Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife - Chapter 815 - When Did You Find Out That I Had a Problem?

Chapter 815: When Did You Find Out That I Had a Problem?

“It’s good that you’re back.” Old Master Sheng sat in his wheelchair, tears welling up in his eyes. “Comfort your wife. She’s really scared.”

Old Master Sheng was someone who had been through a lot. Sheng Xiao had also given him a shot in the arm, so even if he was worried, he would not be as worried as Ren Yufei.

Sheng Bowen hugged Ren Yufei tightly and tried his best to absorb the fragrance from her hair. “I swear, I’ll never leave again. Yufei, I’m fine.”

Ren Yufei hugged Sheng Bowen and could not help but cry bitterly.

Sheng Xiao did not stay for another second. That person at home was about to explode.

Therefore, he turned around and left. The couple confided in each other.

However, in the short time that Mu Qiqi had gone to Zhongteng, the situation had already been reversed.

By the time Mu Qiqi left Zhongteng, Sheng Bowen had already returned to the Sheng family, and the matter had already been satisfactorily concluded.

Mu Qiqi pursed her lips. She felt wronged and angry, so she went straight to class. After all, there was nothing that needed her anymore.


The situation had reversed too quickly, and things had happened too suddenly. Even Jin Bo had not expected all of this.

Sheng Kai saw the news and could not help but laugh mockingly. He had already said that Sheng Xiao was not easy to deal with. Did Shen Yu really think that he was that capable?

After the incident, Jin Bo immediately called Sheng Kai. “Xiao Kai, do you know where Shen Yu is now? Are you able to contact him?”

“Godfather, after the incident, Shen Yu did not contact me,” Sheng Kai replied. “I don’t know about his whereabouts either. He didn’t return to the villa.”

Jin Bo’s response to this was just an “Oh”, and he proceeded to comfort Sheng Kai. “Xiao Kai, This is nothing. Don’t take it to heart. People who do great things have to make sacrifices.”

“I know what I’m doing, Godfather.”

“That’s good. Just pretend that you don’t know this person. Then you won’t have anything to do with this.”

According to Jin Bo, Shen Yu’s chess piece couldn’t be kept.

“Of course, if you have news of Shen Yu, remember to tell me at any time…”

Was Shen Yu useful? Of course he was. As a lawyer, he had the highest success rate in the country, so he naturally had his merits. Whether it was in the open or in the dark, he had made great contributions to Jin Bo. However, now that Shen Yu had been exposed and was wanted by the police, the first thing that came to Jin Bo’s mind was naturally to shut him up forever.

And Shen Yu knew it all too well.

So, two hours after the arrest warrant was issued, Shen Yu surrendered.

That’s right, surrendered.

If he got arrested by the police, he would, at most, go to jail. But if he got caught by Jin Bo, he knew that he would lose his life.

The incident happened too suddenly, and Jin Bo was enraged. Did he think that everything would be fine if he went to the police station and surrendered?

Shen Yu knew that he would not be safe even if he was at the police station. Ironically, he had learned Sheng Bowen’s tricks. “I want to see Sheng Xiao. As long as I see Sheng Xiao, I’ll confess everything.”

He requested to see Sheng Xiao.

It was not Sheng Bowen, because he knew that Sheng Bowen was safe and sound with Sheng Xiao behind the scenes.

The police called Zhongteng to see if Sheng Xiao would agree to meet Shen Yu, which he did. Reality proved that Shen Yu was smart. He knew that his life was hanging by a thread and knew to ask for help.

Sheng Xiao couldn’t care less about helping that airbag. He got his driver to head over to the police station.

He knew that even if Shen Yu did not say anything, the person behind Shen Yu already saw him as a thorn in his side and treated him as the sole culprit.


The lights in the interrogation room were very dim. The police interrogators usually only gave the suspect a lamp.

Sheng Xiao entered the interrogation room as promised. When Shen Yu saw him, he could not help but laugh. “When did you find out that I had a problem?”

“Not long after you returned to the country, I saw the case you were responsible for, related to a family with the surname Li.”

“As expected.” Shen Yu nodded his head in submission. “CEO Sheng, with your brain, it would be a pity if you did not become a police officer.”

“I was brought here to save your life. You have to say something that interests me for me to put in the effort to protect you.” Sheng Xiao sat opposite Shen Yu. No matter what kind of environment he was in, his expression would always be calm and unhurried.

“Straightforward. However, how can I be sure that if I tell you this, you’ll protect me?” Shen Yu turned to look at Sheng Xiao and smiled. “CEO Sheng, how can you guarantee that?”

“You don’t have a choice now. You can only trust me because you know very well that under such circumstances, an enemy like me is the one you should trust the most.” Sheng Xiao leaned back in his chair. He was calm and composed because he knew that this was Shen Yu begging him.

“I don’t know the real name of the one behind all this. I don’t know how many people he has working for him either. I’m just one of them,” Shen Yu told Sheng Xiao calmly. “In essence, I’m no different from Sheng Kai. It’s just that he was chosen as a scapegoat while I’m a chess piece that has to listen to him. I have to serve him whenever he needs me.

“I don’t necessarily know more than Sheng Kai. I’m just a little smarter than he is in the sense that I know that this day will come sooner or later.

“I won’t tell you what I know directly because this is the condition that I negotiated with the other party. If I die, the secret will fall into your hands. Sheng Xiao, I’m sorry that I tricked you too.”

After Sheng Xiao heard this, the corners of his lips curled up slightly. “It doesn’t matter. As long as you can really survive.”

“Whether I can survive or not, it’s all up to you. As a thank you for now, I’ll let you know a little. This is news that I’ve only found out after narrowly escaping death. The Sheng family and the Shen family are each other’s stumbling blocks. You’re already in the game, so neither of you can escape unscathed.”

Sheng Xiao was not Sheng Kai, and of course, he was not Sheng Bowen.

The little information that Shen Yu had revealed was enough for him to make many connections.

Since this was related to the Shen family, the answer would lie in Mu Qiqi and her family.

“That’s all I can say… You saved my life, so I guess I didn’t come here in vain.” With that, Shen Yu smiled and immediately called in the police officer at the door. “Officer, I want to confess!”

Sheng Xiao remained silent and left the police station. This had all exceeded his expectations.

At the very least, Shen Yu had given him a clear direction.

The driver was waiting at the door. When he saw Sheng Xiao come out, he asked, “President, where do you want to go next?”

“Back to Zhongteng,” Sheng Xiao replied indifferently. He did not believe that Shen Yu would survive.

It seemed that he would have to make a trip to the Shen family soon. Bai Xinyi’s case had attracted too many things, but Sheng Xiao believed that this was only the tip of the iceberg.