai or a form of elaboration for Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan nodded.

Since Lin Yuan managed Sky City, he was aware of the importance of benefits.

However, Lin Yuan felt that there were more important things than mere benefits.

“Savage Snake Guild Club’s Meng Xu has been involved in many similar events over the last few years. The other Savage Snake Guild Club main team members are all aware of his actions,” said Liu Jie.

Liu Jie’s words were punctuated with disdain for the Savage Snake Guild Club.

Lin Yuan was slightly confused. No matter how much the various factions traded off their benefits, how could the Guild Alliance just allow the Savage Snake Guild Club to run rampant with their evil deeds?

“I remember that the Guild Alliance strictly governs the guild clubs during the S Tournament. Hasn’t anyone reported the Savage Snake Guild Club’s behavior to the Guild Alliance?”

Liu Jie sighed in the direction of the Savage Snake Guild Club’s rest area.

“The Sense-Stealing King Venom can release the stolen five senses anytime. Even if someone reports the Savage Snake Guild Club, the Sense-Stealing King Venom will release the five senses before the Guild Alliance can launch an investigation. Now, the Savage Snake Guild Club is the only guild club that lacks supporters and is hated. Last year, the participant that the Save Snake Guild Club drew from the lucky draw chose a challenge match instead of a guided match. The participant was heavily injured, the Savage Snake Guild Club opponent even his root. This incident almost caused the Savage Snake Guild Club to be excluded from this year’s Allstar Match,” explained Liu Jie.

Wen Yu, who had been standing quietly by the side, heard what Lin Yuan and Zhang Xiaobai said. She could feel what Lin Yuan wanted to do.

Once she sensed that Lin Yuan was going to intervene in this matter, Wen Yu walked up and whispered to him, “Young Master, should I call for this Allstar Match to halt so the Guild Alliance can immediately investigate the Savage Guild Club?”

Zhang Xiaobai was initially ensconced in negativity.

When he heard what the woman next to Lin Yuan said, Zhang Xiaobai almost choked.

How can you say that? You think too highly of yourself! What gives you the right to casually call for the Allstar Match to stop? She even wants the Guild Alliance to launch an investigation.

Zhang Xiaobai knew full well what kind of organization the Guild Alliance was.

The Guild Alliance would never listen to the orders of one person. They would never allow someone to interfere with the Allstar Match that they had painstakingly put together.

It was the equivalent of cutting a piece of cloth they had just carefully sewn.

If Zhang Xiaobai did not know that Lin Yuan was Black and had fought to the death alongside him, he would have turned to leave so he could get away from the ‘crazy’ Wen Yu.

However, Zhang Xiaobai sensed a sort of haughtiness from her words.

She uttered those words naturally and simply.

The shocked Zhang Xiaobai gathered his senses. He could not help but start to guess and wonder about Lin Yuan’s identity.

At that moment, Zhang Xiaobai’s phone rang.

He picked up and immediately seemed anxious.

After ending the call, Zhang Xiaobai hurriedly said, “Something happened at the treatment center. I need to go there immediately.”

Lin Yuan turned and said to the group, “You guys go ahead to watch the competition first. I’ll go to the treatment center with Zhang Xiaobai. I’ll join you once we’re done.”

Warmth flooded Zhang Xiaobai’s heart, and he forcefully patted Lin Yuan’s shoulder as he yelled, “Good brother.”

His exclamation attracted the attention of the Radiance Palace staff again.

After issuing a few more instructions, Lin Yuan and Zhang Xiaobai walked out of the Radiance Palace.

The Mother of Bloodbath trailed behind Lin Yuan like a shadow.

Zhang Xiaobai seemed crestfallen during the entire journey. He suddenly heard a strangely pleasant voice say, “What do you think’s the best way to cook kidneys?”

Zhang Xiaobai had noticed someone following Lin Yuan and assumed that it was a friend of his.

Because it was wearing a mask, Zhang Xiaobai could only guess that it was a girl from the hair.

Zhang Xiaobai was slightly curious to know how the woman knew about his love for eating kidneys.

She even knows that I researched the best eating methods. Have I been eating too much? Can she tell from how round my face is?

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