Fury Towards The Burning Heaven - Chapter 1631 - Are You Here to Court Your Own Death?

Chapter 1631: Are You Here to Court Your Own Death?

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Although Jiang Yi’s eyes have been shut—under the State of the Union of Heaven and Man, how could he not know what had been going on?

After he got onto the high dais, he had immediately stopped using the Power of Heaven and Earth. Hence—to outsiders, it seemed as if he couldn’t even lift a finger.

Furthermore, the side effects of the Power of Heaven and Earth had hit up and made him look half-dead. As he wasn’t faking it, it was just nice—being able to deceive Dao Feng and the Dao Clan formidable martial artists.

Dao Feng wanted to look cool; he didn’t crawl but kept on charging forward. If Jiang Yi did not make things difficult for Dao Feng, he was an idiot.

However, Jiang Yi did not release any Merged Flames; he didn’t even move his body. Jiang Yi only moved his hand as he stretched it out of the stone stage, congealed a huge palm print, and sent it forward furiously at the incoming Dao Feng.

If Jiang Yi had sent such a force of energy from beneath upward, he might not even have been able to kill a mosquito. However, since he was sending it downward, the power of this strike was immense while its speed was multiplied. Although it was a casual strike, its attack force and speed could actually be equivalent to Dao Feng’s strongest attack.


Dao Feng was gritting his teeth and charging upward; his body was withstanding a huge amount of gravity. Hearing the Dao Clan formidable martial artists cry out, his heart sank. When he looked upward, all he saw was a huge palm print slamming downward at him. This palm was huge; it was twenty-odd feet wide. Dao Feng was already having difficulties moving due to gravity; how could he avoid this strike?


Dao Feng was struck heavily as he tumbled downward and crashed heavily to the ground, even rolling about a few times.

“Young Master…”

The Dao Clan formidable martial artists grew anxious as they hurriedly shot toward Dao Feng. However, Dao Feng swiftly stood up to his feet as he shouted, “I’m fine; don’t come over! This is a one-on-one duel; if I do not kill him today, I will no longer be from the Dao Clan!”

Dao Feng had Dao Heaven Spiritual Treasure battle armor on him; its defenses were formidable. Jiang Yi’s strike was very weak and feeble to him; it couldn’t do any damage at all.

Seeing that Jiang Yi could not even move his body and did not release any powerful attacks except for this weak strike, Dao Feng thought that Jiang Yi was completely expended and was meat on a platter. Dao Feng believed that as long as he managed to charge up the stone stage, he would be able to kill Jiang Yi easily.

Although Dao Feng had not been physically wounded by that attack—to crash down like this in front of so many people, Dao Feng’s face had been lost. He naturally did not want his clan’s King-Ranked formidable martial artists to intervene and was prepared to kill Jiang Yi himself.

The Dao Clan formidable martial artists stopped moving as Dao Feng took a few looks at the seemingly powerless Jiang Yi. His eyes shifted as he veered to the left and rushed upward once again. Since Jiang Yi could no longer move, Dao Feng thought he could head up from another direction. As long as he reached the stone stage, Jiang Yi would die without question.

Dao Feng took in a huge breath as he charged to the left like a sharp sword and then started to run crazily up toward the stone stage once again. Dao Feng was burning with fury internally, and he actually didn’t stop to rest a second. His battle saber kept on hacking at the stone steps as he used that momentum to progress upwards. In the blink of an eye, he had actually climbed up more than twenty stone steps.


To move at such a fast speed, that amplified the pressure on his body. At the twenty-eight stone step, Dao Feng stopped as he started to huff and puff. However, after closing his eyes and resting for tens of seconds, Dao Feng once again exploded upward; he was prepared to actually reach the dais in one shot.

Bang, bang, bang!

The stone steps had restrictions on them; not even Dao Feng’s attack could cause them any damage. As the stone steps lit up with streaks of white light, all the young masters and young mistresses’ eyes all lit up. Dao Feng had already reached the forty-ninth stone step; he only had four left.

