Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful - Chapter 358 - Perverted weird old man (1)

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Chapter 358: Perverted weird old man (1)

After making Zhao Youming shut up, Zhao Youlin was in an incredibly good mood. Unfortunately, there were people in this world who would not let her good moments last longer. After walking just a few steps out of Zhao Youming’s sight, Zhao Youlin’s phone rang.

Zhao Youlin glanced at the caller ID on her phone and unconsciously frowned.

Not long after she answered the call, Zhao Youlin’s face changed. Then, she turned around and said to Xiao Jingyao, “I have to leave for a while. Uncle Xiao, you go without me.” After saying that, she quickly disappeared in front of Xiao Jingyao.

Xiao Jingyao, who was suddenly left behind, was puzzled. He stared at the back of Zhao Youlin, who hastily left and murmured worriedly, “What’s so urgent? We have a small meeting later!” *Sigh

Inside the clean pastry store, the autumn sun shone through the bright glass window into the people inside the store. The warmth made them so comfortable that they felt like they could close their eyes and take a nap.

As it was not a peak hour, there were only a few customers in the store.

But among these people, there was a customer who seemed extraordinarily different, causing a few people at the bar side could not help but frequently gave him a few side glances.

“Guys, who do you think the old man is? Why is he dressed so strangely? He can’t be…He can’t be some kind of murderous pirate, right?” Shuangshuang stood at the front desk, holding her chubby cheeks and asked the few people there with a panicked expression on her face.

They rolled their eyes at Shuangshuang in a speechless manner. Sea-faring pirate? This girl must have watched too many ancient martial arts movies recently.

However, surprisingly, there was someone who was willing to humor her.

Xiao Wei cupped his cheeks with his left and right hands thoughtfully and said with a profound expression on his face, “It’s hard to say. Didn’t you see the car the old man came with? It was the latest version of Rolls-Royce, the kind that’s the world’s limited model. That’s not something you can buy with money alone.”

“…Would we see pirates these days attracting people’s attention by driving a luxury car so flamboyantly and dressing up so bizarrely? Is he afraid that people won’t know he’s a pirate?”

“…” Xiao Wei did not know how to retort to that.

“If he is not a pirate, then what is he doing dressed so weirdly? And since he sat down, that man has been keeping his stare glued on An Yue. And he is smiling so… lewdly. It just feels…” Shuangshuang crossed her arms in an exaggerated manner and shivered. “So scary!”

They unconsciously shifted their gaze to the old man. The old man’s attire was not exactly bizarre, but because he was too well-dressed, or one could say he dressed too pretentiously. When he sat in a pastry store with a casual atmosphere, especially that most of the guests here were young people of about the same age as them, putting it into comparison, the old man seemed extraordinarily bizarre.

Master Zhao was unaware that his elaborate dressing had been equated with the term bizarreness in the eyes of others. He put on a smile, which Shuangshuang had described as lewd. He smiled at the girl standing opposite him and tried his best to act as a kind elder. He said gently, “You are An Yue? Did you make all these pastries?”

An Yue looked at the smile on the old master’s face and nodded timidly. She hesitated a little before she inquired softly, “Yes… yes, I am An Yue. Is there anything wrong with these pastries? Is it… not to your liking?”

“No, no, these pastries are quite delicious, and they are not very sweet. They all look very fresh. They are freshly made, right?” The old master could see that the girl standing in front of him was a little shy, so he tried his best to sound gentler and looked at the girl in front of him like a loving elder.

Hearing the customer say that the pastries she made were delicious, An Yue heaved a sigh of relief. When she heard the old master asking if the pastries were freshly made, she thought that he minded about the freshness of the pastry. So she hurriedly explained, “All the pastries in our store are basically freshly made. They are all fresh. As for the sweetness, we added only a little sugar based on the consideration that something too sweet and greasy may not be suitable to your tastes.”

Upon hearing that, the old master smiled more and more brightly. This girl was a little afraid of talking to strangers and she was easily shy, but she was gentle and considerate. She knew how to take care of people, and her look was…

A bright light swept across the old master’s eyes, but this bright light was quickly withdrawn by him.

The pair of his mature eyes gently studied the girl in front of him. The more he looked at her, the more he liked her. He was feeling proud in his heart, thinking that he was my eldest grandson indeed, he had got good taste.

If Zhao Youlin knew what the old master was thinking about at the moment, she would definitely say this to him, ‘Haha!’.

The old master did not ask her to leave. Out of politeness, An Yue did not feel right to just turn around and leave. She could only stand stiffly there, enduring the shady gaze projected by the old master. Her head unconsciously looked… more…more…and more lower.

When An Yue was getting goosebumps all over because of the old man’s stare, when she really hoped that she could dig a hole in the floor and hide herself in there, someone finally came to her rescue.

“Sir, here’s your pear juice. Yue Yue, I just saw another guest come in and order your pastry. You should go to the back first and get ready for it. Leave this to me.” An Qi brought a glass of pear juice on a tray and put it in front of the old master. Then, she tilted her head sideways and winked at An Yue, hinting her to get out of there first.

An Yue was overjoyed. She hurriedly bowed toward the old master and turned to leave. She walked so fast that the old master did not even have the chance to ask her to stay.

Looking at the distant back of his future granddaughter-in-law, the old master’s face undisguisedly showed a few traces of disappointment.

Though he absolutely had no idea that in the eyes of the other girl who was standing beside him, his expression made her even more certain of what she thought of him in her mind, which was that this old master was a pervert who was coveting her sister!

The old master, who was oblivious to the fact that he had been despised, finally withdrew his gaze from An Yue’s back when he heard a cold voice coming from his side. “Enjoy your drink, Sir. Please excuse me.”

“Wait!” The old master, who was planning to get a little more information about his future granddaughter-in-law from this girl, hurriedly reached out and grabbed An Qi’s hand, trying to pull her back after hearing what she said.

Though he did not expect that this action had brought him unbearable consequences.

“Sir, what are you doing?” An Qi was startled by the old master’s sudden tight grip on her hand. She turned around and asked him with a shocked expression on her face.

“Oh my God! That perverted old man is grabbing Sister An Qi’s hand and would not let go!”

“Arghh! What is that old man trying to do to Sister An Qi?”

“Darn it! What else do you think? He is trying to molest Sister An Qi, of course! He is a pervert, as we expected. He is already so old. He has got the nerve to grab the hand of a young girl?”

“That’s right! That’s right! You guys look! Sister An Qi looks like she’s about to cry. That can’t be. Let’s go and help her out.”

“Yes, yes!”

After the commotion, a group of waiters who were standing at the front desk pounced toward the two people as if they were on steroids.

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