Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 696 - Die Quickly

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Chapter 696: Die Quickly

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Qi Haitao walked up to Lin Yuan and stretched out his hand as he said, “Hello, I’m Qi Haitao, the young leader of the Sea Bliss Clan. I came here to discuss our collaboration in detail.”

Lin Yuan did not reach out to catch Qi Haitao’s hand. Instead, he pointed at the seat opposite him and replied, “Let’s sit and talk. I have a favor to ask of the Sea Bliss Clan as well.”

Qi Haitao’s anger flared when his friendly display was not met with a similar response.

But the way Lin Yuan spoke made Qi Haitao look at him like how one would gaze upon a fool. Even if he needed help, he should have subtly brought it up after their discussion. Who blatantly revealed that they needed their partner’s help?

Lin Yuan’s behavior made Qi Haitao feel as though he was being devoured.

Lin Yuan was already scheming against the Sea Bliss Clan.. Hence, he could not be bothered to put on an act with the Sea Bliss Clan’s young leader.

Since the Sea Bliss Clan wanted to discuss their collaboration, Lin Yuan said frankly, “I need to take 180 tons of amazonite from the Sea Bliss Clan.”

Since the way Lin Yuan spoke made Qi Haitao regard him as a fool, Qi Haitao had the impulse to leave.

He had sharply picked up that Lin Yuan had mentioned ‘take’. It was as though Lin Yuan wanted the Sea Bliss Clan’s help but did not want to pay any price. How could such a good deal exist?

The Sea Bliss Clan can provide 180 tons of amazonite, but what can you offer Sea Bliss Clan? How dare you be so greedy?

Lin Yuan’s laziness had already angered Qi Haitao, and now he immediately boiled with rage.

Just before Qi Haitao was about to explode, Lin Yuan murmured, “I won’t be taking the 180 tons of amazonite without giving anything in return. In the next month, I can guarantee that I’ll be able to fulfill an order of at least 360 Angelfish of Bliss.”

Lin Yuan’s words made the livid Qi Haitao calm down.

He said to Lin Yuan with a tone of disbelief, “Do you mean to say that you can promise that you’ll be able to evolve 360 gestating Angelfish of Bliss from Flawless to Epic in one month?”

Lin Yuan nodded with certainty.

“Your understanding is correct. If the Sea Bliss Clan is unhappy with daily transactions, I can present you with 360 evolved gestating Angelfish of Bliss at the end of the month. Of course, you have to be comfortable with allowing the evolved Angelfish of Bliss to produce eggs while in my care.”

Lin Yuan’s calm speech astonished Qi Haitao. Being able to evolve 360 gestating Angelfish of Bliss from Flawless to Epic in one month was the equivalent of six pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters working non-stop.

Moreover, this productivity would last a month.

Given this level of Creation Master resource provision, even if the Sea Bliss Clan needed to compensate every evolved gestating Angelfish of Bliss with a Platinum Angelfish of Bliss, it was still worth it to provide 180 tons of amazonite on top of that.

The Angelfish of Bliss was an aquatic-type fey that had a flood season. If 360 Angelfish of Bliss could be evolved to Bronze/Epic within a month, the Sea Bliss Clan would no longer need Immortal Bliss tablets to force customers to buy lousy fish by next year.

When a large number of young fish matured, the Sea Bliss Clan could even auction off the Angelfish of Bliss one by one.

In about three to five years, the Sea Bliss Clan would be able to charge toward the goal of becoming a top faction.

As the Sea Bliss Clan’s young leader, Qi Haitao had the authority to move the Sea Bliss Clan’s resources around.

Qi Haitao immediately sealed the deal for fear of Lin Yuan going back on his offer.

“Sea Bliss Clan is willing to offer 180 tons of amazonite in exchange for Sky City’s provision of Creation Master resources. However, I don’t like one-time deals. I want Sky City to make a promise.”

Lin Yuan looked up at Qi Haitao and asked with bemusement, “Promise? What do you have in mind?”

Qi Haitao paused to think before saying, “After this deal, I want Sky City to continue completing transactions of 10 fish per month with the Sea Bliss Clan.”

Unknowingly, Qi Haitao started taking a tone of respect with Lin Yuan.

If Qi Haitao could close this deal with Sky City, it meant that Sky City would have to have at least six pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters.

It was a given for top factions to have at least six pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters. After all, it was much harder to evolve gestating Angelfish of Bliss as compared to regular Angelfish of Bliss.

Moreover, Sky City was going to work with Condense Fairy Orchard. Otherwise, the Miao family’s Connected Beast Park would not have been angry with the Sea Bliss Clan.

This meant that Sky City could have more than just six pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters.

Sky City had so many Creation Master resources that the elite faction Miao family might not even be able to match up to them.

Qi Haitao agreed to the deal so easily that Lin Yuan was rather surprised.

Lin Yuan could also tell from Qi Haitao’s easy agreement that he was resolved to expand the Sea Bliss Clan.

Naturally, Lin Yuan was happy about this. The quicker Sea Bliss Clan expanded, the quicker they would be barrelling toward their doom.

Lin Yuan thought,?This young leader of the Sea Bliss Clan definitely has foresight. In a few months, the Sea Bliss Clan might not want me to evolve feys for them.

Lin Yuan was only going to evolve Sea Bliss Clan’s quality and not their grades.

As a C-rank spirit qi professional, Lin Yuan needed 40 minutes in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. If Lin Yuan activated the Pure Land of Bliss, the time required would drop significantly. Thus, he only needed seven or eight hours to evolve 12 Angelfish of Bliss every day.

This workload was nothing to the workaholic Lin Yuan, and he was more than willing to comply.

Every time Lin Yuan evolved an Angelfish of Bliss, the Sea Bliss Clan would require more Aurora pollen. This would send them rocketing toward their doom.

After he accomplished his deal with the Sea Bliss Clan, Lin Yuan had finished collecting all the spiritual ingredients needed for Submerged Flood Dragon Lake.

He had finished collecting the mountain of resources in the span of one day and one night. Even Lin Yuan was shocked by his productivity.

This was the first time Lin Yuan had realized how powerful the connections he wielded were.

He had never realized it until now.

This feeling of power made Lin Yuan feel very secure.

The construction of Submerged Flood Dragon Lake definitely needed more spiritual ingredients than just Revival Soil, soul-nourishing clay, amazonite, and larimar.

Nonetheless, he did not need to concern himself with spiritual ingredients that they only needed in small amounts. He could leave it for Listen to settle.

The Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce could easily gather various small amounts of spiritual ingredients by making use of other chambers of commerce’s functions.

The morning of the next day, Hu Quan had returned to the mansion, and he was dumbfounded by the spirit ingredients in the four Diamond fey storage boxes that Lin Yuan had given him.

Hu Quan had brought 200 Class 3 Spirit Craftsmen along with him, and they enthusiastically jumped into the construction of Submerged Flood Dragon Lake.

Lin Yuan had also received the feys that Sun Ningxiang and Qi Haitao had sent through Ostrich Logistics. He shut himself in the Spirit Lock spatial zone and started to work.

By the sixth day, Wen Yu finally returned to the mansion.

When Lin Yuan saw that Wen Yu was back, he immediately noticed that she was utterly different from before.

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