Fury Towards The Burning Heaven - Chapter 1417 - Lunatic

Chapter 1417: Lunatic

The Poison Spirit’s words came true!

Although Jiang Yi kept on flying straight for the North River City and the next two Divine Boats he encountered did not stop him, reports about his presence had long traveled to a Qin Clan elder and the Qin Clan first young mistress Qin Yuewen in the North River City.

This Qin Clan elder was precisely one of the old fiends that the Poison Spirit spoke of. He was a Titled Heaven Emanations, and he was the second most powerful formidable martial artist in the Qin Clan. Beside this old fiend, two others from the Qin Clan had been activated this time as well. Furthermore, these two others had joined the search outside, showing how seriously the Qin Clan viewed this incident regarding the Poison Spirit.

For the Qin Clan, the Poison Spirit was their clan’s shame. If they did not kill him, the Qin Clan would not be able to wash off this shame!

That year, the Poison Spirit had massacred a Qin Clan city and had killed off an entire branch lineage of the Qin Clan, leaving none alive. This incident that reverberated throughout the entire Earth Emanations Domain; even a few nearby domains had gotten wind of this.

After the Poison Spirit killed all these people, he had then disappeared without a trace. The Qin Clan spent one whole year searching for him to no avail. Compared to a branch lineage being massacred, the fact that the entire Qin Clan could not find one person was more shameful for the Qin Clan. They were, after all, a powerful and big clan.

The Qin Clan had also considered the possibility that some other great family clan had helped in the Poison Spirit’s disappearance and had hid him. They had also heard some whispers that the Poison Spirit was actually a traitor of the Phantom Race and possessed powerful Arts of Concealment and disguising techniques. Regardless, the Poison Spirit remained a thorn to the Qin Clan, and that made all their formidable martial artists feel shame and anger.

Previously, there were rumors that the Poison Spirit had resurfaced in the Spiraling Clouds Mountainous Region. However, this news had originated within the Demon-Killing Pavilion. As the Qin Clan did not have much influence in the Demon-Killing Pavilion, it had received the news late. When they had gone to look for the Poison Spirit, Jiang Yi had long brought the Poison Spirit back.


This time, when that Heaven Emanations had said he had captured the Poison Spirit, the Qin Clan immediately stirred. Following that, when the news of that Heaven Emanations’ death and the Poison Spirit’s escape spread, the higher-ups in the Qin Clan were alerted as well.

Jiang Yi had used the yellow sand worms to kill that Heaven Emanations; he had also destroyed all his bones. However, Jiang Yi had forgotten something: to destroy the corpse of the very first Heaven Emanations that the Poison Spirit had killed. After one of the old fiends of the Qin Clan went to investigate, he immediately determined that that corpse bore marks of the Poison Spirit’s Spatial-Splitting Divine Gloves attack. This old fiend had also ascertained that the message the Heaven Emanations that Jiang Yi had killed had sent was also true.

One of the Heaven Emanations had self-imploded; that made things very clear!

The Poison Spirit must definitely be severely wounded, and a companion had rescued him. So many men from the Qin Clan had arrived and had cast a five-thousand-kilometers-wide net. Every single person and Divine Boat within this net was stopped and searched. Finally, the Qin Clan Grand Elder and Qin Yuewen realized that Jiang Yi’s behavior was the most suspicious!

Jiang Yi’s identity had already been verified; there were only that many Hunting Envoys about, and it was easy to find out who he was. However, why did Jiang Yi come all the way here out of the blue? The most suspicious point was why did Jiang Yi not even have a single bodyguard with him? He had offended so many people and clans; he dared to leave his city without any guards?

“Fifth Elder, Jiang Yi had only ascended not long ago; the Poison Spirit is after all a renowned formidable martial artist. He shouldn’t be together with Jiang Yi, right?”

Qin Yuewen was still doubtful. After all, Jiang Yi’s reputation and strength were sorely lacking. Although he had Mo Lingqiu as a backer, that shouldn’t be sufficient for a formidable martial artist of the Poison Spirit’s stature to throw in his lot with Jiang Yi, right?

This first young mistress of the Qin Clan was very outstanding and was not as gently and dainty as other young mistresses. She was filled with a heroic spirit. Her snow-white battle armor accentuated her snow-like complexion even more. Her forehead was also very prominent, and she was a lady that projected authority and strength, like a female king that could attract many men’s attention.

