Fury Towards The Burning Heaven - Chapter 1416 - Scram!

Chapter 1416: Scram!

After flying for three and a half days, the journey this time was not that smooth. Jiang Yi encountered a few Chaos Beasts along the way. However, as these were low-grade Chaos Beasts, they were not much of a challenge for Jiang Yi now. Once he sent out his yellow sand worms, he could easily kill them.

However, Jiang Yi did not send the yellow sand worms out. Instead, he asked the little beast to emit its authoritative aura as they flew. When Jiang Yi had killed that Heaven Emanations martial artist, he had smashed his bones so that the Qin Clan would not be able to gather any evidence. If he started killing Chaos Beasts along the way now, people would be able to track him while it would waste precious time needed to escape.

After flying for another two hours and as he was getting closer to North River City, trouble finally came knocking. Two Divine Boats blocked the way ahead; the stern of the boats had the word ‘Qin’ on them.

“Qin Clan members?”

After Jiang Yi saw that word, he immediately tensed up. The Poison Spirit was still unconscious and heavily wounded; he had not woken in the past three and a half days. Based on Jiang Yi’s current strength and abilities, he could deal with a group of Earth Emanations martial artists. However, if a few Heaven Emanations came along, it would become problematic.

This place was not within any city. Even if the Qin Clan wanted to kill him here, they could do it discreetly without anyone finding out. Jiang Yi looked at the nearing Divine Boats as his mind worked furiously, trying to think of a way out. Finally, he made a decision and decided to take a gamble. He did not control the Divine Boat to slow down but charged forward resolutely instead. At the same time, he shouted, “Scram—”

The two Divine Boats facing Jiang Yi had only stopped in front to block the way; no formidable martial artists had flown out to surround him. That meant that the Qin Clan still did not know that the Poison Spirit was within Jiang Yi’s interspatial ring and were only conducting a routine inspection. That meant that Jiang Yi still had a shot at survival. The more timid he acted, the more likely the enemy would forcibly search his boat. He decided he might as well act a little arrogantly.

As expected!

When Jiang Yi’s Divine Boat was about to ram into the two Divine Boats, the latter two actually shifted aside a few hundred feet. However, the Divine Boats flashed as a hundred over Earth Emanations appeared. These men surrounded Jiang Yi’s Divine Boat as one of them shouted, “I am the Qin Clan’s Qin Xue. I have been ordered to search for our mortal enemy in this area. We would like to ask you to stop and allow us to search your ship and apologize in advance if we offend you. If you are adamant about leaving, we will have to act nonetheless…”


Jiang Yi let out a long breath. His wager had been right. These people did not know who he was and did not know that the Poison Spirit was within his interspatial ring. They were indeed conducting a routine inspection.

Jiang Yi controlled his emotions as he steered the Divine Boat and stopped. After that, he deactivated his Divine Boat’s restrictions as he said coldly, “Qin Clan disciples are indeed arrogant, eh? You guys even want to search a Hunting Envoy’s Divine Boat? When I see Qin Rong the next time, I’ll definitely have to raise this up with him.”

Swish! Swish!

A few divine senses swept forward as they detected the Hunting Envoy’s insignia on Jiang Yi’s chest. Their faces changed. For such a young person to become a Hunting Envoy, they thought that Jiang Yi was definitely someone very important. Furthermore, Jiang Yi had called Qin Rong by name; he was definitely a young master from a prominent family.

The group of Earth Emanations immediately stepped aside. One of them cupped his hands and said, “My apologies, Young Master. We were just conducting a routine inspection. Please forgive us!”


Jiang Yi snorted as he activated the Divine Boat’s restrictions and steered it forward. He was still sweating at his forehead. It wasn’t that he was afraid of this group of Earth Emanations. However, he knew that once he started a battle with them, countless Heaven Emanations would fly by; and he would not be able to enter the city anymore.

“So many people from the Qin Clan had come? They valued Poison Spirit that much?”

Jiang Yi controlled the Divine Boat to fly as his thoughts ran speedily. He could no longer turn and make a detour. This place was the closest to North River City; if he wanted to go to another city, that would take at least a month. If the Qin Clan members found out that something was amiss, they would swiftly catch up with him. Jiang Yi could only think of a way to enter North River City. As long as he entered the city, he would be completely safe.

“Let’s go!”

Jiang Yi resolutely gritted his teeth as he flew to North River City. He was only more than a day’s distance away from North River City. He could only pray secretly that there would be no trouble along the way.

