Forced to Date a Big Shot - Chapter 760 - General Xiang Is Here

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Chapter 760: General Xiang Is Here

The entire meeting room fell silent.

Fang Ming felt his entire face turn red and hot as he stared at Xue Xi in disbelief.

Jing Fei was shocked and widened his eyes in disbelief. However, Zheng Zhi was even more surprised!

Zheng Zhi’s expression was brilliant!

Xue Xi was X?

Was God joking with him?

This was against the rules!

X was such a cold person. How could he be Xue Xi… Uh, although Xue Xi was also quite aloof, wasn’t X a man?!

After all, every time he contacted X, he would respectfully address him as Mr. X!

So how could this person be Xue Xi?

“This… This is impossible!”

Pei Ren was the first to exclaim and shout out everyone’s thoughts.

The moment he said this, Jing Fei, who was in shock and mumbling in his heart, immediately stood up. “How is it impossible? Can this work pass be fake? Do you have eyes?”

Pei Ren shouted, “Even if the work pass is real, she can’t be X. Perhaps she stole X’s work pass?!”

Jing Fei instantly sneered. “Your words are even more funny. Her name is written on her work pass. Could she have stolen it? Or do you think that Boss is helping Sister Xi fake her X identity? Boss has always been a tolerant and strict person. Do you think Boss is a fatuous ruler? Can he do such a thing?”

Jing Fei asked this righteously, but just as he asked this, he and Zheng Zhi replied in their hearts at the same time: Boss can!

For Sister Xi, Boss really had no bottom line. So what if he forged a P9 work pass? Anyway, X would not appear in the special department. To let Sister Xi avoid this disaster, he’d really use a shameless and double standard method!

No, they shouldn’t think like that. It’s too scary…

Jing Fei hurriedly restrained his thoughts and seemed to be complaining about Xiang Huai in his heart. It was all disrespectful words to him.

Pei Ren also wanted to say yes!

However, he did not dare to say it because General Xiang was like a god in the special department. Without General Xiang, would the special department have reached this stage?

One had to know that most of the people in the special department had been working here for many years. Before General Xiang took over the special department, the special department was merely a division of the police station. All the espers were being detained here with low salaries. If there was any danger, they were made to go wherever others wanted… Although it sounded nice, they actually had no advantage in material matters!

The reason why the special department was now above all other departments and had first priority in everything was because of General Xiang!

Hence, everyone in the special department, including Fang Yi and Pei Ren, respected Xiang Huai.

The room fell silent again.

At this moment, a gentle voice suddenly sounded. “So Xue Xi, you’re the famous X?”

They turned around and saw Fang Yi standing at the door.

She was wearing a white woolen dress that accentuated her gentleness. Her expression became even more harmonious as she exclaimed helplessly, “We didn’t even know. You hid it too well.”

The moment she said this, Pei Ren instantly understood what she meant and shouted, “Yes, you hid your identity so well. How could I have known that you’re a P9? As the saying goes, those who don’t know are not guilty. I hit Xue Xi who’s a P4, not X who’s a P9! If you told me that you’re a P9 when you attacked, I definitely would not have fought back! Hence, you can’t blame me for this!”

Fang Ming quickly returned to his senses when Fang Yi and Pei Ren interrupted. He frowned and said, “Yes, you’re unreasonable about this matter. Also, why did you hide your identity? Do you have any unspeakable secrets?”

What an old fox.

Jing Fei pouted.

What unspeakable secret would require someone to mislead everyone and make them shift their attention? How despicable!

Just as he was about to interrupt, Sister Xi slowly said, “You don’t have the right to know about my reasons for hiding my identity. Let me ask you about what you said just now—no matter what the reason is, rules are rules. Does this sentence still count?”

Fang Ming: “?”

He frowned and was just about to speak when Xue Xi said, “Or is this rule only targeted at me? Can it be settled according to feelings just because it’s now targeted at others?”

Fang Ming’s words were stuck in his mouth.

Jing Fei, who was about to speak, was stunned.

So Sister Xi was actually a negotiator?

Fang Ming choked. Fang Yi sighed. “Xue Xi, although it was Pei Ren who did it, you didn’t get injured in the end. Instead, his injuries can already be considered punishment. Moreover, you were the one who attacked first. He only retaliated. Look…”

Before Fang Yi could finish speaking, Xue Xi suddenly said, “Did you score high during the college entrance examination?”

