Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 616 - Roasting Resin

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Chapter 616: Roasting Resin

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However, that was Hu Quan’s own decision, and it was inappropriate for Lin Yuan to interfere.

Zhang Xiaobai, who was standing next to Lin Yuan and had watched the entire scene unfold, felt that this world was too magical.

The bad-tempered Master Hong Shen had suddenly become an obedient puppy that yearned to follow Lin Yuan around the moment that Lin Yuan had produced the bottle of baby-blue-colored tree sap.

Master Hong Shen was a pinnacle Class 3 Creation Master!

Yet, Zhang Xiaobai could see inexplicable gratefulness in Lin Yuan’s gaze.

Lin Yuan was so casual about using something that convinced a pinnacle Class 3 Creation Master to put aside his pride and dedicate his loyalty in return for it on Lu Pingru.

From Zhang Xiaobai’s understanding of Lin Yuan, he knew that Lin Yuan would never have brought up the tree sap’s value after healing Lu Pingru’s soul injury if not for Master Hong Shen’s willingness to swear his loyalty,

Master Hong Shen was eager to empty all his projects out of the studio that was inside the treatment center for Lin Yuan.

When Lin Yuan walked to Master Hong Shen’s studio’s entrance, he noticed piles of various spiritual ingredients and used medicine crystal bottles strewn about haphazardly.

The air was filled with the strange odors left over from a myriad of spiritual ingredients.

A bitter note was salient amongst the odors. It must have come from the Bitter Bracken Roots.

Master Hong Shen looked at Lin Yuan bashfully and chuckled. “I’m used to being messy. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to clean the studio till it’s spick and span while you work.”

Lin Yuan looked at Master Hong Shen with uneasy belief.

It’s not that easy to change a habit that’s been ingrained for so many years. When he goes to the mansion, Wen Yu will definitely be bothered by the unhygienic state of his studio.

When he noticed that Lin Yuan still had not taken a step inside his studio, Master Hong Shen grinned and asked, “My Lord, Do you need help? I can be your assistant or do the work in your stead!”

Master Hong Shen had not signed a contract with him yet, but Lin Yuan noticed that Master Hong Shen had started to address him as ‘Lord’.

On this trip, Lin Yuan had hung his Class 2 Creation Master crest around his neck.

Lin Yuan realized that Master Hong Shen kept stealing glances at the crest with subtle worry in his eyes.

Lin Yuan sniggered to himself.

Could Master Hong Shen be so enthusiastic about being my assistant because he’s worried that I’m a mere Class 2 Creation Master? He’s worried that I’ll fail and waste the Cold Snow Pine’s tree sap.

“Come in if you want to. I’m not worried about being bothered when I’m concocting the Cold Snow Pine’s tree sap.”

Master Hong Shen immediately started to panic. Although he did not know how Lin Yuan was going to concoct the Cold Snow Pine’s spirit fluid, it was common knowledge that the slightest slip on a Creation Master’s part could cause the concoction to fail.

As a Creation Master, Master Hong Shen understood how scary it was to be distracted when concocting spirit fluids.

Despite his young age, Lin Yuan was already a Class 2 Creation Master and had basically gained Master Hong Shen as his follower.

Once Lin Yuan healed Master Hong Shen’s soul injury, he would immediately sign the contract to become Lin Yuan’s follower.

Thus, Master Hong Shen dared not speak against Lin Yuan.

However, Master Hong Shen badly wanted to grab Lin Yuan’s Master by the collar and demand to know how they had taught their student.

Before Master Hong Shen could continue speaking, Lin Yuan had taken out a box that was glowing with a faint jade hue.

Master Hong Shen blurted out, “A jade-textured platane wood box!”

Once he spoke, Master Hong Shen immediately shut his mouth in embarrassment.

He noticed that Lin Yuan was unaffected by his outburst as he calmly poured the Cold Snow Pine’s tree sap into the jade-textured platane wood box.

Platane wood was exceptionally compatible with fire-element energy when it was jade-textured.

Under normal circumstances, the pure fire element would not set the platane wood alight. Instead, it would nourish the platane wood like spirit qi.

Lin Yuan did not have a complete jade-textured platane wood box. He had made this one in his hands after entering the Spirit Lock spatial zone and cutting the platane wood planks.

He had done it in case the opportunity to roast the Cold Snow Pine’s tree sap arose.

He did not expect to use it a mere two days after creating it.

The baby-blue-colored Cold Snow Pine tree sap started to pulse inside the jade-textured platane wood box.

Lin Yuan’s hand trembled, and he took out ten heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls with 9.8 purity.

Although most of the elemental pearls produced by the Bronze/Legend Elemental Shellfish had inner radiance, he had accumulated so many elemental pearls that some did not have inner radiance.

The heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls with inner radiance were much more valuable than those without. Thus, Lin Yuan usually chose to use the elemental pearls without inner radiance.

Lin Yuan tossed an elemental pearl into the platane wood box.

The moment that the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearl entered the platane wood box, the dark-red jade-textured platane wood box lit up with a bright red light and plumes of crimson smoke billowed out.

At the same time, under the influence of the pure fire-elemental energy from the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls, the blues and reds combined to form twin-colored flames.

As Lin Yuan watched what was happening, he thought, ”m glad I prepared a jade-textured platane wood box. If I had used another vessel, the flames formed by the extreme cold and extreme heat would have exploded it. The jade-textured platane wood box handles these flames easily.

All flames were fundamentally fire-elemental energy. They would all nourish the jade-textured platane wood box.

Lin Yuan tossed in another when the first fire elemental pearl was used up to maintain the burning blue and red flames.

In the beginning, the Cold Snow Pine’s tree sap’s blue flames were stronger than the fire elemental pearl’s red flames.

As more fire-elemental pearls were tossed in, the red flames were becoming stronger than the blue flames.

Lin Yuan decreased the rate at which he tossed in heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls. Instead, he started to crush the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls and slowly added the powder in.

From the moment Lin Yuan had taken out the fire heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls, Master Hong Shen had been staring at Lin Yuan with his mouth agape.

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