From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 676 - I Want To Be Your Sister-In-Law

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Chapter 676: I Want To Be Your Sister-In-Law

Because of the existence of Jian Yichen, Qin Yufan looked at Qin Chuan’s matters more objectively and rationally.

Jian Yichen’s appearance made her feel that she no longer had to fight by herself.

Having someone around to share her worries with was a wonderful feeling.

When Qin Yufan was staring at her phone in a daze, her phone suddenly beeped.

Jian Yichen had sent her a text message:

[I’m in a bad mood. Would you be free for a drink?]

Qin Yufan immediately replied:

[Yeah I’m free. It just so happens that I also want to drink. I have alcohol at home.]

Because of the incident last time, the bar they drank at was no longer safe.


After fifteen minutes, Jian Yichen appeared in front of Qin Yufan’s house.

Qin Yufan had already prepared the alcohol.

Jian Yichen picked up a bottle and began to pour it into his mouth.

Although his appearance was androgynous, he was still incredibly manly when he wore masculine clothes. On the other hand, his appearance was sexy and feminine when he cross-dressed.

However, other than appearing manly, his actions were quite heavy today.

“Did you encounter something that made you unhappy?”

When Qin Yufan saw Jian Yichen’s frustrated and depressed expression, she had a few guesses as to why Jian Yichen was upset.

Today wasn’t any ordinary day. Today was Zhai Yunsheng and Jian Yiling’s engagement.

For Jian Yichen to be depressed on such a day…

Was it because…

The scene where Jian Yiling and Jian Yichen were smiling intimately in the ward flashed into Qin Yufan’s mind…

However, Qin Yufan hoped that her guess was incorrect.

“I feel like a part of my heart was gouged away,” Jian Yichen replied.

Did he lose his love?

Was it because of Jian Yiling?

Upon hearing Jian Yichen’s words, for some reason, Qin Yufan’s heart felt upset as well. She did not know the reason for this.

It was the same feeling when she previously saw Zhai Yunsheng caring for Jian Yiling.

It was easy to get drunk when one was drinking their sorrows away.

Jian Yichen was no exception.

After finishing an entire bottle of whiskey, he collapsed on Qin Yufan’s sofa.

On the other hand, Qin Yufan was not drunk. She did not drink much.

When she saw the man in front of her, she began to feel bad for him.

As she thought about this, she decided to second Jian Yiling a message:

[Jian Yiling, do you know that Yichen is upset about your engagement?]

Jian Yiling replied quite quickly: [I know.]

[You were very close to him in the hospital last time. If you don’t like him, you shouldn’t give him any hope. You shouldn’t be so close to him.]


[Yichen is with me right now. He’s drunk. However, I can feel that his heart is broken.]

[He’s at your house?]

[That isn’t the main point. The main point is that he’s drinking because of you. You broke his heart. And thus, he’s drinking his sorrows away.]

[He’s Jian Yichen.]

[I know his name is Yichen.]


The focus was on the surname.


Qin Yufan stared at her phone and suddenly froze.


His surname was Jian?! He had the same surname as Jian Yiling?!

Jian Yichen!

[What relationship do you have with him?]

[He’s my brother.]

Then, Jian Yiling sent another message to Qin Yufan: [Why is he at your house?]

When Qin Yufan read the message, she took a look at Jian Yichen who collapsed on her sofa.

All of a sudden, she had a guilty conscience.

However, she quickly understood one thing.

[Jian Yiling, I want to be your sister-in-law.]

Qin Yufan expressed her thoughts. She was never the type to conceal what she wanted.

[For which brother?]

[For this one of course!]

[Good luck.]

[Oh? You don’t object to this?]

Previously, they were love rivals. As a result, their situation was a bit awkward.

[Why would I object to this?] Jian Yiling asked. She decided to ask as she did not understand.

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