Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 615 - Master Hong Shen’s Self-Planning

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Chapter 615: Master Hong Shen’s Self-Planning

Master Hong Shen threw out all his chips without hesitation.

As someone who had to endure torturous pain daily, he would sacrifice all that he had for a chance to escape the pain.

If a glimmer of light cut through the darkness, anyone entrenched in the darkness would reach out to it.

After Lin Yuan heard what Master Hong Shen said, his eyes lit up.

He had been planning on manipulating Master Hong Shen.

Lin Yuan had thought to himself that it would be impossible to get a Creation Master to swear on a Willpower Rune to become his follower.

However, he never expected that the moment he started to manipulate Master Hong Shen, the latter would immediately self-destruct.

He had immediately laid out all his chips on the table, free for Lin Yuan to grab.

According to Master Hong Shen, he was a hair’s breadth away from being promoted to Class 4 Creation Master.

If Master Hong Shen could become a Class 4 Creation Master after recovering from his soul injury, Sky City would finally have a true Class 4 Creation Master.

However, Lin Yuan was not sure whether Master Hong Shen could really be promoted to Class 4 in such a short time like he said.

But regardless of whether it was true or not, it made no difference to Lin Yuan.

Given Master Hong Shen’s powers as a pinnacle Class 3 Creation Master, Lin Yuan was already willing to invest the Cold Snow Pine resin in him.

Since the Cold Snow Pine could be used to treat soul injuries, it was extremely precious.

The Cold Snow Pine’s tree sap was a collectible to Lin Yuan and one of his secrets.

Given Lin Yuan’s personality, he would never trade away this secret of his. However, it did not serve any purpose being in storage. If it could be used to trade for the loyalty of a Class 3 Creation Master, it was worth it.

It did not matter even if Master Hong Shen could not be promoted to a Class 4 Creation Master soon after recovering from his soul injury.

The Class 3 Creation Masters’ ability to evolve feys was already enough to meet Lin Yuan’s needs.

Creation Masters’ abilities were accumulated through the constant creation of spirit fluids.

Lin Yuan had a lot of work on his plate as a Creation Master and needed Master Hong Shen’s help to evolve the Angelfish of Bliss’ young to Gold grade.

Master Hong Shen would probably be worked to the bone trying to accomplish this immense task.

Lin Yuan believed that even if Master Hong Shen was a moron, he would be able to be inspired by the immense task and comprehend how to use the power of his soul to concoct spirit fluids and become a Class 4 Creation Master.

Since Master Hong Shen wanted to become his follower, Lin Yuan needed to tell him some things upfront.

“As a Class 3 Creation Master, you should be aware of how valuable the Suzerain/Myth II Class 3 Cold Snow Pine’s tree sap is. If I accept you as my follower, you’ll have to work hard every day to prove your worth.”

While Lin Yuan spoke, the Mother of Bloodbath shot him a look of admiration.

As a spider-species fey, the Mother of Bloodbath’s path to evolution was lined with mercilessness. It had killed an uncountable number of feys.

Thus, the Mother of Bloodbath could understand the camaraderie between Lu Pinru and Lin Yuan, which prompted him to use the Cold Snow Pine’s tree sap to heal her.

However, it felt that Lin Yuan was sacrificing too much.

But when it heard Lin Yuan lay out his conditions to this unkempt old man, the Mother of Bloodbath knew that Lin Yuan had been planning for a way to even his losses.

Lin Yuan prioritized emotional ties much more than ordinary people. This was the trait that made the Mother of Bloodbath unknowingly acknowledge Lin Yuan.

Master Hong Shen had been speaking with a nervous tone. Pinnacle Class 3 Creation Masters were able to utilize Suzerain spirit ingredients, but they were unable to utilize the spiritual ingredients from a fey that had evolved past Suzerain.

Naturally, he was unable to use a Suzerain/Myth II fey’s spiritual ingredient to heal his injured soul.

When he had laid all his chips on the table, the arrogant Master Hong Shen felt for the first time that he had nothing to offer in exchange for the Cold Snow Pine’s tree sap.

If this youth was willing to use five drops of the Cold Snow Pine’s tree sap to hire a Class 4 Creation Master, it would buy two months of the Class 4 Creation Master’s time.

Thus, Master Hong Shen knew that his only worthy stake was his loyalty.

Master Hong Shen’s loyalty was just what Lin Yuan needed the most.

Lin Yuan’s Golden Lotus Brocade Pearls were very precious, and he needed a Creation Master to nurture them.

The successful nurturing of such a valuable mutated fey would bring boundless benefits. Lin Yuan could not entrust the task to anyone unless they had sworn on a Willpower Rune.

After hearing what Lin Yuan said, Master Hong Shen’s face lit up with surprised elation. He knew that this youth had agreed to his plea and was just trying to guarantee that he was going to work hard.

Compared to having to suffer excruciating pain from his soul injury every day, hard work would be bliss.

Master Hong Shen had lived for many years and was already one foot into his grave. He knew that the more one was willing to sacrifice, the more they would receive.

Being busy was helpful in improving a Creation Master’s power. The stronger he was as a Creation Master, the more he would gain this youth’s respect. This was a positive cycle he would earn for his hard work.

“Fine. As long as you can promise me eight hours of rest every day, I’ll be able to do 16 hours of work daily.” Master Hong Shen gritted his teeth and said, “I can form a contract with a Vitality Sloth. It’ll help me work longer.”

Lin Yuan quickly waved his hand dismissively and said, “You don’t need to do that. I won’t keep you that busy. However, you will have to work for about 12 hours daily.”

After healing his soul injury and swearing on a Willpower Rune to become Lin Yuan’s follower, Master Hong Shen would be as good as family to Lin Yuan.

In order to allow Master Hong Shen to utilize his potential, Lin Yuan planned on investing resources into him. Thus, he did not need Master Hong Shen to form a contract with the Vitality Sloth that was barely useful and could be contracted by anyone.

Hu Quan’s contract with the Vitality Sloth was a source of headache for Lin Yuan.

Initially, Lin Yuan had wanted to ask Hu Quan if there was a more suitable fey that he would like to contract.

In the end, Hu Quan had secretly contracted the Vitality Sloth so he could work even harder.

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