Fang Yi paused and did not understand Xue Xi’s thoughts. However, when she thought of something, she said proudly, “I didn’t take the college entrance examination because I’m a member of the special department. We only received basic education and work here when we grow up.”

Fang Yi had always been proud of being born and raised in the special department.

Other people in the special department had to slowly rise from P1, but she was already P1 when she was just born. After her parents died, she became P7 and slowly rose to P10. Hence, although she was young, she was already considered an elder in the department.

There was no need for her to take the college entrance examination. From the moment she was born, there was a guarantee that many people would envy her.

Just as she was about to smile and say something, she saw the red-haired girl fall silent. Her large eyes suddenly looked at her pitifully. “Then your language skills were taught by a physical education teacher?”

Fang Yi: “?”

Xue Xi shook her head. “It’s not a systematic education. No wonder you didn’t learn the language well. You can’t even understand the saying that rules are rules, no matter what the reason is. Sigh!”

Fang Yi: “!!!!”

She did not follow Xue Xi’s train of thought at all!

At this moment, she finally realized that Xue Xi was humiliating her. Her face turned red from anger and she said, “Xue Xi, you…”

Before she could finish speaking, Xue Xi turned to look at Fang Ming and said, “However, if you want to take back what you said just now, that’s fine too.”

Pei Ren’s eyes lit up.

Fang Ming also frowned. This girl looked silly, so he did not expect her thoughts to be so sharp. With just a few words, she managed to grab hold of something and made them speechless.

However, at this point, why did she suddenly take a step back?

Just as he thought this, he heard Xue Xi say, “If it were under special circumstances and one was given special treatment, Pei Ren would not have to be detained. But at the same time, Qian Xin’s case was also under special circumstances. He was anxious to save his brother-in-law and was misled and tempted by others. That’s why he did something like bringing the murderer out of here and sending him to the hospital. I think it’s understandable. So then, can we punish him lightly?”

Fang Yi and Fang Ming shut their mouths!

The uncle and niece looked at each other and did not speak for a moment.

Qian Xin was in charge of the finance department. How much money had he earned over the years? Both of them were a little jealous. Now that Pei Ren had finally taken over the finance department, if they let Qian Xin out just like that… wouldn’t all their efforts be in vain?

Not bad.

Back then, when Qian Zheng went to beg Fang Yi to save her, Fang Yi had already set a strategy. That was, to lure Qian Xin into making a mistake. Firstly, she could avenge the hatred she felt for Qian Zheng for being bullied by her since she was young. Secondly, she could target Qian Xin!

The special department had immense power. Even as a P10, Fang Yi was only an ordinary employee and did not have any real power.

She had saved so many people since she was young and had a good reputation in the department. Many people supported her, but when Xiang Huai was assigning the authority, he handed the police department to Jing Fei and Zheng Zhi. The military department was given to other people. She, Fang Yi, was only given an honorary P10 rank, but she did not have any position!

This clearly sounded nice, but it was actually useless.

No one knew that since Fang Yi could treat illnesses and save people, many people had come to her with money to save their lives, so she never cared about money. What she had always wanted was power!

If she wanted to control a department, she had to do it slowly.

What was the most important to the special department?

The finance department, of course!

The salary and allowance of the police and military departments were all controlled by the finance department.

Even in ordinary companies, the CEO usually appointed his trusted subordinates in the finance department because the finance department was the most important department in the company!

Hence, Fang Yi designed all of this and had Fang Ming recommend her from behind. Moreover, according to seniority, it should be Pei Ren’s turn. Only then did Pei Ren take over Qian Xin’s position.

The finance department had been in their hands for only a day. How could they release Qian Xin and return to him the finance department?

Fang Yi clenched her jaw and looked at Fang Ming.

Fang Ming frowned. “Even if we can sentence him according to his reasons, it’s a fact that Qian Xin let the murderer go. This crime is too serious. At most, we can reduce the sentence by ten years. It’s impossible to release him.”

Xue Xi pretended to be confused. “But didn’t you just say that beating up a superior above your level is the most serious crime in the special department? Hence, the offender has to receive the highest punishment.”

Fang Ming: “!!”

Before he could speak, Fang Yi said decisively, “Although we have to follow the rules, you don’t have any injuries on your body now. We can’t follow the normal rules, right?”

Fang Ming immediately understood something and said, “Yes. In your case, you would have beaten up your superior of a higher level. However, in Pei Ren’s case, he had merely attempted to beat up his superior who’s one level higher! Beating up and failing to do so are two different concepts.”

