Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife - Chapter 813 - IQ Suddenly Gone Up?

Chapter 813: IQ Suddenly Gone Up?

“I thought that I should help you. After all, you treat me like a brother. However, you actually want to slander me for the crime you committed. Sheng Bowen, are you still human?”

After Sheng Bowen heard this, his eyes turned red like a lion that had lost control.

“Why did you harm me? Why?”

“No one wanted to hurt you. You were the one who wanted to hurt yourself. The punishment for both cases will not be light. What awaits you will be the punishment of the law. Just wait for the sentence.” After saying that, Shen Yu stood up and left the interrogation room.

Everything was over. If you had to blame someone, blame yourself for being too stupid, Sheng Bowen!

However, after Shen Yu left, Sheng Bowen gradually regained his calm. This was because he knew very well that everything was over.

So this was Shen Yu’s second step, he wanted to send him to prison completely.


He will not succeed.


The news spread very quickly, and the news of Sheng Bowen escaping again soon spread throughout Jianchuan.

However, Huang Yao had already merged with Zhongteng, so Sheng Bowen wasn’t worried. The only thing he was worried about was the old man getting agitated once he heard about it.

The old man received the news early in the morning, but he didn’t show any expression.

Ren Yufei was still thinking about how to appease the old man, but he didn’t show any sign of worry.

“Stop looking at me. Eighth Brother called me early in the morning.” The old man snorted. “These two bastards are getting more and more lawless.”

“Grandpa, I’m sorry…”

“What’s there to be sorry about? Anyway, it’s not true. After Eighth Brother clarifies everything, things will be fine. I sympathize with the person behind him.” The old man knew the severity of the situation. Since the two brothers had joined hands to put on such a show, then they would definitely make the enemy pay a heavy price.

“This kid, I told you. Recently, I’ve been looking for that kid, Shen, to have a meal. So, it’s all because of this matter.”

Ren Yufei saw that her grandfather wasn’t worried at all, so she let go of the worry in her heart.

“Let’s wait for a good show…”

The entire Jianchuan’s reaction was very intense. Sheng Bowen was portrayed as heinous, and more importantly, this time, his evidence was conclusive, and he could no longer get away with it.

In the morning, Sheng Bowen was handed over to the Jianchuan police station. As this was a malicious criminal case, the police immediately arrested him. However, he had learned to remain calm in the face of adversity.

Shen Yu had done a good job. Jin Bo was very happy to see the news.

Of course, Sheng Kai had also seen the result. This time, Sheng Bowen would never be able to make a comeback…

Upon entering the police station, the police asked Sheng Bowen to relate the entire details of the drunk driving. Sheng Bowen did not say anything. He only said to the police, “You promised to let me meet Shen Yu. I’ll tell you everything after that. For now, no details.”

“You don’t have the right to negotiate with the police now!”

“But, Mr. Policeman, you don’t have direct evidence to prove that I drove the car, and there are no surveillance cameras, right? So, I want to see Shen Yu. As long as I see him, I’ll confess everything about what happened.”

The police could not do anything to him, so they called Shen Yu.

Shen Yu originally did not want to see this idiot again, but since he wanted to die, then he would do as he wished.


That day, Jianchuan was in an uproar.

When Mu Qiqi woke up, she was already at home in Banyan Courtyard. Seeing that Sheng Xiao was not there, she immediately got up and went downstairs. She saw that Mama Sheng was watching the news about Sheng Bowen’s drunken escape.


“You’re awake? Eighth Brother has already applied for leave of absence for you. You’re resting at home today.” Mama Sheng turned around and said, “Fifth Aunt made soup for you. You’ll feel better when you drink some later.”

“Mommy, Third Brother…”

“Eighth Brother told me to tell you that everything is under control when you wake up. Don’t worry.”

That damned man had seduced her last night and deliberately knocked her out.

She really wanted to know what had happened during this period of time. The matter had become so big, and she didn’t know how that damned man was going to settle it.

“Mommy, I’m not eating lunch anymore. I’m going to Zhongteng.” Mu Qiqi could not control her worry and curiosity.

Now that the victims were complaining about their grievances to the whole world, everyone was calling Sheng Bowen a piece of trash.

Mu Qiqi could not help but be puzzled. Must the matter be blown up so much?

“I knew it. I definitely can’t stop you. The car has been prepared for you. Eat something first, then I’ll let you go.”

“Okay.” Mu Qiqi sat down at the dining table and had her lunch in peace. Little did she know that Sheng Xiao had already left for the police station.


In the afternoon, Shen Yu appeared in the interrogation room. However, this time, Sheng Bowen requested to speak to Shen Yu alone and not be monitored by anyone else.

The two of them faced each other. Sheng Bowen appeared as if he had accepted the truth and said, “Tell me why and I’ll confess.”

After Shen Yu heard this, he tugged at the corner of his shirt and smiled. “Do you think you have a choice?”

“Why? I’ve been so good to you, and I’ve confided many things in you, yet you schemed against me like this.”

Looking at Sheng Bowen’s innocent expression, Shen Yu looked at him coldly and completely tore off his disguise. “I warned you not to trust anyone easily, but you didn’t listen.”

“You bailed me out just to send me in again?”

“You’ve finally developed some sense.” Shen Yu nodded and looked at Sheng Bowen, gratified at the results of his efforts. “You’re finally enlightened.”

“I don’t understand. What did I do to offend you?”

“You didn’t offend me. I was just doing my job for someone else. Your second brother found a good backer and named you as an enemy. Sending you to prison is a gift for him.” Shen Yu looked at Sheng Bowen from the corner of his eyes. “How is a good person like you living in this world? Look at your current appearance. If you don’t do what’s best for yourself, the heavens will punish you. Be more careful in the future.”

Hearing this, Sheng Bowen also knew that he couldn’t learn anything more from Shen Yu. After all, he was alive and not sentenced to death. Of course, Shen Yu wouldn’t tell him the truth.

“Shen Yu, you’re also involved in Bai Xinyi’s case, right? Including the person behind you. I just don’t know who you are. You’re definitely not very important. If you were his right-hand man, would you have needed to personally frame me?”

Since things had already come to this point, Sheng Bowen also tore off his little mask.

“You don’t need to know.”

“Then I guess that if you were in prison, he wouldn’t have come to save you.”

After hearing this, Shen Yu suddenly laughed, his shoulders shaking from the laughter.

“What is this? Your IQ has suddenly gone up?”

“Nothing, it’s just that… the car I drove wasn’t a birthday present, nor was it a gift from my mother,” Sheng Bowen suddenly said.

Shen Yu suddenly became serious. Then, he looked at Sheng Bowen’s smile as it widened bit by bit.

“Sheng Bowen, things are already like this. Stop playing tricks, okay?”