“Not good!”

Dao Clan’s King-Ranked formidable martial artists suddenly shouted. “Young Master, Jiang Yi has moved!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Countless gazes turned towards Jiang Yi as they saw him rolling on the ground towards Dao Feng’s direction. They were mortified. How could Jiang Yi roll about under such gravity?

“He moved?!”

Dao Feng’s eyes narrowed. He couldn’t see anything that was happening up on the stone dais at this moment; he completely didn’t know how Jiang Yi had moved.

Seeing that there were only four steps left, how could Dao Feng give up? He roared as all his bones started to clatter, and he used all his strength to hack at the stone steps, continuing to propel himself upward.

One step, two steps… three steps!

Dao Feng’s entire body was energized; one more step was left. Although he felt as if his bones were on the verge of breaking, how could he give up after trying so hard? He once again hacked a couple of times at the stone steps as he charged upward again.

“Are you here… to court your death?”

His head had just gone above the top of the stone stage as his hand grabbed hold of it… when a mocking voice rang out.

Following that, a huge hand slammed at his head as a six-colored burning flame appeared in that hand. That horrifying flame enveloped his whole body as Dao Feng cried out and crashed downward once more.

“Young Master!”

The Dao Clan formidable martial artists hurriedly rushed forward as all the young masters and young mistresses exchanged stares, at a loss at what was to be done as they quickly retreated. That hot wave had surged downward, and even though they were tens of thousands of feet away, the heat was still unbearable. Dao Feng had been completely enveloped by that flame; could he survive it?


Cries of pain and agony rang out as Dao Feng tumbled about on the ground. All his skin had been scorched black; green smoke was rising from his body. His handsome face was now deformed as he cried out in pain loudly and tumbled about incessantly. That sight was very chilling.

“Not dead?”

Jiang Yi laid prone on the stone stage as he looked downward at Dao Feng, rolling about. Jiang Yi was secretly stunned. Dao Feng was indeed powerful, and his Dao Heaven Spiritual Treasure battle armor had actually managed to withstand most of the heat. If his physical body had not been strong enough, he would have already burned to death.


Jiang Yi took a few looks and then didn’t bother himself with Dao Feng anymore as he lay in prone and continued to close his eyes to taunt Dao Feng. He had used his Power of Heaven and Earth just now, and the side effects were not over yet. Now that he had activated it once more forcibly, he was even weaker.

However, he was rather assured. On this high dais, he was completely safe. Even if he really couldn’t take it anymore, he could just remain here and wait for the remainder of the day to pass. He would then be automatically teleported out of the Demon-Killing Palace.

Dao Feng cried out a couple of times as the King-Ranked formidable martial artists used heavenly powers to treat his wounds. After he felt slightly better, he sucked in a few deep breaths as he opened his charred lips and cried out, “All are to head up and kill him, kill him!”

“Head up?”

Those young masters and young mistresses all looked at each other; no one dared to move. Dao Feng was the strongest among them. If even he couldn’t get up—even if the rest crawled their way up, they would also be struck down by Jiang Yi.

Dao Feng had the Dao Heaven Spiritual Treasure battle armor; they didn’t. What if they were burned to death?

Dao Feng’s cold glance swept over. Seeing that no one had moved, he grew angry and shouted, “Imbeciles! What are you guys scared of? If you all head up from different directions, could Jiang Yi attack so many of you at the same time? As long as you guys reach the top, Jiang Yi could be easily killed. Whoever can help me kill Jiang Yi, I will bring that person to my clan’s Primordial Mystic Realm to cultivate for a year!”


All the young masters and young mistresses and King-Ranked formidable martial artists perked up upon hearing this as their killing auras surged. One young master cried out, “Let’s go, everyone. Let’s kill this dog Jiang Yi!”