Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful - Chapter 359 - Perverted weird old man (2)

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Chapter 359: Perverted weird old man (2)

The old master was about to explain himself when he heard a clamor coming from behind him. He turned around and looked in puzzlement, only to see a few teenage boys and girls running toward them with weapons in their hands. His eyes narrowed instantly. He tried to dodge them but it was too late.




A yell of surprise mixed with cries of pain rang out at the same time, so much so that the scene fell into chaos all of a sudden.

As soon as Zhao Youlin arrived at the store, she saw a group of her staff lunging at her grandfather fiercely. Her gut could not help but knot with fright, and she cried out.

Unfortunately, the scene was so chaotic that no one heard her cry. So in desperation, Zhao Youlin had to raise her voice and shouted again, “Everyone, stop!”

This time, everyone heard her voice. Several of those who were agile quickly withdrew their hands, but a few still inevitably hit the old master with the tools they were holding.

“Manager.” Several people turned their heads and saw Zhao Youlin. They immediately stood still, fumbling to hide their tools of crime behind them.

Zhao Youlin walked over and helped the old master up. After looking him up and down and making sure he was not hurt, she asked them with a sullen face, “What is going on? Why did you hit him?”

They exchanged glances with each other for a while. In the end, it was the straightforward Shuangshuang who said something. “This perverted old man tried to molest Sister An Qi just now. We were trying to teach him a lesson!”

Zhao Youlin was speechless. “…”

The old master was shocked. “!!!”

“Grandpa, can you explain to me why she said you were trying to molest someone?” After a moment of dead silence, Zhao Youlin asked through gritted teeth, causing everyone to be stunned.

The staff, who were standing in a row, glanced at each other and suddenly broke out into an even louder cry of surprise. “Grandpa?!”

Zhao Youlin let out a sigh. Then, she pointed in a helpless manner to the old man, who was wearing a black coat and looking like a gangster. “That’s right, this is my grandfather.”

The expressions of several staff members suddenly became a little awkward. Zhao Youlin did not bother about them. She only turned her head to the old master and repeated the previous question. “Grandpa, shouldn’t you explain to me why you showed up at my shop? And why were you misunderstood by my staff as a lewd pervert who molested a girl?”

“About this, I also don’t know what’s going on.” The old master coughed lightly. His face was full of guiltiness for having been busted. He lowered his head little by little under Zhao Youlin’s forceful gaze.

It took him quite a long while to realize that he should explain himself at this moment. He said with a serious expression on his face, “You have to believe me, Youlin. I really didn’t do anything!”

The old master looked particularly righteous when he said that. He was afraid that Zhao Youlin would misunderstand that he had done something unforgivable. Then, she would really hide his grandson and granddaughter away from him, and she would never let him see them.

Zhao Youlin’s face darkened slightly. She knew that she would not get a proper explanation from this moment. So, she turned her gaze to her male staff in this shop. “Xiao Wei, you tell me.”

Wei Yizhi was stunned for a moment after his name was suddenly being called by her. He reluctantly took a step forward from the row and said awkwardly, “I mean…Actually, it was nothing. This old man walked into our shop in the afternoon. After he ordered some pastries and a glass of juice, he sat there and kept watching the girls in our shop. And then, he kept asking about Xiao Yue. He even called her over and kept staring at her for quite a long time.”

Wei Yizhi could not help but glance at Zhao Youlin when he was telling her what happened. The old man had kept staring at the girls in their shop since he stepped foot in their shop. An Qi sensed that something was wrong with him, so she had called Zhao Youlin for help.

When Zhao Youlin saw Wei Yizhi’s glance at her, she instantly understood why An Qi had called her and described her grandfather as an old man who was a little strange.

Wei Yizhi saw that there was no expression of displeasure on Zhao Youlin’s face after she heard what he said. He heaved a sigh of relief and continued, “The old man suddenly grabbed Sister An Qi’s hand and would not let go. We thought he was…That’s why we…”

An Yue had just rushed out from inside the kitchen after hearing the commotion. Upon hearing Wei Yizhi’s words, her face instantly became pale. She hurried to her sister’s side and asked her in a low voice, “Sister, are you okay?”

An Qi grabbed her hand reassuringly and shook her head.

After Zhao Youlin heard what happened, she felt a headache and touched her forehead. She had no doubt over the truth of Wei Yizhi’s words.

Because she knew that this old man beside her was quirky, it was very possible that he had really done such a thing.

After listening to Wei Yizhi’s words, the old master also realized that his behavior had been inappropriate. And after he saw An Yue’s nervous look, he knew they had completely misunderstood him. He hurriedly opened his mouth to explain himself, attempting to salvage his impression in the mind of his future granddaughter-in-law.

“I…I mean, I didn’t do it on purpose. I pulled her hand because I wanted to know more…about this lady here. I didn’t know you guys would…”

Upon hearing the old man’s words, An Qi’s frown became more obvious. She pulled An Yue behind her. With an expression that was full of wariness, she said, “With all due respect, why would you want to know more about Yue Yue? If I remember it correctly, Yue Yue should have never met with you before this, right?”

The moment An Qi said that, the old master clearly felt the warning gaze Zhao Youlin projected toward him. The smile on his face stiffened. He coughed lightly and said, “Actually, it’s nothing. I just think this young lady looks a little like a friend of mine, so I was inevitably a little surprised. I thought this young lady is related to my friend, so I could not help but want to ask a few questions about her. I did not expect it would lead to a misunderstanding.” *Sigh

Although the old master was sometimes very unreliable, he was at least an old fox who had mingled in the business field for many years. It was absolutely easy for him to deceive these little brats in Zhao Youlin’s shop.

As expected, after the old master’s deep and emotional sigh, an awkward expression could not help but appear on the faces of a few of the boys and girls who were hostile to the old master before.

An Qi could not help but heave a sigh of relief as well after hearing the old master’s explanation. Her smile was more sincere. Though she was a few years older than the others in the shop, it was natural that she thought about it more than them.

She smiled slightly at the moment and said, “Yue Yue and I are orphans. We grew up in an orphanage since we were young. However, it is nothing strange that there are two people who look alike in the world. I’m curious to know how similar this friend of yours is to Yue Yue. Why don’t you bring your friend to meet with Yue Yue some other day?”

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