Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 669 - The First Welfare

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Chapter 669: The First Welfare

One would look for a Creation Master to customize feys according to Willpower Runes. Because feys comprehended Willpower Runes in the process of evolving to Bronze, there would be no way to control them.

This would make it such that the strengthened exclusive skills of these Bronze/Epic feys would not be what spirit qi professionals needed.

Hence, when customizing high-quality Bronze feys according to Willpower Runes, it was very common for buyers to take the initiative to provide the Bronze fey.

The Dry Land Sand Pig summoned by this woman in cyan half-armor was a very rare kind of fey with the dual attributes of fire and earth.

Its exclusive skill, Dry Land Gravitation, could increase the gravitational pull at arid ground deprived of water.

As its strength increased, the Dry Land Sand Pig’s ability to control Dry Land Gravitation would also continue to improve. It could even have a decent killing effect.

When gravitational changes in a small area acted on the same object—as long as the difference between the two gravitational forces acting on the object was sufficiently large—the object would be ripped apart.

The woman in cyan half-armor knelt down and petted the Dry Land Sand Pig, which was already sprawled lazily on the ground after just being summoned.

She asked, “My lord, will this Dry Land Sand Pig do?”

Lin Yuan nodded.


After which, Lin Yuan pointed to the Bronze/Legend Oath Lily of the Valley on the table and said, “Let’s issue an oath of exchange for this Oath Lily of the Valley according to the rules I just set.”

The lanky half-armored woman looked at the Bronze/Legend Oath Lily of the Valley on the table and could not help but become a little fascinated.

“I didn’t expect that, in my life, I would not only see a Bronze/Legend fey but also swear an oath to it.

“It’s just that I don’t have many overly precious spiritual ingredients or feys here, so you might not receive anything valuable from this oath of exchange, my lord.”

Lin Yuan smiled nonchalantly at the woman’s words.

When exchanging resources according to an oath of exchange, Lin Yuan also needed to exchange resources of the same value.

In the process, he would also not take advantage of the other party.

Lin Yuan wanted the Legend Oath Lily of the Valley to use its accumulated oaths of exchange to obtain specific spiritual ingredients or feys from trading customers when he just couldn’t find them himself.

This was a resource exchange channel with Sky City at its core.

As more oaths of exchange accumulated, Lin Yuan would have greater possibilities of exchanging good things.

Lin Yuan could not refuse the other party’s resources if he chose to trade in an oath of exchange.

Although the lower limit was very low in such trades, the upper limit was also very high.

Lin Yuan could obtain Law Crystals or even Law Source Crystals from such trades.

A bell-shaped white flower on the Oath Lily of the Valley’s branch fell into the jade pot in which the lily had been planted.

The first oath of exchange had successfully been concluded.

Looking at the lazy Dry Land Sand Pig sprawled on the ground with a nose that was far longer than that of other pig feys, Lin Yuan said to the lanky half-armored woman, “You are Sky City’s first customer, so I should give you some welfare.

“Your Dry Land Sand Pig has faintly awakened the Tapir bloodline.

“At that time, Sky City will help you evolve it and stimulate its Tapir bloodline simultaneously, allowing it to become a Dry Land Sand Tapir.”

Lin Yuan’s words caused Sun Ningxiang’s eyes to narrow. At the same time, the woman in the cyan half-armor exclaimed.

This also made those at the scene who had not snatched the Fate Letter or had gotten a black letter in their Fate Letter feel extremely sour, as though they had eaten a hundred lemons.

It was necessary to formulate extremely pure spirit qi for the Dry Land Sand Pig to evolve into the Dry Land Sand Tapir. Only Pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters could formulate this kind of pure spirit qi.

However, who would have thought that this pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master resource would be given away so easily at Sky City?

The tone was even as simple as that of a seller giving a customer a free plastic bag for buying a few kilograms of apples.

But this was a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master resource!

It was not like evolving a fey from Normal to Epic, which only required an average Class 4 Creation Master to complete with some effort.

If Class 5 Creation Masters didn’t interfere, pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters would be the best of the best.

To get a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master to interfere, one had to first establish ties with him. Otherwise, the evolution would not be successful, no matter how many Radiance dollars one had.

Anyone seeking pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters would be loaded with Radiance dollars.

It could be said that the lanky woman in cyan half-armor had gotten herself an advantageous deal!

At that moment, Sun Ningxiang was not concerned with the half-armored woman’s gains, but Lin Yuan’s attitude toward advanced Creation Master resources.

As a top power, Condense Fairy Orchard had also had three pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters in its heyday.

When it came to the resources of these pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters, Condense Fairy Orchard had been extremely cautious with every trace.

Often, the more elite the faction, the more cautious it was in its use of Creation Master resources.

However, the masked man before her seemed not to care about pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master resources at all.

In fact, it wasn’t that Lin Yuan really wanted to give the lanky woman welfare, but that this Dry Land Sand Pig already had the signs of bloodline awakening in its posture.

As long as it was taken to the Spirit Lock spatial zone, Lin Yuan would guide the pure spirit qi there into the Dry Land Sand Pig for it to naturally evolve.

Lin Yuan was simply making the process smoother.

The woman in cyan half-armor thanked Lin Yuan hurriedly. “My Lord, I am truly thankful to you! From now on, I will be Sky City’s number one fan!”

After trading with the half-armored woman, Lin Yuan announced that the private faction territory’s function in Sky City was now perfectly completed.

Lin Yuan believed that Sky City would definitely maintain its position on the Popularity Ranking with the past few hours’ earlier episodes.

It might even rise drastically in ranking.

Lin Yuan had established his private faction of Sky City mainly to collect resources.

The money that Lin Yuan earned from steadily developing his might had been enough to spend in the past, but his stall was now getting bigger and bigger.

Even the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce had to fight with the Zheng family when it came to luxury resources.

It was absolutely necessary to spend on this. Hence, Lin Yuan had decided to schedule the issuance of the Fate Letter once daily.

It was just that he didn’t have the time to come to manage Sky City personally every day.

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