As he flew, Jiang Yi grew more and more troubled. Merely after another eight hours, he was stopped once again. This time, it was yet another two Divine Boats. Jiang Yi was even more arrogant this time around as he did not stop until Earth Emanations appeared from the two Divine Boats and were about to attack.

As expected, the Qin Clan members were shocked by Jiang Yi’s actions. The Qin Clan was a great family clan no doubt. However, this bunch of people was not of high rank within the clan and was afraid of offending strong-headed young masters. The stricter a clan’s rules, the more severe the punishment for them if they offended young masters.

“This is not going to work!”

After barely smoking his way through, Jiang Yi’s eyes shifted. This time, the Qin Clan’s response had surpassed Jiang Yi’s expectations. If the Qin Clan really insisted on searching, the game would be over. Jiang Yi sighed as he took out the Chaos Essence Pearl and checked on the Poison Spirit. He was surprised to realize that the Poison Spirit had actually awoken and was sitting cross-legged, recuperating.


Xiao Leng hadn’t woken up after so many days of unconsciousness; this Poison Spirit had almost lost his life but had woken up within four days. The Poison Spirit’s body was incredibly strong. Jiang Yi’s eyes shifted as he sent a voice transmission and explained the present situation to the Poison Spirit, asking the latter to help think of a solution.

The Poison Spirit feebly opened his eyes as a wisp of determination appeared in them. “Young Lord, immediately dump me here and return to the city alone. If not, both of us will die. You will definitely not be allowed to enter the city if I am here with you.”


Jiang Yi was stunned. He immediately shook his head and said, “No way. If we are to die, let’s die together. If you stay here, you will die without a doubt.”


The Poison Spirit inside the Chaos Essence Pearl shook his head and said, “Young Lord, you underestimate me. Although I cannot move now, my Art of Concealment is still something that even ordinary Heaven Emanations cannot see through. There are not more than ten people from the Qin Clan that can see through it.

“Think about it… these ten men would be without a doubt the Qin Clan’s top-tier formidable martial artists; would they come all the way to North River City? Even if they came, would they personally come out to join the search? Young Lord, believe in me! If the disciples from the Phantom Race could be so easily killed, we wouldn’t be the most powerful assassin race in the Earth Domain.”

Jiang Yi still hesitated as he sent a voice transmission: “Are you certain? You shouldn’t be too obstinate this time. If I want to force my way into the city, the Qin Clan members probably wouldn’t go out of their way to go against me. After all, the Qin Clan belongs to the Earth Emanations Pavilion; they would definitely be wary of Mo Lingqiu.”


The Poison Spirit answered very certainly. “Young Lord, please do not take this risk. I am confident of going back alive to you. I still need you to bring me back into the Phantom Race; I will not die that easily!”

“Your legs have been broken. Even if your injuries heal, how are you going to go back?” Jiang Yi was still uncertain as he sent another voice transmission. The Poison Spirit, however, grinned and said, “Young Lord, once you reach my level, it is a small issue to have my legs broken. Our strong bodies can automatically heal and regenerate. Before long, I will regain my full strength.”

“Alright then!”

Jiang Yi sighed helplessly. Since the Poison Spirit was so adamant, Jiang Yi did not want to persuade further. He looked outside from within the transparent walls of the Divine Boat and soon found a suitable place. There was a huge river ahead, and both of its sides were cliffs and ravines. Jiang Yi stopped on top of a cliff and found a small cavern.

Not far from this small cavern was a big cave that stretched all the way underground; it was hard to tell how deep underground. If someone were to search this place, their attention would definitely be drawn to the huge cave and could possibly neglect the small cavern.


Jiang Yi teleported the Poison Spirit out as the latter sent out his divine senses to scan the area. Jiang Yi pointed at the small cavern and asked, “How about hiding there?”

“Not bad! That will be it!”

The Poison Spirit weakly nodded and said. Jiang Yi gave him yet another few recuperations elixirs as he stopped the Divine Boat, flew down, and carried the Poison Spirit to that small cavern. He then looked at the Poison Spirit sincerely and said, “Poison Spirit, you must live to come back and find me!”

“I will!”

The Poison Spirit nodded as his body disappeared on the spot. Jiang Yi used his divine senses to scan the area and even entered the State of the Union of Heaven and Man to check the surroundings. After making sure that he could not sense the Poison Spirit, he was reassured as he flew back into the Divine Boat and headed to North River City.


After Jiang Yi left, the Poison Spirit’s body appeared once more. The Poison Spirit smiled bitterly as he murmured, “Young Lord, if I were to die today—next year, you must offer incense to me. Sigh… this time, it all depends on luck. The few old fiends of the Qin Clan have probably been activated this time. I hope they will not search this area…”