After saying that, Fang Ming said, “The monitoring team has unanimously decided to punish Pei Ren by taking half a year’s salary. Pei Ren, apologize to Xue Xi in front of everyone later. This matter is settled!”

Xue Xi and Jing Fei: “?”

Xue Xi frowned. Before she could speak, Jing Fei was already exasperated. “Elder Fang, your motive is too obvious! I don’t agree!”

Fang Ming sneered. “You don’t agree? What’s the use of your disagreeing?! The punishment for espers is decided by our Inspectorate! Your job is to capture criminals! Why, Captain Jing, do you want to extend your hand to the Inspectorate?”

Jing Fei was in charge of sending out the police and arresting the criminals while Zheng Zhi’s legal department was in charge of judging the criminals. However, the surveillance team was in charge of the internal members’ crimes.

The three of them had a clear division of labor in the police department. Fang Ming’s words were impeccable.

These words made Jing Fei tremble in anger. “Elder Fang, you…!”

Fang Ming lowered his head and continued to be unreasonable. “This matter is settled. Alright, this small matter has caused an uproar. Everyone, leave.”

He actually intended to settle the case just like that.

Jing Fei still wanted to speak, but Fang Ming suddenly shouted sternly, “Jing Fei, this is not a place you should meddle in. You have no right to question my judgment!”

Jing Fei choked on his words and felt that his chest was about to explode.

This was too much, too much!

However, at this moment, a low and magnetic cold voice suddenly sounded. “If he doesn’t have the right, then do I have the right?”

This voice…

Jing Fei was instantly delighted. He looked at the door and rushed over excitedly. Boss was here!

Xue Xi froze and looked at the door in disbelief.

Omnipotent Boss was here?

But why did that voice just now sound like Xiang Huai?

She craned her neck slightly and saw a tall man in black walking over.

There was a window on this side that blocked part of her view, causing her to see the teacher’s feet first. He was wearing a pair of black leather military boots and his pants covered his calves. As he walked, he appeared exceptionally strong.

The closer he got, the more of him appeared past the door. One could slowly look up from his long legs. His black shirt was tucked into his black pants, and the sleeves on the man’s wrists were rolled up, revealing his cold and muscular forearms. This person was wearing strange clothes. If he was feeling hot, it made sense that he had his sleeves rolled up, but if he was hot, why was he wearing a scarf…

Following that, the teacher appeared at the door and Xue Xi finally saw the man’s face.

This person was even wearing a black mask, making it impossible to see his face clearly. One only felt that this person was tall and did not seem to be old.

Wasn’t the teacher an old man with a weak body who kept coughing?

Just as Xue Xi was thinking this, everyone in the room stood up. “Boss!”

Wearing a black mask, Xiang Huai scanned the crowd in the room and took a few more glances at the little kid. Mhm, from the looks of it, she probably did not recognize him.

Xiang Huai heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Fang Ming. He said coldly, “Fang Ming, since when was it on you to decide how to punish Pei Ren?”

Fang Ming gulped.

The monitoring team was indeed in charge of the special department, but the boss of the special department was Xiang Huai!

The monitoring team could sentence Qian Xin on the basis of the rules, but they had to wait for a nod from Xiang Huai.

Fang Ming stared at the man in front of him.

All these years, after Xiang Huai took over the special department, other than the special department’s high position in the outside world, he mostly did not care about the internal affairs.

After all, they could not look for him for every small matter.

Whoever broke the rules, Fang Ming would deal with things according to the rules. Hence, Xiang Huai never said a word of no. Even with Qian Xin’s matter, which he had dealt with last time, he’d silently agreed.

Hence, Fang Ming had always thought that Xiang Huai was mild-mannered and easy to talk to… He had forgotten that he was known as the cold-faced King of Hell!

At this moment, Xiang Huai exuded a cold aura that oppressed everyone in the room.

This was the first time Fang Ming had felt Xiang Huai’s suppression so heavily!

When he was frightened off, Fang Yi said decisively, “Boss, what do you think about this?”

Xiang Huai swept her a glance. His deep eyes seemed to have a deeper meaning, making Fang Yi’s heart sink. It was as though her thoughts had been seen through…

Just as she was feeling as though she had fallen into an abyss, Xiang Huai slowly said, “If you beat up your superior above your level, you’ll be imprisoned for life according to the rules!”

Fang Yi clenched her fists.


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