Forced to Date a Big Shot - Chapter 907 - Bai Shuang (4)

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Chapter 907: Bai Shuang (4)

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On the first day of filming, Cen Bai was very nervous.

Before he went to the set, he’d even sprayed some breath freshener into his mouth and asked his manager, “Have I ever been this nervous when I was filming passionate scenes in the past?”

The manager: “…Boss, have you ever filmed any passionate scenes?”


Oh, he had forgotten that he’d never acted in passionate scenes. This could be considered his first on-screen kiss?


Just thinking about it made him extremely nervous.

Cen Bai tidied himself again and left.

They were filming a period drama.


Cen Bai, who had put on a headdress and was wearing white clothes, looked like he was about to ascend to heaven. The moment he arrived, he inspired the exclamations from the entire production team.

Cen Bai had not been acting for too long, causing everyone to forget his elegance.

On the other side, Qin Shuang was dressed in a flamboyant red gown.

The two of them stood together, making one feel that they were a match made in heaven.

The beginning of the story was very tacky. Originally, the female protagonist was being bullied, but the male protagonist descended from the sky and saved her… Now, it had been changed. The female protagonist was being bullied, and the male protagonist descended from the sky. But when he was about to save her, the female protagonist beat the bullies up.

The female protagonist instantly appeared a lot more outstanding.

The female protagonist then asked the male protagonist, “Are you here to save them?”

The male protagonist: “…”

The female protagonist misunderstood that the male protagonist was with this group of people and also fought with him. As the two of them were entangled, they accidentally tripped over a branch and kissed.

Qin Shuang and Cen Bai were both professional actors. Their acting skills in the early stages were too good. Even though it was such a silly plot, they still acted exceptionally seriously.

The moment Cen Bai descended from the sky, he was glowing.

The director looked at the camera and felt that it was simply too perfect.

The female lead that Qin Shuang was playing was a valiant and righteous female hero. The group of people who came to bully her were hooligans who especially taunted innocent women on the streets. She purposely lured these people into the forest and taught them a lesson.

The green in the forest was a stark contrast to Qin Shuang’s red. The scene looked grand.

Coupled with Cen Bai’s whiteness, it was simply a visual feast.

The surrounding staff was very straightforward.

It was really rare to see actors who did not NG!

After filming that scene, it was finally time for the two of them to fall and kiss.

The ground was covered with fallen leaves and withered grass. Yellow leaves covered the ground.

Qin Shuang was pressed down by Cen Bai and fell to the ground…

However, in midair, Cen Bai’s pupils constricted. He suddenly grabbed Qin Shuang and made himself a shield for her.

The sudden change made Qin Shuang frown. She lost her balance and fell on him.

Qin Shuang was furious and struggled to get up. “What are you doing?”

Cen Bai gritted his teeth and said, “There are stones.”

Qin Shuang was stunned. She reached out and touched Cen Bai’s body. Indeed, there was a stone among the leaves that had not been removed.

So, he’d changed his position at the last minute to prevent her from being hurt?

As Qin Shuang thought this, she was about to get up and take another shot when the leaves under her feet slipped and she fell on Cen Bai again. Coincidentally, she really kissed him…

After some time, Qin Shuang pushed Cen Bai away and stood up.

Her cheeks turned red.

Cen Bai looked at her in a daze.

Didn’t she say that there were no more feelings between them? If there were no feelings, why would she be shy?

The two of them stood rooted to the ground.

When Cen Bai said that there were stones, the set supervisor at the side had wanted to rush up to rearrange the scene and reprimand the props staff.

However, he held it in when the director stopped him.

The moment they kissed… The director waited for a long time before shouting, “Perfect! Too perfect!”

The director’s voice jolted the two actors back to their senses.

Qin Shuang left the scene and went to the lounge to prepare for the next scene.

Cen Bai sat on the spot and covered his face with his hands. He could not stop smiling.

The manager walked over. “Boss, what’s wrong with you?”

Cen Bai suddenly looked up and his eyes were a little red. “I just feel that I want to laugh and be happy.”


After a few minutes of rest.

The two of them went on the set again. The scene they were going to film this time was that the female protagonist was originally only teaching a few hooligans a lesson and did not kill them. However, those hooligans who fell on the ground suddenly died from poisoning and were bleeding from their seven orifices.

Just as the female protagonist and the male protagonist were feeling surprised, the constables had already arrived. “It’s those two fighters who’d killed these people! Capture them!”

The story began.

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