Forced to Date a Big Shot - Chapter 763 - General Xiang’s Mask Has Fallen

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Chapter 763: General Xiang’s Mask Has Fallen

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Xiao Xiao said, “Of course, Boss’s is amazing!”

The black cat sneered. “You don’t even know what Boss’s superpower is. How do you know that Boss is powerful?”

Everyone: “…”

Qian Zheng seemed to have understood something, but she still smiled in confusion. “Anyway, Boss is formidable. He’s recognized as the world’s number one!”

The black cat sighed. “Since ancient times, the five elements have always countered each other. Big Ice Block is very formidable and can be considered to have outstanding combat power. However, he is also afraid of fire. As for fire-elemental specialists, they are afraid of water. Water-elemental specialists are afraid of earth… To put it bluntly, if one knows everything, one will not feel fear. The reason why Boss is regarded as the most formidable in the world is because no one knows what Boss’s special power is.”

The three of them: “…”

The black cat smiled. “Boss is currently the most formidable esper. This rumor was released from the school because, in the hundred years since the school was founded, Boss had graduated in the shortest time possible. Moreover, I heard that he stirred up the entire school and made everyone afraid. No one dares to say what Boss’s superpower is. Only those few people who’d graduated with him back then know a little about it. This is what makes Boss formidable.”

After the black cat said that, Xiao Xiao licked the seasoning again and sighed. “Boss is really awesome!”

Qian Zheng sighed. “Since Boss is so formidable, why can’t he let my brother go just like that?”

Xue Xi did not speak.

Just as they were discussing, they suddenly heard everyone’s praise from afar. The three of them and the cat turned around in unison and saw Fang Yi walking over.

The surrounding espers were all congratulating her. “Sister Yi, impressive. You’re now in charge of the finance department!”

“Sister Yi, congratulations!”


Fang Yi was complimented by everyone and she nodded. “Congratulations too. Please support us in the future!”

“No problem!”

As Fang Yi spoke, she walked out. When she reached the meeting room, she suddenly saw something and turned around. When she saw a certain group of people, her eyes narrowed.

Beside her, the handful of espers who had followed Pei Ren to get Qian Zheng to move yesterday hesitated and said, “Sister Yi, is Qian Zheng still… moving?”

They wanted to speak up for Qian Zheng, but they were afraid that the new official would do something rash and did not dare to speak.

Fang Yi looked at the three people in the meeting room.

At this moment, Qian Zheng’s eyes were still red and she looked pitiful.

Meanwhile, Xiao Xiao, who only had food in her mind, continued eating heartlessly.

As for Xue Xi…

Fang Yi narrowed her eyes. She did not expect this person to be a P9 on top of knowing her healing skills. This was her mistake! She even lost a great general!

But so what?

A P9 without any real power was far inferior to her, a P10!

At this thought, Fang Yi retracted her gaze and revealed an arrogant expression. She raised her chin slightly and said in a charitable tone, “Qian Xin has also worked hard for the special department for so many years. Forget it. It’s just a house. I’ll give it to her.”

Everyone praised her. “Sister Yi is so generous!”

“Yes, don’t be calculative with her. Qian Xin is going to be locked up for the rest of his life. Just give that house to her. Consider it a credit to him.”

“Sister Yi is really open-minded. Qian Zheng used to make things difficult for Sister Yi…”


Amid everyone’s praise, Fang Yi raised her chin and smiled. “Alright, I’ll leave first. I have to release the salaries today, so I’ll go to the God of Fortune Group to settle it.”

“Alright, Sister Yi, take care!”

Seeing Fang Yi leave arrogantly, Qian Zheng was so angry that her chest heaved. “Did you see that? She’s been like this since she was young. She’s hypocritical, but the things she does make others unable to say anything. She clearly has a bad heart, but no one criticizes her… It’s really infuriating!”

Xiao Xiao also nodded. “We grew up eating the same food. I ate more than her. How can I not be as quick-witted as her? Could it be that she ate better than me?”

The black cat scoffed and said softly, “Hypocrite!”

However, it did not dare to speak loudly so that others could hear it.

Only Xue Xi completely ignored Fang Yi.

After staying in the meeting room for a while, Xiao Xiao smiled and went to her desk. Qian Zheng knew that Xiang Huai had other plans, so she did not intend to stay here and prepared to leave.

After sending Qian Zheng off, Xue Xi slowly went to the Internet department. When she sat down, the surrounding people looked over.

Someone sighed. “Sister Xi, after you came back then, when Zheng Zhi asked you to follow X, the rest of us were worried about you. We were afraid that you wouldn’t be able to do it. Now that we think about it, we’re really too ignorant! Going forward, you’ll be the boss of our Internet department!”

Xue Xi: “…”

She smiled awkwardly and did not speak.

Xiang Huai left the special department and went to the military affairs department with a dark expression.

Just as he entered, Lu Chao walked up to him. When he saw his expression, he smiled ingratiatingly and revealed his two canine teeth. He asked, “Boss, did things not go smoothly?”

Xiang Huai looked up and said coldly, “It went smoothly.”

Lu Chao coughed. “Boss, why are you in such a hurry this time?”

When Boss first took over, everyone in the special department who had already made so many sacrifices for the country was still being monitored by the Supervisors and were not trusted. Espers were at the lowest level.

After so many years, Boss had slowly raised the special department’s standing to the highest.

Lu Chao knew.

Boss hated being controlled and restrained.

Hence, the monitoring department would have to be taken down sooner or later. However, Boss had originally said that there was no hurry and that they had to take it slow. After all, they had just taken over the special department and had already made many drastic changes. They had to give them two years to recuperate.

However, it had only been a year. Why was Boss suddenly so anxious?

It was as though… he wanted to sweep away all obstacles and make the special department quickly get on track.

However, after asking this, he carefully took a look and realized that his boss was ignoring him. Lu Chao left dejectedly.

After Lu Chao left, Xiang Huai sat on his office chair. He placed one leg on the table as he sat and recalled what had happened today.

He was wearing a mask and had even lowered his voice when speaking. Given the little kid’s slow reaction, she probably did not recognize him…


As he thought this, he picked up his phone and sent Xue Xi a WeChat message: “What are you eating tonight?”

After sending the message, he frowned.

Actually, it was not urgent.

But now, for the sake of the little kid, it was time to clean up everything.

Just as he was thinking this, his phone vibrated.

Xiang Huai lowered his head hesitantly and saw that Xue Xi had sent him two WeChat messages: “A hunger biscuit.”

Xiang Huai: “?”

He sat up straight and saw the next WeChat message: “Teacher, stop pretending.”

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