Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 613 - People, Unlike Trees, Thrive on Change

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Chapter 613: People, Unlike Trees, Thrive on Change

As Lin Yuan rode on the Soft-Feathered Scale Bird, his mind was filled with thoughts about Lu Pinru’s damaged soul.

Soul injuries were difficult to treat. The things that could be used for treatment were extremely precious.

They were not considered spiritual ingredients.

Luckily, Lin Yuan possessed something that could treat soul injuries—the Cold Snow Pine’s tree sap.

The Cold Snow Pine’s tree sap was only half of what was needed to treat an injured soul.

They would also need pure fire-element energy to roast the tree sap and turn it into Cold Snow Pine Resin. Thus, Lin Yuan was not worried that Lu Pinru would collapse under the agonizing pain from her soul injury.

Lin Yuan was going with Zhang Xiaobai to the treatment center because he wanted to treat Lu Pinru’s soul injury as soon as possible to alleviate her pain.

As for Xin Ying, Lu Pinru, and Tan Ran’s stolen five senses, Lin Yuan could come up with about 100 ways to retrieve them.

When Lin Yuan heard what the Mother of Bloodbath asked Zhang Xiaobai, he knew that her foodie side was showing itself again.

During their time at Millstone Town, the Mother of Bloodbath had stuck close to him. It could observe the situation from three different angles, allowing it to have a clearer view than Lin Yuan.

Although Zhang Xiaobai was not acquainted with the Mother of Bloodbath, it was acting very friendly with him.

The gluttonous Mother of Bloodbath was now consumed with thoughts about the fragrant kidneys that Zhang Xiaobai had been talking about.

Zhang Xiaobai was not in a good mood and did not want to converse.

At the mention of good food, the usually quiet Mother of Bloodbath was suddenly overflowing with words.

This complementary interaction allowed Zhang Xiaobai and the Mother of Bloodbath to use the topic of kidneys as a vessel to talk about their experiences and feelings.

Lin Yuan shook his head. If the Mother of Bloodbath really listened to Zhang Xiaobai and went to try the barely cooked and tender kidneys, he might end up getting beaten up by it.

Zhang Xiaobai led them to the motionless Xin Ying, Lu Pinru, and Tan Ran when they arrived at the treatment center. Lin Yuan had spotted them from a distance away. They looked like they were in a deep sleep.

Inside the treatment center was a woman holding a scepter. At the tip of the scepter hung a cage, and inside the cage was a green butterfly. She was currently exchanging words with an unkempt elderly man.

When he saw Zhang Xiaobai walk in, the unkempt elderly man shouted, “Little Bai, you asked me here to treat feys that have injured their roots. Yet, you asked this healing-type spirit qi professional here too. What’s this supposed to mean? Do you think I’m not up to the task?”

Zhang Xiaobai quickly apologized to the unkempt elderly man.

“I’m sorry, Master Hong Shen. This is our captain.”

When Zhang Xiaobai had picked up the call, Master Hong Shen told him that someone had come to cause trouble in the treatment center and that he was not going to help with the treatment anymore.

However, he did not expect it to be White Devil Lordress who had insisted on terminating her contract with the Extreme Guild Club even if it cost her a large sum of money.

“How did you find this place, Sister Daisy?”

White Devil Lordress did not immediately respond to Zhang Xiaobai. She shot a glare at the unkempt Master Hong Shen.

“Old man, don’t you recognize me?”

Master Hong Shen rolled his eyes.

“Please, you’ve asked me this so many times. Who are you? Why should I know who you are?”

Once Master Hong Shen spoke, the strange woman carrying a cage around giggled and uttered, “Wow.”

Master Hong Shen’s cheeks immediately flushed red. This narcissistic woman had pulled so many words out of him.

White Devil Lordress looked at Zhang Xiaobai apologetically and said, “I heard about what happened to the four of you. If not for my leaving the Extreme Guild Club, you wouldn’t have been subbed in.”

Zhang Xiaobai hastily waved dismissively and said, “It’s not your fault, Senior Sister.”

White Devil Lordress reached out her hand and patted Zhang Xiaobai’s shoulder.

“Given your age, you should still be able to participate in the S Tournament for another five years. When I heard that you left the Extreme Guild Club, I felt that it was a smart decision. Why don’t you take a year off to find yourself a suitable guild club where you can continue your career? People, unlike trees, thrive on change.”

Before waiting for Zhang Xiaobai’s reaction, White Devil Lordress took a Bronze fey storage box out of the butterfly-shaped Diamond fey storage box around her neck and gave it to Zhang Xiaobai.

“You probably spent all your money hiring me to find the Glowing Silkworm Weaver. All the money you paid me and the Glowing Silkworm Weaver is in this fey storage box. Take it back. I’m sure you need money now. You don’t have to worry about Meng Xu anymore. The Allstar Match is today, and I’ll settle the matter tomorrow.”

White Devil Lordress glanced at the sleeping Lu Pinru before leaving the treatment center.

It was not just Zhang Xiaobai who was surprised to see White Devil.

Lin Yuan did not expect that the main character in the match that had kickstarted his dream half a year ago would appear before him again.

When he had watched White Devil’s fight against Unknown Flame, Lin Yuan felt that White Devil in combat was an extremely cold person.

He did not expect her regular personality to be completely different.

She was friendly and gentle. Her gentleness could be seen from her actions, and it was clear that she truly was a kind person.

From Zhang Xiaobai’s demeanor, Lin Yuan could tell that he was not close with White Devil.

Although she was in the main team and he was in the reserve team of the same guild club, White Devil was Sequence #19 of the Radiance Hundred Sequence. She held an extremely high position but took care of the reserve team members.

She was even willing to help out Zhang Xiaobai and the rest when they were in trouble.

She was doing Zhang Xiaobai a huge favor by helping with the Savage Snake Guild Club problem.

Suddenly, Master Hong Shen’s serene expression changed. His entire body froze, and his hands tightly clutched the corner of a nearby table.

Large beads of sweat rolled down his face.

Zhang Xiaobai seemed to understand what Master Hong Shen was going through and was not perturbed.

He took a small medicine bottle out of Master Hong Shen’s pocket and popped one of the pills into Master Hong Shen’s mouth.

Lin Yuan, who was standing three meters away from Master Hong Shen and Zhang Xiaobai, could smell a strong bitter scent.

“This old man sure is interesting. He manages to hold out despite having such a heavily injured soul,” whispered the Mother of Bloodbath.

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