The Fifth Elder was very old. Both his eyebrows were very long, and they drooped down on his face. His opaque eyes lifted as he looked at Qin Yuewen, saying, “Regardless, we cannot let this person go. Even if we have to offend Mo Lingqiu, we have to search him. As long as we find the Poison Spirit with him, we can immediately kill this lad as well! Our Clan Head will go and settle matters with Mo Lingqiu.”

“In that case, let me go!”

Qin Yuewen nodded and said, “Fifth Elder, you should not show yourself then. If it really is a mistake, we can push the blame to me and say that it was a reckless act by the younger generation. The Assistant Pavilion Lord wouldn’t mind that much. However, if you went, things would be different.”


The Fifth Elder nodded as he instructed, “Bring more men with you, and stop him outside the city. You cannot let him enter the city! Or else, if things escalate, it would not be good for our reputation!”


Qin Yuewen rose and headed outside. She waved as she asked two Heaven Emanations to bring along five hundred Earth Emanations as they sat in their Divine Boats and headed west. In Qin Yuewen’s heart, Jiang Yi was but an insignificant character. Bringing two Heaven Emanations and five hundred Earth Emanations was really giving him face. Furthermore, Qin Clan members were all about in this region; Qin Yuewen did not really care much about what Jiang Yi could possibly do.

Jiang Yi was already nearing the city at this moment. Qin Yuewen and her three Divine Boats flew at their fastest and encountered Jiang Yi’s Divine Boat within six hours.

“Get lost!”

This time, Jiang Yi similarly shouted arrogantly as he directed his Divine Boat, prepared to ram his way through. This time, the response was different. The three Divine Boats ahead did not give way at all; they hovered in mid-air like three huge mountains.


Jiang Yi’s eyes flashed suspiciously as his eyes turned a little. Finally, he decided not to stop his Divine Boat but brazenly ram onto one of the Divine Boats ahead.


A low sound rang out as the restrictions on Jiang Yi’s Divine Boat and the Divine Boat he rammed shone brightly. Both boats retreated a thousand feet. Fortunately, Jiang Yi’s Divine Boat’s restrictions were very strong, and the boat did not rip apart. However, Jiang Yi lost his footing as he fell heavily.


Jiang Yi rose to his feet as his eyes glistened. What gave the Qin Clan so much balls this time?

Jiang Yi’s eyes flashed red as he was about to ram the Divine Boat again when that Divine Boat shone, and a woman’s voice could be heard. “Hunting Envoy Jiang is indeed as arrogant as the rumors have it. You even dare to ram one of the Qin Clan’s Divine Boats.”

“A woman?”

Jiang Yi’s heart skipped a bit. To dare to speak to him such, could this be the famous Qin Clan first young mistress?

If that was true, this was going to be problematic for him. Jiang Yi laughed coldly, as if not having guessed the opponent’s identity as he said, “How can I be as arrogant as the Qin Clan? You guys have not only blocked my way, but it seems as if you guys want to attack me as well? I have urgent matters to attend to in the Blue Eagle City! Scram!”


After speaking, Jiang Yi once again navigated his Divine Boat as it sped forward and heavily slammed into Qin Yuewen’s Divine Boat.


Qin Yuewen scolded silently as she motioned for her Divine Boat to move aside as she and the two Heaven Emanations flew out. They hovered in mid-air as she said, “City Lord Jiang, I am Qin Yuewen. Could you come out and meet me? I have some important matters to discuss with you.”

“It is indeed Qin Yuewen!”

Jiang Yi glanced coldly. The Poison Spirit’s conjecture was on point! The Qin Clan was not going to be that easily placated or tricked.

However, as the Poison Spirit was not within his spatial divine item now, Jiang Yi feared nothing. His mind worked furiously as he did not stop his Divine Boat but instead continued to fly ahead. He only said one sentence. “I see, it is the Qin Clan young mistress. Are you here to talk to me about your life and aspirations? That won’t be appropriate in the wilderness like this, right? It is lacking in atmosphere! Come, let’s open a room where we can discuss these matters in private!”


Jiang Yi’s words sounded a little uncouth, but Qin Yuewen could still understand them. She saw that Jiang Yi’s Divine Boat was continuing its journey and was instantly enraged. She originally looked down on Jiang Yi; he now still dared to insult her? She immediately cried out, “Stop him!”

Swish! Swish!

One of the Heaven Emanations brought more than two hundred Earth Emanations and flew forward. The Heaven Emanations’ hand glowed with light as he was about to attack. Once the Divine Boat was destroyed, Jiang Yi would have nowhere to flee to.